3 Fast Facts about Tea Tree Oil and Scabies

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Tea Tree Oil and Scabies

Updated 3/10/2018

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Should I use Tea Tree Oil for Scabies?

There’s a lot of debate concerning what works to kill scabies mites.

Anti-viral essential oils like, tea tree and clove, are common considerations. Especially for people who prefer a natural remedy for scabies.

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Tea tree oil certainly makes sense. It’s been used for thousands of years?as a disinfectant and antiseptic. Tea tree is effective for the treatment of candida and all sorts of infections – including ringworm, sunburn, acne, athlete’s foot, toothaches, and pyorrhea. This is not an exhaustive list, either. It’s just plain powerful stuff.

Its antiseptic action is thought to be one hundred times more powerful than carbolic acid (and unlike carbolic acid, it’s safe for humans to use).

But the most important question for scabies is:

Is tea tree oil effective at entirely eliminating?scabies mites?

Below we’ve listed three of the most important questions and considerations concerning tea tree oil and scabies.

does tea tree oil kill scabies?

1.) Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Scabies Mites?

Yes, it does. When scabies mites?come in contact with tea tree oil they die.

But, there’s a catch.

It is true that, if properly exposed, tea tree oil will kill scabies mites. And according to clinical studies, they die fast.

This issue is that it is difficult to?properly expose the mites to the oil.

Our skin and all of its layer provide a challenge that a controlled petri dish does not. While there are many “surface walkers” on our skin at any given time, there’s also plenty of momma mites deeply burrowed and protected.

And they are protected by more than just skin layers.

There’s a bigger issue still.

Scabies mites secrete?a chemical concoction via their saliva that shields them from chemical attack.

Scabies mites aren’t so dumb, after all.?They still plague?us in the 21st century for a reason.

They’re evolved for this. They know how to protect themselves.

If you’ve been infested for awhile you’ve likely seen the track marks they leave behind. This shows that they’re able to burrow they’re way from place to place without being fully exposed.

And they don’t always have to come to the surface if they don’t want to.

Because scabies have their protective barriers of saliva they’re well protected in there.

So much so that soaking in a bath that’s got high concentrations of tea tree still might not kill them.

But, guess what. It gets worse.?(I’m sorry, I know scabies are one of the most terrible?things ever, I wish I could tell you that it gets easier)

Their eggs are even MORE protected.

That adorable little mite that’s yet to hatch is protected by an eggshell that can withstand most things thrown at it.

2.) Can Tea Tree Essential Oil Cure my Scabies?

I’ve already covered why in the first section, but to recap:

  • Tea tree oil?does kill unprotected and vulnerable scabies mites.
  • But is ineffective when it comes to treating deeply burrowed mites.
  • Is also ineffective at killing unhatched mite eggs.

Unfortunately, scabies mites burrow deep enough into the skin to hide from essential oils.

The protective saliva barrier they use to protect themselves and their eggs makes their eradication harder still

I learned this first hand the hard way when I was infested. I tried natural approaches to cure scabies for multiple months. Lots of neem, clove, coconut and tea tree oil. But the infestation lingered.

And what did I get out my tea tree use? More months of scabies.? And now whenever I smell it?I’m reminded of scabies. Not the best association to have.

The best way to kill scabies (and the only way that we recommend on this site) is to use oral ivermectin and/or permethrin cream. Simultaneous use of both is highly recommended.

If you want to learn more about ivermectin and permethrin treatments follow the links below:

3.) How?Tea Tree (And other Essential Oils) Can Help with Scabies

With all of that said, tea tree?still has a lot to offer in your treatment regimen.

Tea tree and the vast majority of natural treatments won’t be able to kill the eggs. No, it won’t cure your infestation.?But tea tree’s outstanding properties are great for supporting your skin.?It’s called “first aid in a bottle” for a reason.

Tea tree oil can be used as an all natural disinfectant that can be used to treat the outside of your skin and your environment.

Below are some effective blends?and applications that utilize essential oils.

Make a Pillow / Mattress Wipe

Wipe your mattresses and Pillows with a mixture of:

Tea tree Essential oil

Lavender Essential oil

Dilute oil with warm water.

Let pillows and mattress dry in the sun or under presence of heat

Blend your Own Essential Oil Scabies Ointment

If you don’t want to gather all of these ingredients, use what you?prefer.

  • Combine carrier oils in a glass measuring cup. Heat until warm.
  • Add essential oils and whisk until blended.

Rub this ointment onto affected areas often. Ointment will be very concentrated, so be cautious.

Note that this ointment will help the symptoms, but not be a cure by itself!

Hopefully this article helped you. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations of your own please let us know in the comment section below!

83 thoughts on “3 Fast Facts about Tea Tree Oil and Scabies”

  1. Thanks a lot for this article. I heard also about using Tea Tree oil for killing scabies and thought that it was a holistic way to get rid of these nasty bugs. I’m glad you have clarified that tea tree is just part of the solution.

    You mention to wipe clean pillows and mattress using TeaTree and Lavender essentials oils. Just to let your readers know, there is a product on Amazon with teatree and lavender oil in the same bottle.

      1. Elizabeth Freville

        I’ve been battling scabies for a year and finally found the solution on how to get rid of them. I put 10 drops or so of tree oil in a little bottle and filled it up with witch hazel. I sprayed it on and rubbed it in. Then I made another bottle with aloe vera gel and witch hazel, sprayed it on top of the tea tree oil spray that I rubbed on. Now this is the BEST PART! Then I scratched it into my skin! Such great relief to be able to scratch! Let it dry and after awhile you’ll be able to tellnif they’re dying due tobthe fact that when you scratch a scab off and there is no more scab, the area will heal and soon enough they’ll all be gone! I’m not 100% yet, but I only have a handfull of these scabs left to get rid of! I guess that’s where they got the name from, because of all of the scabs that they leave before the die? Hope this helps you too!
        Beth ❤️

    1. Glad it helped. Many people think essential oils will be enough. I took a ton of Epsom salt/neem/essential oil baths/soaks. It felt like it made my skin better at times, but overall it didn’t help. It was months later that I finally cured myself with permethrin & invermectin.

      1. I tried everything, burnt my skin down with sulfur lotiin, vinegar permethrin, ivermectin. The only thing which helped me is 2 tbl spoon of Neem butter from Amazon warmed up to make it liquid with 2 tbl spoon tea tree oil put on my skin with cotton pat’s. All over my body 3x per day. And in between shower it of with liquid hand designation soap mixed also with tea tree oil, so that the scabies don’t attack my scalp. Fresh towles and clothes and bedsheets after every treatment.

