Scabies Treatment 101.

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If you’re looking a helping hand on your journey to eradicate a scabies infestation then you’ve come to the right place.

Let me start by saying I am really sorry that you have to go through this. I had scabies for over a year and it was, without a doubt, the most depressing, uncomfortable and isolating experience I have ever had to go through.

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The intense itching, the loss of sleep, the fear of physical contact with others. And on top of all of this, you often feel entirely helpless. So many times I’ve felt like pulling my hair out, crying myself to sleep and screaming to the gods in dismay.

It starts with no warning or explanation. You begin itching uncontrollably, especially at night. You conjure up potential causes.

Could it be bed bugs? An allergy to a new detergent? A reaction to food? (my first thought was a pineapple allergy).

Eventually, you find out that you have scabies. From here out you must choose wisely who to trust for help, especially because you will be having to fork out money to buy the necessary supplies eradicate the bugs.

This is where I can help. I learned a lot from my year of dealing with scabies and I created this website to share my story with you so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and achieve a quicker recovery.

I hope you find what you need. Now let’s get your life back. Good Luck!

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  1. Hi, my name is Paula. I’ve been dealing with this for about two years now. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve have tried my things. I’ve isolated myself from family members.

    1. Millerah

      My name is Milly. I just found out that I have scabies. Probably had it for a month. I’m so so miserable.

      1. Hi I have had some kind of mite for 14 months. It is finally almost gone. I tried ivermectin and permethrin, neem, sulfur, Epsom salts, bleach, peroxide and borax…literally everything. The doctor would not diagnose because there were no bumps on my body but I could feel the crawling, itching and biting. It then moved mostly to my scalp and face. Finally I bought Kleen Green and started using it, it was helping a lot but I read a review on Amazon that said add eucalyptus oil. That is what made the difference. The quality matters, I bought 2 different oils and the second one helped, the first didn?t. Also it seems to help to drink apple cider vinegar every day 2 Tbs morning and night I mix it with iced tea. Laundry is my worst problem, I now wash everything with detergent plus 1 cup borax and 1 cup ammonia on hot water and dry on long cycle. Whatever type of mite, it is almost gone. I started this a week ago. 28 oz of warm water and 8 Tbs Kleen Green in a squirt bottle with about 20 drops of good quality eucalyptus oil. Spray all over body and on hair and face if needed. Really saturate and rub it in. Don?t get it in your eyes. Then blow dry body and allow my hair to dry naturally or blow dry. I do this morning and night. I also sprayed it on my furniture and clean the house with it. If you can stay home for a day, spray it anywhere that itches and leave it on. I have not had to rip out carpet or throw out furniture. This is working. I did give in and cut my long hair 2 weeks ago because there were so many on my scalp. I hope this helps someone else. Safer than all those poisons! Peace

    2. Ivermectin and diatomaceous earth were what got rid of ours a couple of years ago.

      1. How did you do it exactly? Ivermectin pills internally or Ivermectin cream? What did you do with the diatomaceous earth?

    3. Concerned mom

      Hi Paula, my daughter got scabies from God only knows where. I treated her with a combination of a few home remedies. The fastest visible changes happened from a tea tree oil with coconut oil combo. Which was about day 3.
      Started with a tumeric and water paste. Showered then applied paste for a few hours.
      Then shopped for essential oils. Neem oil, clove oil, more tea tree. Anise (which I boiled and used the water in paste mixtures cause i couldn’t find the oil) more tumeric and cayenne pepper. Also dettol bar soap.
      We filled her prescription, it only covered 3 treatments (1 every 8-14 hours) -she was still itchy and covered in red bumps… 🙁
      Then I began homeopathic options
      I gave her a cayenne pepper bath and added tumeric to the water followed by a shower with the dettol bar. Made a paste with neem oil, turmeric and used the anise water to control the thickness of the paste. Covered her entire body (yes it was on her face) kept her confined to a air mattress in the living room. (For a lil over 8 hours) dettol shower followed by a tea tree oil, neem oil, clove oil combo diluted with coconut oil and anise water. Spot treating the worse areas with additional tea tree and clove oil.