      2. What was the dosage you took for the oral ivermectin and for how long? Can I get it over the counter in Sydney Australia. I suspect the doctors will not prescribe this and say that one treatment of permethrin treatment is sufficient. (Only after they are convinced that it is indeed scabies) which can take months of observations (and money), a lot of tests (and more money), misdiagnosis (yet more money). Meantime, the scabies are having a field day in your body. So disgusted!

    1. Hi SAm h. I can’t read your article since I don’t have a medscape account. When I first got scabies I did read some studies that supported tea tree as a full cure. But it didn’t end up helping me that much when I applied it. Even when using multiple full body treatments of tea tree oil both night and day (very difficult smell to manage a life with). Soon I began to read more online from personal experiences that tea tree hadn’t cured them either. In fact, I still haven’t to this day heard of someone saying that they cured their scabies with tea tree oil. So from my experience (and many others on sites like Topix) tea tree is unlikely to cure scabies on it’s own. But I do know that permethrin and ivermectin will cure it. And I’ve heard from hundreds of others with similar success.

      1. Both the cream and pills are not always going to work i have resistant scabies, believe me I have taken 3-4 doses of over me ctd and they have slowed them down but a long way from ridding me of these things, i am going crazy

        1. “Resistant scabies”…. on and off for over 3 years now we have been at war with them.. you think you have won, then when a stressful of hectic part of your life starts to desend, up pops a sign on part of your body. Busyiness in life takes over, you think Naaa it can’t be and Wollop their back in forces again… we are very very tired of it and how it affects our lives and how we ‘might’ infect people in our lives…. the doctors are crap.. we waited 3months to see a specialist, only to be told by him that bedding and your surroundings around are not of great importance… it’s that type of belief that started this horrible journey in our 1st year! When we had a chance of geting rid of them for ever.. if we had just known what we know now

          1. Please give me some advice..you are so right..dr..dont care or listen.what has helped You? And like you said I don’t want to spread it..and we were planning on going to the beach for a week..i am starting to believe there are some mutant strain..that can’t be killed…please send advice my way..

          2. I was able to get rid of scabies using TTO and spray as follows. Hope it works for you.

            1) Get dust mite spray (5% permethrin) and treat the whole house. This is needed as the beasties can live in the environment. Be careful using around pets, read precautions.

            2) Mix TTO at 10-20% with other oil (almond oil will do). Apply twice a day to affected skin areas for 5 minutes, then wipe off with tissue and flush. Repeat TTO treatment daily for 3-4 weeks. Repeat dust mite spray again (no more than once a week) if needed.

            They say mites have a life cycle of 17 days, mine were around 24 days. You have to beat them past more than one life cycle (3-4 weeks) to get them all when they emerge from the skin.

            Other tips: wash clothes and towels in hottest water possible. Often house / apt water temp is set lower to save energy bills. Or use some TTO laundry additives. Set dryer on high for more than 30 min.

            Use disposable plastic gloves. Don’t scratch. Try plastic bags between shoes and socks as the beasties can live in your shoes.

      2. I am a pre teen researching my issue and it is heart breaking to have to go through all of this because I naturally have so many skin problems and I just really hate to have to go through all of this and by the way tea tree oil reminds me of when I had a big ringworm on my chin about a few months ago and it burned to apply it to my face.

        1. Lezra so unfortunate! I hope you’ve found relief.

      3. Alacia Edwards

        I have chemical sensitivities and absolutely cannot take either permethrin cream or ivermectin. So, according to you and many others, I suppose I’ll just have to live the rest of my life with Scabies.

        Sorry. I don’t buy it and I’m tired of people speaking as if permethrin and ivermectric were the only things that can get rid of scabies. I KNOW I’m not the only one on the planet that has chemical sensitivities. Can anybody actually post something that can offer any hope at all for people like me?

        1. Hi Alicia. I refused to use either permethrin or ivermectin for many months during my infestion. I used Every. Single. Natural remedy available. If it’s been written about, I’ve tried it. It did not work for me. I’ve seen the same thing written out from others over and over. I’m not saying it’s impossible for you to cure yourself without those Pharm products. But it will be a huge uphill battle.

    2. I read the article- it talked about TTO being used in conjunction with ivermectin orally. There is no mention to TTO alone curing scabies.

    3. They didn’t say they cured the female mite and the protected eggs. Didn’t you read it?

  2. Do you have to mix tea tree and lavender for the mattress/pillow wipe? I have cats and don’t want to use tea tree, if possible. Also, what do you wash your stuff with when doing laundry, anything special or regular detergent (I use unscented and no dyes)?

  3. I would just like to add as a cautionary. Tea tree oil is harmful and potentially deadly to dogs unless used in extremely diluted solutions and is deadly to cats in any amount. Remember, because it is an essential oil, it is extremely potent and concentrated. This means it could even be harmful to humans if used improperly. I’ve also heard it is never to be consumed in any amount although, that seems to be up to some debate by the online community. At any rate, the most important thing is to educate yourself. Do your research, understand the pros and cons, and always get more than one opinion. There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to the well-being of you and your loved ones.

    1. Thank you John. All very true! I definitely don’t recommend consuming tea tree. It’s strong stuff.

  4. Denise Brown

    My mattress seems to be infested with scabies. We have used room fogger with permethrin, sprayed bug spray with permethrin directly on to the mattress and box spring. I still have them . Someone please help!

    1. Rhonda Smith

      Use Lavender Oil mixed with alcohol. Also pray to God because a mite aint got nothing that God can’t heal. You might feel a little itching but it will fade away. But first get the treatment from your doctor first use that after the cream and pill than do the natural herbs. Wash clothes every week and spray Lysol disinfect spray on your matress and get a new one.
      Trust me let know how you are doing in a month it works. To God Be the Glory..
      Happy Sabbath

    2. I have tried the topical scabies lyclear cream 1 30gram tube 1 week, then followed by another 30gram tube the next week, I am using the lemon myrtle soap too and it is really effective. It is an oil from the lemon myrtle tree in Australia, available at chemists and online. The leaves of the lemon myrtle tree kill bugs and so the oil made into the soap is a natural insecticide. It has relieved the itch and helped heal me of the scabies i contracted from a 5 star hotel’s furniture with fabric.

      1. Where can you buy the lemon myrtle soap at

    3. Put mattress and pillows in direct sun for up to four hours. Wash all clothes separately in hot water. Spray the floor and soft furnishings with diluted lotion of tee tree oil and lavender. Wash with diluted Permethrin solution all hats, gloves, shoes, scarves and particularly helmets. Place clean antimacassars on all lounge chairs and hot wash every few days. Take a scarf to cover headrests in local buses or trains, even cabs. Treat body with Permethrin cream from soles of feet to neckline once a week for 4 weeks. Use permethrin hair wash every three days. Use a good conditioner and wet comb out nits. I pick the mothers out of their burrows and treat wounds with betadine. Also effective against surface walkers and colonies. Pour betadine on a cotton pad and dab affected area. Stops infection of the scalp. Seems to kill eggs or larvae at certain stages. Stay with the programme for a month. Then resort to diluted tea tree oil hair rinse. Avoid eyes. Swimming in salt water or chlorine seems to reduce the problem. Hair must be combed outside regularly with a fine toothed comb. Sometimes combined with ringworm, alternate Permethrin shampoo with ketonazole, also good for dandruff.

    4. Barbara B Janssen

      Buy a really good bedbug mattress cover. Duct tape the zipper shut. They won’t be able to get out. . It will kill them.

    5. Colleen McLeod

      How can you tell if you have them in your mattress? I have sprayed my mattress with tea tree oil and peppermint but I don’t know how to tell if I still have them. Would you please explain?

  5. julia shay

    scabies dont live off the body for a few days- why on earth would you fog your house with pesticides???? i took ivermetcin for it and take my second dose in a week- i cant use pesticdes and had the permethrin cream tested and it is no good for me- made my throat swell… so im using the iver- but no doctor says you have to fog a house- just put plastic over your mattress and vacuum- do you want ot poison yourself too???

  6. *******************ADVICE PLEASE!!
    It was December 2015. My school winter break started and boom!Every night escalated with EXTREME itching! It was even hot in the area. The itch was on fire. The normal goes in my home nobody “cares” or “boghers” about a circumstance until it’s major. My complains were ignored until the itchy areas were grey from excessive itching and until I caught CRITICAL COUGHING and boom!! That was ignored as well until I started coughing up mucus and several things….well, my hospital had months away to book an appointment so I rather booked one with a local which was so hopeless because the woman said I had “dry skin” mann!!!! i was so mad (no expressions) so she said she will diagnose me with scabies to satisfy me. Okay that’s more accurate. So I got permethrine 2 week thing or whatever treatment. Scabies is actually confirmed…….I waited for results after the treatment……..got diagnoses for STREP THROAT……….school was starting……..I still have regular itching plus so MANY SCARS on my legs arms hands mann It’s January so I get a local clinic(different one) and get ivermectin the pill ………I wait for results. But guess what there’s more !!!! It’s FEBRUARY IT IS Almost MARCH I still have SCABIES. I have eaten garlic by itself I don’t know what to do anymore.. There is dots that I identify so deep under my skin that I can’t bury them out. There’s a pretty big white “blister” on my foot I am sure it’s a scabie nest or something but “red scabies” like I have red dots i n some areas and in some areas the red dots have a complete DIFFERENT itch it’s a hot stabbing itch! Not that much though, but when they come up it’s a BIG DEAL. Well I’m starting to get sick again I think, maybe it’ll be strep throat again…… I need someones advice !!!! My education is at risk and my work is at risk. This is highschool years I don’t know where to turn. I’m willing to pay a hotel for max 5 days so they die at home but WHAT do I do i the hotel to be treated !!!!!! Please share your time with me. I’m on this road since 2015! December2015 Jan. Feb. And now March….:(

    1. You need to wash everything and dry on high heat. Anything you can’t wash should be bagged up and sealed for at least two weeks so that they die.
      I kept out two sets of sheets and a weeks worth of clothes, bagged everything up for the two weeks I did the pills, then after the two weeks, I took everything to the laundromat and washed and then dried on high heat. You should do this with your pillows also. See a doctor. It sounds like you have several different things going on that are not necessarily related. See if the doctor will prescribe both the pill and the cream. Also hot showers are problematic. http://lifewithoutscabies.com/scabies-and-hot-showers/
      My friends have found that using the lavender essential oil spray helps to keep them away and has a calming effect. Lavender essential oils in your lotions and or soaps will help to sooth the skin irritations. Best of luck. Also the itch and symptoms can continue for weeks after the treatment is complete.
      Keep seeing your doctor!!!!

    2. linda rumpf

      Robin, do not go to a hotel. Then you are spreading the nightmare. You have to wash all the clothes, laundry and bedding in hot dryer and get rid of the mattress, or put a mite-proof zipper cover on the mattress. Since you got treated with Invectin internally and Permethrin cream externally, you are now dealing with the issue of re-infection. If scabies are advanced enough, you are not just dealing with scabies mites, but they have laid nests of eggs. When the eggs fall off your body, they must be cleaned or washed up, vacuumed, and then bleach out the vacuum or use a dust-mite safe vacuum bag. If you do not continually clean, every day, hey can get back on you and on others in the house. If you are in high school, I assume you are a minor. You need an adult helping you with all this, because it takes organization, access to laundry facilities, money, and time to continually wash everything, vacuum, and clean each day. The day you treat yourself, all the cleaning and laundry must be done that same day to prevent reinfection. You also need to get some info from the doctor to tell your roommates they could get it, too, because your case has got so advanced that you are dealing with eggsacks now that will fall off your body as you treat them, but the eggs will not be dead, so that is why you have to vacuum and wipe floors and surfaces down every day, after you treat yourself, until you do not see any more lumps on your skin. Be sure you treat with Invectin and Permethrin both, the same day and that day, start your daily cleaning and laundry regimen. You could go to the thrift store and get 10-14 5$ sheets. Then, keep these in a plastic bag and take a new set of sheets out each day to sleep in. Tie the dirty ones up each day in plastic garbage bags. Wash at end of week in hot water and then very hot dryer for 30 min. Also, vacuum or wipedown furniture. I hope this helps. I am at [email protected] if you need more help. Linda

    3. Here what i have found out and it’s the truth, the so called medical professionals couldn’t find there ASS with both hands when it comes to a effective treatment for these things,
      1)FACT scabies have become immune to permithem? Cream and to the pills , that’s a fact the very first time you use these drugs will have a great impact on them , but it will not kill all of them, the survivors will develop and immunity and lay eggs with new scabies that are immune to Ivervectem and Premethean cream, and them they will eat the crap out of you!!!, every doctor I have sought treatment from pulls out the standard bullshit cream and pills, when you explain to them that these bugs have developed a resistance to them it goes in one ear and out the outher, trying to get it across to them is impossible, i am scared up and my daughter is too, i am desperate to find a cure we have had them for 3 years, since my nurse wife brought them home from the nursing home she worked at

      1. Steeve Gusman

        Hello ive read your scary comment n im wondering if these crappy crawlers may become immunized to sulphur or essential oils from your point of view – Have you tried Neem oil/Castor oil/coconut oil combined with EO such as Teatree/Lavender/Lemongrass/ Pine/Frankincense/Myrrh or DMSO cream /sulphur cream or soap/Turpentine diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut …’N Clark-zapper/Silverado-Orgone-zapper to get rid of them