      Repeated combo for 2 days more… Entire treatment window was over 72 hours in approximately 8-14 hour intervals. Then waited and watched … Bumps were gone. Started to turn into dark spots. Face was the first to clear up, but discolored. Then the forearms, legs, the torso and upper arms had lots of dark marks as it spread to those areas first. I would recommend tea tree mixed with coconut oil, after a hot shower pat dry apply a even cost massage into skin wrap up tight in a warm blanket that can cause u to sweat for 8 hours shower and repeat. Relief from the itch could happen as fast as the first treatment. Currently workin on every one else in the home to not spread the infestation.

      Hope this helps and you find relief.
      Concerned mom

      1. Norina Neacsu

        How do you make the cayene bath without getting into the eye ? How much cayenne?

    4. Hi all. I fought with this for a few years myself. Tried the creams, Ivermectin, tea trea oil…All of these things do work but there is completely just off the wall stuff that work better. I mean completely irradicated them overnight. This not an ad or solicitation..
      [email protected].

  2. I’ve been dealing with this. Problem for 2 years now. I need some help.I’ve tried every thing I’ve spent countless money and no relief

    1. Paula, I’ve read lots of forums, and I’ve heard about salt baths and they seem to be working for me, even though I have been and am doing so much at the same time I can’t guarantee for sure that’s what’s doing it. Some people say baking soda baths did it for them, some people say common salt, some say Dead Sea Salt [seems to be the best one], pink himalayan salt and even some say swimming pool salt. I don’t know [please, be careful, scabies WILL go away, if however you get hurt somehow else, your organs could be in a bad feeling forever – I almost did this two months ago]. They say: Put 2 cups of salt in a bathtub, and stay there for 15mins – 1hr. Some say you gotta do it 3X a day, and can change the water only every two days if it doesn’t get too dirty. Apparently you can use a little towel to make water from a recipient get to all the places in your body if you don’t have a bathtub. Let it stay in your body and don’t take regular baths during this time. Some say do it once a week for a month, some say do it three times a day for a month. I’m sorry that I don’t know the answer for sure, but I’m really here praying for you, rid of it or not. I also seemed to have good responses from apple cider vinegar. Directly onto the skin, but then my skin couldn’t bear doing this for more than one or two days in a row. Maybe research more, I’ve heard some people mix it with water before applying. My diet since I’ve researched has been: NO meat, two yougurts a day – but not at night, lots of RAW vegetables, greens and everything that comes directly from the soil; I only drink water with one third coffee spoon – the tiny ones – per cup of water; I’ve been drinking water with a bit of Epsom Salt on it. I’m currently on baking soda baths and mineral sea salt bath, alterned, it seems to work, but eventually I do some apple cider vinegar. The good part is that those are not too expensive and I’m managing to use them in the eyelids and on the entrance of nose and ears [yes, I got them there]. Again, I don’t have a cientific answer and please be carefull with everything you’ll do. Take care of your mind and heart, and share this with people who care about you. And don’t give up! The internet is filled with warriors like us trying to help and finding out stuff every day. Also I’d like to say I had a doctor tell me the little creatures are getting over Ivermectin so I should do it three days in a row [pills] and then count seven days and do it again for three more days. I just did. You’ll be fine at some point if you’re still not! You will! As far as I’m concerned, stay away from heat. God bless and please share when you get better!

  3. Hi I’m Felecia. I have been dealing with this for about a month. I’m not 100% sure if this is what I have or not. I figured since I don’t have pets how in the world could I get this!!! So of course I googled it. I have read so many testimonials from different people. I thought it was fleas at first. I also recently moved into my apt. My household goods were in storage for 4 years. So I’m thinking maybe this is how I picked up the nasty critter. I’m not sure. All I know is that I itch so bad. What really got my attention was the part I read about what will happen if not treated. I’m a diabetic. Scary!!!