        1. HollowedEve

          They have NOT become immune to most of the items you’ve listed, but they must be used correctly in order to impart maximum effect.
          The other MAJOR problem seems to be rhat people accept anecdotal evidence – these stories that we all have about our ordeals with these micro monsters – as fact, when they are actually only observations skewed by misery, desperation, and, well, hellish itching that never seems to end.
          I know it takes time, we gotta stop panicking. There are effects to each treatment, and less if they are not applied so that they exist on/in a body for a length of time suitable to kill to their potential.
          Ie, if you take one miserable dose of ivermectin, what’s going to happen? A week from now you’re going to be miserable again, especially if you haven’t followed up. Have any doctors even acknowledged the infestation as what it Is? If not, you’re not getting the whole story behind ANY of it, and can only use What you know.
          Start by taking a deep breath, use whatever you’ve got to slow the bites and crawlies for a few minutes, and so some SIMPLE research. Remember: the researchers usually DO NOT HAVE THE INFESTATION and those that do are DESPERATE FOR RELIEF.
          If you have also found yourself with a secondary infestation of internal parasites – a gift from the gut of the mites, no less- then you’ve got an even more devilish road ahead, but they CAN be beat!
          I will be back later and will share some.of the really good info I have found with y’all. I promise- it can be better, and if it doesn’t help, at least you’ll be better informed on how to help yourself, by using your head and not that damnable itching!!
          I’m off for for my morning “suds-n-scuff!” and hoping I have the combo right this week! My mantra?


  7. Mark Read

    Hey guys. My question is simple. How long and on what can scabies survive.

    The reason for my question is that I sprayed my mattress with permethrin based spray (Amgrow Patrol 100g/l permethrin 25/75). Days later I sprayed it again. I did not sleep on it for a week. I’ve washed everything in hot water and left it in the sun for days. I hung my doonas on the line for a week. Full Australian summer sun all week.
    So yesterday I made my bed. Jumped in late at night thinking yay! A good night’s sleep… Within minutes I could feel I was being attacked /bitten. Out of bed, lyclear cream all Over. Onto the couch. Now I’m worried I have to start all over.
    Can they live on faux leather /vinyl as well.
    What can these things Survive on and for how long.
    If I walk away from the house and leave it closed up, how long before they die?
    I’ve read 36 hours. They must be tougher here

    1. I’m sorry but that sounds more like bed bugs and that means you should just THROW IT AWAY!

  8. marizona davis

    Good lord read up throw away mattress scabies can only live off the human body for 72 hrs then die, egg bags no the eggs are layed under the skin that’s why you need a prescrition medication otherwise they hatch burrow mate lay eggs under skin and the story continues. Medication, a spray for bedding which you really don’t need. Everything else I hear sounds like bed bugs which can live up to a year without feeding and they infest matresses, bedding and clothing, or body lice (crabs) totally different from scabies. Read up on the differences. Lice you wash dry and bag all bedding also has a spray for furniture. Bed bugs defogger, wash dry all bedding and clothes the heat should kill and no medication for yourself. Of course with lice medicated shampoo and body wash and eggs must be combed out everything redone in two weeks. Scabies first line of attack is Dr and prescription either topical or oral or both depending on how bad but no need to throw things out two weeks and the cycle should be done, would suggest lavender oil to spray on bedding for any walkers those are the ones not burrowing in your skin which is where they like to hang out and reproduce and lay eggs…….no egg sacks dropping off that’s weird but do clean up vacumn dust dead critters. Only get rid of mattress if its bedbugs, and I didn’t even have to do that just two bug bombs two weeks apart.

    1. Dont be so quick to judge. It can be scabies or bedbugs. Did u check and spray your mattress and box spring like drench it. Spray peremthrin or bifithrin which is ortho home defense. Bug boms are for bugs and they spread the problem. These are parasites. Different species require different treatments.Using that on your matresses should bring out if anything is on the mattress. I would then get plastic mattress bags from storage place. Put tape over air holes. Unless you got a lot of money to go get a new bed. I wouldn’t throw it away. Get a bedbug mattress covers and make sure they are a good quality. Most doctors are looking for burrows on skin for presence of eggs existing. They dont care about the bites. This is the sad part because they will still crawl and bite and keep you with the problem. Some scabies has mutated or found a way to outlive what they say is the lifespan. Read up on the different forum s and devise your plan to self treat. Ive dealt with scabies and bedbugs at the same time. It makes you nuts!!! I had to lookup chemicals to use and order. Permethrin 28%, malathion 50%, and bifithrin 5% , then 28%. All of them got mixed with malathion because it kills everything, must take toxic precautions. Will give headaches, use mask and gloves with sprayer. My mother had an infestation and didnt know because she has no reactions to the bites. My first doctor helped with two treatments, but it wasnt enough. So i told them I re infected.The truth is two treatments isnt enough if u are counting up a lot of bites. Certainly not gonna help with unhatched eggs. There is a month long schedule from the aborigines having them. This can be found on greendeptdotcom/maxipulse. Find the weight table snd get u some ivermectin from feed store and horse sulfur paste. They have a pernethrin roll paste on too for horses u can use. Or get them online. Im giving what has worked but im now dealing with unhatched eggs. So remember to order enuf because they mature more quickly than a months time. Spray your sheets at night with 91% alcohol or higher and you will see the little black specs they leave. Not bedbug fecal which is bigger. Then take a wet one or purell wipe to get them up and swiffer your floor or vaccum. I did this everyday when I couldnt wash the sheets but once a week. I used a boiling hot rag on the sofas to wipe them off all over. Used Diatomeous Earth dusted. I mixed it with cimexa dust which is better for carpeted areas and dusted around outside of mattress protector. It is best not to have a lot of traffic at home. Tried sulfur a bit, it gets them up and moving. It has killed some, but I cant go to sleep with it on they are too active. This time I plsn to use ivermection a MWF 2x, then two or three every 7 treatments. Get some eurax and permethrin cream or paste. I plan to steam myself with my shark steamer. I felt so much better. Try on sheets too and bedding and clothing. Everything you do for bedbugs you so for these vermin!!!

      1. I meant every 7 days. I didnt overuse the chemicals just one mixed in a sprayer with malathion, or I added 2.5 oz of malathion to ortho home defense. Smells horrible but was working with BB snd the mites. Tske proper chemical precautions cause everything is toxic. What a shame. You have to cure yourself from an internal intruder.

  9. Mountainkid

    My account with scabies and tree tea oil soaps. So I have for quite some time used tea tree oil soaps, Dr. Bonnars, on and off. (Sometimes I’d change it up and get peppermint or some other blend) In this time I some how contracted scabbies. it took me an estimated four to five month period to realize I had them. I noticed small itchy blisters between my fingers and soon after my ankles and webs of my toes, figured I developed dyshidrotic eczema because my father had the same condition and I had been working with paints that could cause that type of reaction. My primary health provider agreed it was probably atopic dermatitis or eczema and hardly took notice as they were hardly noticeable and only a slight irritant. It was not until my long distance partner had came into contact with me and started developing symptoms at an alarming rate. A month or so after contact his legs were covered in sores and he had some intense itching. He went in and got diagnosed with scabies and began the cream treatment. So I finally said screw it and ordered a tube of cream myself, since it is OTC. Sure enouge all my symptoms went away in a months period. The tea tree oil soap solution had subdued my symptoms for the most part but never fully treated the scabies. Not sure how less diluted amount of tea tree oil would have worked but I know the soap only helped a little and actually prevented an earlier diagnosis. I do still use the soap though, I love the smell… ahaha

    1. Mountainkid

      Also wanted to note that “I used it on and off” meaning not every time I showered I used it. Maybe if I had used it on a more regular basis would it have been effective at treating them.

  10. I would like to share my experiences and what works for me and my family. My husband brought scabies to my home and we didn’t know what it was for a few weeks. It got pretty bad. Me and my toddler left for thanksgiving and my husband (boyfriend at the time) stayed behind in my apartment and cleaned the whole thing in borax. Our beds, couches, eveything. Everything else…went into a sealed bag. Me and my son went and got permetherin cream from dr. Used it. I cried because I accidentally got it on my privates. Was scared of it from then on. My husband never got properly treated because we couldn’t afford cream at 80$ a tube. We tried everything. ….TWO included as well as borax & peroxide baths which all helped the problem but didn’t cure it. We lastly tried SULFER. We cured it. We would apply it eveynight and leave it on for hour. Wash it off. After two weeks of combining all of these treatments we were pretty much cured. When we felt a new one, we doused it in rubbing alcohol they would die. Idk. We cured ourselves with over the counter products….I am sad to say a year later my neighbor reinfected us. So we are at it again. This time I’m also adding a new scrub I invented and it seems to be working. 1prt borax 1/3 part peroxide some TTO some sulfur cream and my favorite bodywash. I mix into a scrub and I see them falling out of my skin after I leave it on for 10min.

    1. I am confused! How can you “see” them fall off? If they are so small you can’t see them without a magnifying glass?

  11. Does Ivermection kill egg sacs? I have scabies. I do permethrin cream &a Ivermectin pills 3mg four at once then 2 weeks later can repeat Ivermection. I also made a cream up with consentrated sulphur & some essential oils. This seems to be helping. I’ve had scabies for 10 months now. Good luck cause who ever has it has a long haul. Do not scratch or pic them it will only spread & get much worst. I forgot to say I also use Aquaphor ointment. I get the big jar & put it where ever I have it. At night I get a roll of gauze put ointment on then roll the gauze on & sleep in it by morning ther almost gone. It works for me. Just don’t pick or scratch as it will spread like crazy. Wash everything in hot water never wear anything twice unless washed in hot water &a hot dryer. Take showers once the very least a day. I take up to three a day. Good luck

    1. two weeks is too long of a wait tobrepeat ivermectin. The multiple fast and mature quickly. Doxepin from doctor helps with the itch or cortizone cream. Since they are suppose to survive. water now. Everyone needs to run clthes in dryer first before washing. I never lat the dryer fo the full cycle I like yo keep it hot for two cycles. Even at laundrymat. Those dryers are hot ? hot and i put my stuff in new trash bag. Esentail oils only suppress for a minute.
      Tea tree oil is from turpetine it helps some. Not a full cure all because the problem is internal. Consider a parasitic cleanse as well. Someone on a topix forum said they went to a infectiuos disease doctor because of the sores causing a bacterial infection. Try not to pick the scab or scratch the itch. Good luck to use all.

  12. Oollemmee

    I had scabies once and got an inexpensive sulfur-based ointment which really wiped them out fast. Only downside was the sulfur odor which I didn’t mind too much.

  13. Hi, I am in the USA, have been treating scabies for 5 months now. Tried perithrim lice soap,the pharmacist said I could use the lice shampoo and put it all over my body, i broke out like crazy after that, plus there is nothing on the box for directions for scabies only lice, (I was allergic too, broke out all over, with hives for weeks after, face inflamed and bright red, in pain, even though i did not apply to face!) now doing neem oil, essential oils, sulfur creams, ivermectin…etc, cleaning everything everyday. Spraying with lysol, borax…. Still have it. It keeps it at bay but not killing it all the way! Trying neem pills now internally, ordered “benzoate cream” from out of the USA, ordered herbs from thailand to do internal cleanse for “bugs”and scabies, ordered some homeopathic stuff from “Dr. scabies”- I am trying anything recomended, trying to boost my immune system with herbs, this is a “superbug” perithrins just seems to make it mad and get worse! Benzo used in other countries for scabies. Hoping this will work. I am going to try doing ivermectin and benzoate cream together. Other stuff seems to only slow it down but does not get rid of it completely…this is a plague for sure. Dosent seem to help to put clothes away for 3 days it is still on the clothes, I got reinvested twice this way. Covered beds with plastic also. I had this before,years ago, it took 2 years of ivermectin and perithrin cream, (dr. diddnt believe me, even though I had bites all over my body, but perscribed the cream any ways). they wont perscribe the ivermectin though! Had to use the horse stuff, but never new until now how to treat( i am going to try the both at once, at the same time, 1 week intervals hope that will work with the benzoate cream.) Drove me sooo crazy! Now I have it again…ughh. Hope this new combo will work, also ordered some sulfur soap. Thinking maybe my washer and dryer are not hot enough? “Benzoate” is not used in the US so I am hoping they dont have a resistance to it. ( My mom thinks its nano bot insects) I know that sounds crazy too- but it does feel quite invinceable! HELP! I will write back later if any of this works….

    1. Hi mae/hello everybody

      i work as a male nurse in Switzerland, one of my patients infested me with scabies too. i also had to threaten, curse and swear with several docters for hours and hours before getting a proper dose of Stromectol(ivermectin) and infectoscab (permethrin) i also recomend using prescription drugs for treatment and whatever feels right & helps for making you feel better (for me=tea tree oil ! i love it and i firmly believe scabies absolutely hates it.) i had a similar problem like you have and i believe my problem was made out of three problems. i was being constantly reinfected by others ( my patients, the cat, roommate, friends.. ) yes it was embarrasing and an unbelievable thing to pull off.. it almost cost me my job, house and social life, but i got every single one treated also. you need to isolate and seperate yourself effectively from everything for three days at least and everything you cant wahs or put into bags ( humans & cats/pets ) you need to get rid of or get them treated also.) the second problem for me was treatment failure. it took me 6 weeks and 6 doses of ivermectin combined with 6 doses of infectoscab (permethrin) for me to find out how to treat myself properly. for me it was quite difficult.. to summerise: find out if you have hard to reach areas.. (i had an ingrown toanail removed when i was 14, and it grew back in time. but did not grow back properly, underneath the grown back toanail, which i had to remove, there was a layer of thick skin and hollow area, guess what was hiding there.. i recomand taking a hot bath and soak for as long as possible, then apply cream and take pills, during treatment, wear clothes and washable shoes drenched in biokill (permethrin) do the cream for 12 hours. but extra on toes feet and hands and pay attention to carefully let the cream dry into skin and not wash of the stuff or remove it by changing clothes too much.. for me i also found out, the critters climed up my hairs in order to escape the poisen..i firmy believe scabies is a smart b* shave everything. the prescripion pamflet says from the chin down. i swear i had them in and on my ears, eyebrows and in my hair/on my head, use the cream on your whole body.