  4. Not only does it suck having scabies this pyrethrine STINKS SO FUCKING MUCH it’s almost as hard to live with as the scabies !!!!! It’s sickening but I have to do it ! no choice ! SLEEPLESS but not in Seattle ! LOL!!!

  5. I?m the only one itching . How can it be scabies?? My husband doesn?t have them and I don?t have them in all the tell tail spots.. just my torsos legs and arm

      1. Frances Crowley

        No the tell tale spots are in between the fingers and toes known as the webs , wrists , elbows and ankles . The reasons the other areas are now itchy is because you have it for longer than you think , I had it for three weeks before I took it seriously and the first place I noticed it was on my hands then ankles then elbows then the rest of me started to get itchy .

  6. I’m on my third treatment I would like to ask Loren. :I have a penny size raised mountainous looking leasion on both of my hands Paralell to my thumb joint is this a giant mound of scabies and eggs ? Have you ever heard of this ? Please let me know I poked it with a sewing needle and put a gob of pyrethrine cream on it LET ME KNOW PLEASE !!! THANK YOU YOUVE BEEN A GOD SEND !!!!!

    1. I doubt this mound is directly caused by scabies. Sure they could be there, but the size of your welt is uncharactistic of scabies infections. I?d recommend getting it looked st if it isn?t getting better.

    2. Maxine Jones

      I had a huge hive type thing covered with the little pimples, or bites in the same location as yours. I definitely have scabies and ma treating for it. That bump is gradually receding.

    1. To those who are suffering from this crazy skin infection, I totally feel love and sympathy for you. I, too, have been suffering for almost 7 months now. I have been through all the treatments, doctors treatments and treatments that I have purchased on my own. I have been to dermatologists who have point blank looked at me and said my scabies were gone, as the little bastards were crawling under my skin. How do you respect the medical field, when, first they do not take this infection seriously and second, they don’t have any freaking answers as to how to treat it properly?? It is incredibly frustrating to have to live with this, with absolutely no support for the sweet people who are suffering from scabies. My heart goes out to you all. I will think positive thoughts for everyone’s recovery. I hope we will soon find some answers as to how to cure these infections soon. Too many of us have been dealing with this in shame, not knowing who to talk to. May our voices be heard soon. Take care, you are not alone

  7. randy.lufkin

    Hey out there I’ve had them last July got rid of them and have moved two times moved into my arnts home and got them back in January .I then went through the same process and this time can’t believe that I have gone through the same process five times I know that it must be the invierment I tried so hard to keep up with she is 78 and doesn’t get it I can’t even tell her how much it means to keep the house clean I’m out of patience I can’t tell her anymore over and over need help.

  8. My husband and I took our first dose of invermectin last night. We washed all of our bedding today. We put our pillows in the dryer. We did all this before, used the premetheran cream, sprayed furniture, etc. Do we need to keep washing our bedding daily?

  9. Thank you very much for this website! Although I have a bird mite infestation now, my family has had scabies before. The things to do to get rid of scabies and bird mites are very similar. It’s just so good to hear about the depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation, and knowing that I’m not the only one who’s going through it! I just shaved my head, because the bird mites crawl around up there and I think that’s where they like to lay eggs…if anyone would like, you can check out my website and the corresponding YouTube video. (My website is not totally about mites.) Again, thank you so much for sharing your answers with the world!!! I linked to your site! ; D