      (just because some items are more important or more difficult to keep away from, it does not make them safe.. humans will always find justification to think certain rules do not apply because of reasons.. CELLPHONE, NOTEBOOK, remote control of television, favourite shoes, depending on the type of scabies, infestation by surfaces are small, but not impossible, all it takes is a girl and 1 dude, and again, you ARE INFESTED WITH SCABIES…

      i suggest to treat, after treatment, shower and carefully put on your 3 days in advance packed stuff and fresh shoes/fresh clothes which you also prepared 3 days in advance put them on and drench some money/credit card in alcohol, also your keys, if you have a car and used it while you were infested.. do not use it, walk. make sure you did not touch the plastic bags before treatment, with gloves close the door, and walk somewhere / dont return for 3 days. then wash and clean everything

      cincerly and best of luck to you

      i hope you get rid of them soon

      1. There are two species of scabies, the nasty burrowing black one, sarcoptes and another smaller one almost transparent. Permethrin resistant scabies can burrow into the scalp and the other type crawl around your face at night and walk through your hair. Use cream on the body but special permethrin shampoo for the hair. I recommend drenching them in Bernadine overnight and Washington with shampoo or ketonazole next day. Wet comb with conditioner, dry in sun. Wash pillow covers frequently. Leave your place for 3 days then come back. Life cycle is 7 days, so continue treatment over a month. Problem will reduce in severity. Take antihistamines. Embarrassing and socially isolating problem but endemic in SE Asia.

        1. shilpa pierpont hale

          The ones on your face and hair is demodox dumb ass and , I know this because when I had scabies I never had any issue with my hair or face till after treatment . Do research on demodox mites . If you had scabies once and get it again symptoms including Itching and bumps that don’t go away , start in about a week after exposure in someone who has had them before . Demodox mites is what’s in face and hair

          1. Excuse me ‘dumbass’, but both Demodex mites and scabies mites can infest the full body, face, and scalp. Demodex are NOT just on the face, and scabies are NOT just on the body. Scabies do not see an invisible line at the neck and stop there, and same goes with demodex, of which there are more than one kind. Demodex brevis, are more prone to go all over the body than Demodex folliculorum. The old medical instructions for scabies not going to the face or scalp or anywhere else on the body are antiquated and simply grossly incorrect. It has been vastly documented with videos, photos, and proven cases of burrows, nodules, mites, and all symptoms of infestations all over the body. No body part is insusceptible.

            So before you go and call someone a ‘dumbass’ for what you think they don’t know, perhaps you should look in the mirror first, and update your research a little bit.

  14. I went in the hospital in July 2016 and was ther 3 days, after the 2nd day I notice a few black dots on the plastic matteress. I came home and have notice a few black dots on my matteress. I did develop shingles on my forehead. I itch but not a lot. I don’t have marks except the little one on my forehead from shingles. Today I woke up with a red mark on my breast but does not itch. Could this be scabies? By the way no one in the house has symptoms .

  15. I have scabies now for 3 months and i an 1 mnth pregnant,i used tea tree oil but thn i found out that it was not advisable to use during pregnancy.Now i am using neem oil with carrier oil(olive oil),at yimes it is effective but the bumps leeps on coming.My leg,thigh,back and arms are all covered with scars now and the bumps keeps appearing….i am going crazy and next week i have my ultra sonography and it is so embarassing cos my tummy is covered in scars…please HELP…..

  16. Hang in there all of you, stay positive and smile to get through the day. Others won’t understand and may be quick to dismiss you. You may need to isolate yourself and it’s going to be hard for a while. I’ve put some pictures up around my house of my family as well as some positive notes to help me get through the day.

    I’m typing this on my mobile so my thoughts might be all over the place.

    I’ve been dealing with this for 4 months, and so far have been managing to make what I see as little improvements, it’s been trial and error as you learn from your mistakes and need to find your routine/strides.

    The hardest part is just the isolating yourself. I miss my family, my friends. I always have to come up with excuses why I can’t hang out. I’ve confided in my family, but they are more concerned that it’s my mental health. I was also bullied as a kid so I’ve lost the ability to cry in front of ppl so I can’t convey to them or Dr’s how devastating this has been. When I’m alone it’s another story…

    My issue is that everything points to scabies, except I cannot see the tracts because of my dark skin. They also seem to jump. If someone is close to me for they feel a pin prick, a bite. It’s horrible. I’ve managed to rid my house of them and feel better but get reinfected at work. I think they are in the keyboard as when I type I feel like a slow build up of static, then crawling all over, then pin pricks.

    I’ve tried to write more but its tough, here are my notes;

    – I rarely have the urge to scratch during the day, but at night in my sleep I will. I wear soft socks like a baby on my hands and keep my nails cut and filed down.

    – I have no tracks that I can see due to my skin tone, I am waiting to see a dermatologist. The earliest apt I could get is next year March…

    – the irony is there is a private clinic / lab within walking distance of my house, but it’s so expensive to go to. I need a membership and pay each visit. Not covered by my health insurance.

    – The permetrin cream, everywhere but not very close to your eyes or mouth. Only do this once every 7 days, anyth@g in between and I would feel ill, nauseous and weak. Do not leave it on for more than 12hrs, as for me any more and I would experience the bad effects.

    – No one will prescribe me ivemectin, and I am terrified of bying the feed paste for horses, as suggested by other forums

    – Eat more veg and fruits, take a multivitamin, as they prey on weakened immune systems

    – I’m trying to get my flu shot as well as well the flu would drain me out and this would get worse. If you are hesitant about flu shots, honestly what else do you have to lose at this point? Imagine the flu and this?

    – Tea tree oil! Get it in a big bottle, shop around as the prices vary a lot from Store to store.

    – When I do laundry I mix 6 drops in the detergent. I used to add 1/2 cup of borax, but because of my front load washer it would not dissolve all the way and it took me a few days to figure out that that was burning me too.

    – Tea tree oil drops mixed with coconut oil, not sure how many drops, but this helps draw them out. Don’t mix too much tto as it can burn sensitive skin.

    – I used grape seed oil and diatomaceous earth all over as other forum’s said this would smother them as well as leave a film if DE on your skin which would kill them, but I don’t know that it got better. I’m also worried as putting talc on your skin has been linked to skin cancer, is it safe with DE? The grape seed oil did leave my skin moisturized better that it has been in years.

    – tennis balls. I use them in the dryer as even on high, my sheets would not be fully dry after an hour! I’m trying to figure this out as it could be that the temperature is dropping outside. I don’t have any laundromats close to my house to use. I pray they are not breaking my dryer. The noise is the equivalent to the neighbours kids running around. I want to buy those wool dryer balls off Amazon, but will they get infested?

    – moth balls, which are not actually balls anymore, they are these chemical tabs that’s are not to be removed from their individual wrappers. I put anything I won’t be wearing for a while in bags with this. All they keyboards on my house as in bags with these moth balls in a cup so they don’t touch. The same with shoes. Needless to say, skip this if you have kids, as the packages look like candy/mints, just don’t even bother as they are easy to forget about.

    Things I am weary of trying, but others say it works;

    – spray windex on you’re skin? I’m not ready to try this yet.

    – original Listerine in a spray bottle. I was tempted on day, but didn’t go through with it. They say to spray it on then wash it off after.

    – teaspoon food grade borax in a litre of water. This really scares me. I don’t even want to type out the instruction I read as I don’t recommend it. I’m even weary to ask my dr so they don’t immediately think ok he’s lost it.

    Hope this helps someone. It’s gotten bad that I am down to 3 hrs of sleep a night and have fallen asleep at the wheel twice. I’m scared to drive at night now.

    1. Also everything needs to be wash in hot water. I bought this allergy additive that was supposed to clear them out in cold water but was useless.

      Vacuum daily as the Tea tree oil will cause them to escape if they can before killing them. So you may be spreading them. These days it’s tough to get a vacuum with bags, or the bags sell out, but if you do make sure they are rated for mites and allergins, like the Arm and Hammer bags.

    2. Do not be frightened of ivermectin. Go to farm feed store. Pick a brand, check it doesn’t kill heart worms [most don’t). Buy for 2 or 3 dollars. I weigh 130 lbs. I use about 3/4 inch. Horrible texture and taste. Let water wash it down. Have mint ready.

      1. Do you need the one that kills heart worm or no? Do you take by weight? If so, what are the dosage per pound?

  17. Rebecca S.

    Look up Medical studies on scabies and Tea Trea Oil treatment on the web. The National Institute of Health (or NIH) has one published on the web. (There are multiple medical studies showing the same info. You just have to dig for them.)

    They all seem to agree that Tea trea oil (or components of it) may be the next cure for scabies. Scabies are becoming resistant to all of the current prescriptions used. That includes the oral meds as well as the creams.

    I bought Tea Tree oil, and coconut oil. I mix 4 tsp of coconut oil and tsp of Tea Trea Oil in a small bowl.
    I smear this from head to toe after a shower. I do it twice a day. It allows me to go hours without itching.
    It is also supposed to kill scabies. It’s to early to see if this will kill them, but I am definitely sleeping the entire night now. (I’m not waking up itchy in the middle of the night.) It also kills the itching during the day. Scratching less, and the antibiotic properties of Tea Trea Oil helps prevent secondary infections as well.
    * Note: Tea Trea Oil is light sensative. Store in a dark bottle away from light.

    I would recommend this treatment, even if you are using the prescription meds.

    You can also add Tea Tree Oil to shampoo to treat your scalp, and to your laundry to help kill the scabies mites.

    Putting a plastic sheet on furniture that you sit on, and your mattress is also recommended. These are much easier to wipe down than cleaning
    your entire couch or mattress. Use rubber gloves when handeling house hold items, or clean clothing. This will help prevent reinfeatation.
    Also, bag all dirty laundry in plastic bags and seal them tight, until you can wash them in hot water and dry in a hot dryer. (Throw away the bags after this. Do not reuse them!)
    Be sure to vacuum regularly, and wipe down, or wash items that you use while wearing rubber gloves.

    Medical journals say that mites can only live up to 3 days on clothing and other surfaces without out a human host. I would just assume 7 days to be safe. Scabie mites have definitely evolved to survive the once deadly chemicals used to treat them. They may also may be very well capable of living away from a host longer than what the original decades old studies say.

    Sulphur has also been proven to kill the mites. You can find soaps and creams with sulphur. Or you can make your own concoctions.

    Good luck, and please share what works for you!!!

  18. Holy crap! For my birthday, had family come visit from Cali. One person shares a home dorm style with others, the others are just the two on them in their house. But to find during the visit, the living conditions of the roomy’s at the one house, and the every 3-4 day showers at the other house! Here I have a 2 story home with a basement, very LARGE, so lots of area to FREAK out about! They stayed for a week, and days after they left, I started to itch. My husband it not having any symptoms. I have had scabies once when I was younger and we didn’t have the internet, Dr. gave me kwell lotion, did all the bagging of items and the cleaning, worked like a champ. Now I read they no longer give Kwell lotion out due to it being so potent? So, here I am today, have the internet, OMG to read all of these HORROR stories, scaring the crap out of me! Sending the husband to get the Tea Tree oil, Borax, Sulphur cream, 91% alcohol, ordered Revolution for the cat, hand held steam cleaner, bagged up lots of clothes, blankets, bed spread, bought some cheep sheet and top sheet for couch, so I can burn the crap out of them and not worry about their destruction and shrinking. Took my $1000.00 rugs out side, washed let hang for days away from us, but decided to get rid of them. Soaking in vinegar every day, showering, spraying with the escential oils, killing my front loader washer and dryer, probably gonna have a water/sewer bill that will kill a horse, vacuum as much as I can, trying to work and be normal..ish, mind racing on MAKE IT GO AWAY, MAKE IT GO AWAY, husband working with me as he can see I am straight up loosing my mind, can’t cry because then won’t have the strength to fight this crap, winter is coming and in Michigan need to keep warm and run the heater, work from home so running around naked, sitting on towels to avoid contamination exposure. OMG, and now I just feel like I don’t ever want any guests in my house EVER again 🙁

    My heart goes out to each and everyone suffering with this crap! Hope you all get relief and FAST. Wish me luck as well please!