  10. I just went to a gynoecologist because they had settled in the folds of my privates for a while. I st”ayed at a filthy Motel 6 in Eloy, AZ. As I turned over in my sleep and the covers moved they sent up a scent of urine from the mattress! Since I was sleeping I went in the bathroom and got all the towels to sleep on. A couple of weeks later I noticed an itch for about 2″ of my waistline and thought I’d developed an allergy to the elastic in my underwear. Eventually my crotch started itching and there were a lot of bumps in the folds on either side. I thought I’d developed an allergy to laundry detergent so I went out and got some w/ no scent, etc. Didn’t really make a difference. I started applying coconut oil, tinactin for athletes foot, diatomaceous earth and bacitracin. Eventually I noticed 3 big bites on the top of my leg and then realized what was happening. Now it was flu season and I didn’t want to get the flu at the drs so I started using things suggested on the internet: Listerine, tea tree oil, vinegar and oil, vinegar and salt. Didn’t work. So I got some Nix shampoo which the internet says you can use on your body too. It worked. They came back in 3 weeks. I hadn’t wanted to use it again if I didn’t have too since I have asthma and it was burning some parts of my skin. I had been washing my clothes and bed clothes over and over. sigh. So I put the Nix on again. They came back in a week. Off to the doc. I guess a gynecologist was the wrong dr. to go to. It’s also a really bad clinic. The nurse asked why I was there. I said a pap test and that I had body lice that I couldn’t get rid of. She got really nasty and asked why in the world I’d come there when they weren’t fully cured. She made such a face of disgust. Like I went out and got these from lying in a crack house or something. I told her I got them at Motel 6. She asked what I was doing there. hahahahaha!! Turning tricks, of course. I said I was in AZ and was staying the night. Oh. As she walked out the door I said “this is why I never come to the doctor.”
    She came back in w/ hazmat apparel on. Then came the dr. He had no idea what I was talking about. They both agreed thaT I had bedbugs. No, I don’t have bedbugs. As you all know, we know just about everything there is to know about scabies. So I had to explain to them. Then they sent for a pediatrician who verified that I had scabies/lice. She said it was very common and couldn’t imagine why the Nix hadn’t worked. When I got home I saw that the Nix was pesticide free! WTH???
    So on we went w/ a partial exam. At one point the dr. looked at my pubes and said “There’s nothing here.” I DON’T HAVE CRABS YOU IDIOT!! At this point I said, “Nothing? Great!” (Get me the hell out of here!)
    I won’t get into the details of how he sent 3 prescriptions to the pharmacy that wouldn’t take my insurance and said they’d give me a coupon and tried to charge me $83 for a tube of permethrin creme. (These are people I know too) They only got 1 prescription. So I had to go backto the dr. and couldn’t locate the pharmacy on the next block so I said send the scripts over there – pointing to a pharmacy out the door and across the street. I asked what the 3 scripts were for which didn’t show up. 2 were the same permethrin cream – 1 generic and 1 not. I was by some miracle going to get my pick of them from the pharmacist. The 3rd was for something w/ alcohol in it if the permathrin didn’t work. Dr. seemed to think a pharmacy was going to hold on to a prescription for me in case I needed it in the future.
    So I went across the street. They also didn’t take my insurance but the guy behnd the counter, who used to work at the first pharmacy I went to said that since I came from the clinic across the street the tube would be $12.99. SOLD! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!
    Well I waited to see if I needed to douse my poor skin in insecticide. 2 days ago it was an all out assault on my body! It’s really hot out and they seem tolike the heat. Yesterday I did the shower, the permathrin from head to toe for 10 hours and the whole laundry bit yet again. Last night I had one here and one there biting the crap out of me. So I put the permathrin on those spots.
    Today the same thing is happening. I’ve also had what is called Wedding Ring Rash for about 3 months under only one ring. I do see bumps there and wonder if there are bugs there too?? Oh my God!! The dr. had told me if I still had trouble to come back to the dermatologist. Well, first I have to learn dermatology so I can teach the dr. allll about it.

    The pediatrician said to keep using permathrin I guess every week. I intend to. Good luck all.

    1. I’ve heard you can use permethrin up to seven days in a row, and a nurse from public care told me 5 days in a row should be fine. I hope you’re already fine, but if not, know we’re all praying, and maybe check online for Salt Baths for Scabies.