  19. Jill, I can totally relate. Did a favor for someone who was out of town and needed me to pick up her DS to take him to urgent care for a rash. Turns out he had scabies and it was highly contagious with the white rash on his wrists. Sitting next to each other in the ER as we waited to be seen. I have also been vacuuming, can even let my four year old daughter cuddle and barely want to hug her and she has no clue why. When she comes into my room in the morning I quick jump out of bed so she doesnt linger too long but also doesnt suspect anything. I am washing multiple loads daily with borax and spraying myself down with TTO and before my shower (because I cant handle the smell), then when I get out the shower I am rubbing myself down with thieves and lavender oil. I ordered neem oil and am just waiting for that to be delivered as that sounds like it has promise. When I told my friend I think I was infected she said she didnt think so because I was feeling the sensations during the day and scabies are supposed to be night crawlers. I was hoping it was just in my head you know when you hear someone telling a story about a bug and start itching all over except I literally have seen bumps start to appear. All of these articles about the hair (which I hadnt even considered) and the face absolutely disgusting. Luckily I just have a two bedroom apartment but still my partner works from home so its not like I can sleep on the couch until I am treated because that can still become a hot zone and pass to him. It does make you never want to have house guests, offer someone a ride or do favors. Like no I will come to you.

  20. My Dad recently passed away but for about the past year he had severe itching. We thought it was related to his Kidney Failure so he was never treated for scabies. He lived in a nursing home. I occasionally would help him scratch….. I started itching about a month before he died. Now it’s been 2 .5 months and my family is starting to itch in the same typical areas. My husbands doctor did not diagnose him with scabies but my doctor did me and my daughter. We have 7 people in my household! 4 of them visit their other family very week! If this is truly what I am up against I don’t know how we will ever get this stopped. All my kids are involved in athletics. Getting everything washed and bagged seems impossible between the other household and school. My question is have any of you that has gone thru this have a large family and how did you combat it?

    1. Sandycandy

      Hi Mel, I have a large family plus a toddler and yongsters of All age groups. Obviously the daily cleanimg and Washing surpass all capacities. I spent 3-4 Weeks of this rigid routine from morning till night. After two dosis of pemethrin, applied a week apart. The biggest obstacle is the fact, that some of my kids plus my husband just didnt take care, they had little or no symptoms and didnt understand the necessity for such precautions. We were rid of the mites completely, when my husband travelled! Then he came back and after one week some of us got new bumps. So that is the biggest problem we have: irresponsible or ignorant family members. Now I bought bottles of coconut oil, since the reinfection is just beginning… I Heard from an experienced social worker, that coconut oil mixed with Drops of Essential oils does the Job.

  21. Mix sulphur and Vaseline few drops of teatree oil. Old timers used lard but Vaseline works just as well. Standing over heat source will cause your pores to open and those critters to become active. Keep your kwell lotion. This does work. How do I know? I lived it.

  22. Kwell is supposed to be too toxic they say now…

  23. Sheila w

    You guys need to try MOXIDECTIN, it lasts longer than ivermectin in your system about two months or so instead of every week having to take it again. Should get rid of them in one to two doses, along with treating them manually with cream or spray when you feel a bite or them burrow. I have to say the combination of the oral MOXIDECTIN (instead of ivermectin), along with the spot treating is what did it. It is not yet approved fro humans but if youre desperate enough you dont care and it works……lasts longer in your system than ivermectin and works better. Basically a better version of ivermectin and you dont need to take it as many times. You eat it like paste, instead of a pill thats the only difference. You can buy a tube of it and dose accordingly, read the directions and reviews! It is “horse paste” but it works. Here is the link to buy the product: http://amzn.to/2GYFBFq

  24. I suffered from Scabies in 2011 and got rid of it after trying so many things including tea tree oil baths. Before going for natural alternative ways I went to a dermatologist who prescribed Ivermectin and Permethrine to me. But these meds also didn’t work for me. I realized that I needed something to boost my immune system so I took silver ion liquid and garlic oil capsules. I think scabies mites don’t like garlic smell. Another thing I noted that scabies increases if you are exposed to hot weather or you use hot water in shower. So I started soaking myself in cold water with few drops of tea tree oil and it proved effective. Still the mites didn’t die completely so I followed my grandfather advice to apply my urine topically and it worked miracle for me. I used to apply my urine at night and wash it off in the morning. Miraculously it dried the nasty mites and my skin became healthy just like before. Many of you might reject this idea but let me assure you that I suffered for months and tried almost every possible thing before trying my urine which was proved to be best and cheapeat cure for scabies.

    1. Very interesting Sonal. Thank you for sharing.

  25. basicdesign

    Hi. Scabies infestation last year. Tea tree EO didn’t work. eucalyptus EO did, real fast too. Good luck to all (but not to the damned mites!)

  26. basicdesign

    oops sorry, (I can’t see my previous message yet but I think-) I said eucalyptus EO worked. Except it wasn’t eucalyptus, ’twas terebinth EO. And it was for chicken, but the horrible things invaded the whole house too. Terebinth oil was the only efficient one among the near-dozen strong-scented oils I tried previously to this one. Painted all invaded corners and all surroundings of all openings (doors and windows). For the chicken, I sprayed them with olive oil with some drops of terebinth oil added to it, and repeatedly sprayed their usual places too, until all invaders had disappeared.
    Good luck again to all but the invaders.

  27. Proactive

    Lyclear cream is the effective treatment and cream medication for scabies. It is applied all over the body except around eyes, ears and read and follow instructions with leaflet enclosed with the cream. Apply cream and leave on from 8 – 24 hours (24 hours best), and wash off with water and soap. Then repeat cream after first week a second time Doctors have told me. There needs to be two applications a week apart not just the one and wash all bed linen and laundry in hot water. Cold water does not kill mites. Hang laundry in sunshine as will kill mite eggs and ironing laundry will also kill mites. A clothes dryer on hot setting will kill mites too.

  28. I bought and used 4 bottles of tea tree oil before I switched to neem oil. Tea tree oil is worthless. It only burned and damaged my skin. Neem oil works and is repairing my damaged skin. It comes as a grey green paste. I apply it 4 or 5 times a day. I’d suggest buying 8 oz. size minimum. I recommend neem oil 100%. It’s very impressive stuff (11dollars on line 8oz). I’d give tea tree oil a D- and Neem oil an A+.

  29. Moxidectin horse paste. Just pull plunger to your weight and take orally. It’s last 84 days in your system so even tho it doesn’t kill the eggs, once they hatch and mate then barrow you still have moxidectin in your system to kill them. so it last long enough to Kill the mites life cycle even for unborn mites in your skin unlike ivermectin which only stays in your system 7 days. If you don’t repeat ivermectin a second time u will not kill the mites that hatch from the eggs.

    Add a sulfur lotion or lotion with ivermectin mixed and get a double punch in ridding them.
    Take note you can’t take moxidectin and ivermectin orally at the same time. U have to wait 84 days after taking moxidectin if u want to ingest ivermectin but safe applying ivermectin lotion.

    I was always cautious and also did a bleach bath with peroxide bath every other day for the first 2 week which wasn’t needed probably but u never know with them horrible mites.

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