  11. Hi, My nightmare with scabies began a year ago now and I am not out of the woods yet but am hopefully close. Was about a month before I realised I had caught them from my husband (don’t know where he got them) and they had got a good grip. Seemed like it was still not impossible to be cured of them but sadly that wasn?t what happened, things got worse and I ended up with initial infection in my two big toes. This progressed to swollen feet and legs and infected sores, which took me to A & E at the hospital, was given strong antibiotics and told that I needed blood tests done but was also told it wasn?t scabies. Antibiotics helped but didn?t heal all the sores nor was there any change to the swelling in my feet and legs. Had the blood tests done and due to further swelling of my left leg in particular, had an online consultation with a doctor. Was thinking I needed more antibiotics but when she saw my swollen feet and legs via a video link she said to go immediately to A & E again at the hospital, as I could have a blood clot. Took my blood tests results along to A & E and was admitted for 3 nights and given clot busting injections. Saw a dermatologist in hospital who said that if I had scabies I didn?t anymore, also said the same to me at a later clinic appointment and she offered to send me to a psychiatrist. This was despite I had new bumps/sores, so I declined the offer to see a psychiatrist and continued to treat myself. By this point I had tried the recommended treatments of, Permethrin, Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil and Sulphur Cream with little effect despite all over application numerous times, in particular I have applied 9 tubes of Permethrin in total. By my second clinic appointment with the dermatologist I had been applying Stem Clove, Palmarosa and Neem oils in Carrier oil with more effect but still no cure so I then turned to Benzyl Benzoate. I had also been applying the BB in a carrier oil after a bath but you get a burning sensation when using the latter if your skin is damp or wet, so you have to dry carefully and thoroughly. But in order to try and alleviate or eliminate this effect I decided to mix the Benzyl benzoate and Neem oil with the Diprobase moisturiser the Dermatologist had given me and that helped. The BB also seemed to be helping rid me of the scabies but again no cure, so I have recently been mixing the BB, Stem Clove, Palmarosa and Neem Oils together. The proportions I have been using are (30mls BB + 5mls Stem Clove oil + 5mls Palmarosa oil + 5mls Neem Oil = 45mls in Total) and this can be mixed with the Diprobase or similar moisturiser but I have found the latter has a good consistency to mix with the oils. For use all over my body I mixed Together 75 grams of Diprobase and 25 grams of BB mixture and I apply to clean dry skin and leave on for 24 hours. I have found further applications were needed. I have also been applying the BB+SC+P+N oil mixture neat to my feet. PLEASE ASK YOUR DOCTOR OR PHARMACIST ABOUT ANY CONCERNS ABOUT USING BENZYL BENZOATE OR ESSENTIAL OILS, ESPECIALLY ON CHILDREN, PREGNANT AND BREAST FEEDING MOTHERS AND DO A SKIN PATCH TEST BEFORE APPLYING THESE PRODUCTS ALL OVER YOUR BODY!!! ALL TREATMENTS MENTIONED HERE ARE WHAT I USED AND YOUR USE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    Can honestly say it has been a nightmare of an experience and unfortunately it is not over just yet but have made further progress. I am in the UK and bought the Diprobase on Amazon, the Benzyl Benzoate on Ebay and the oils from Mystic Moments who also sell on Amazon. There are obviously other options for buying these products on both Amazon and Ebay or independently. I wash my clothes at a minimum of 60 degrees, bedding and towels at 90 degrees if possible, I add Laundry Bleach to towels and bedding and Vanish Oxy Action to my clothing wash and Dettol Laundry Liquid to the last rinse along with fabric softener. Dry on high heat till dry and then dry for at least 30mins more. Again Laundry advice is taken at your own risk, as please be aware the laundry products can have their own risks. Is very harsh on your clothes so would suggest you do not wear expensive clothes until cured. Link to research into essential oils treatment of scabies:-

  12. Use TCA wart remover such as Wartner’s.
    Just use a pinpoint sized amount at a time.
    It is very strong, will sting for 5 minutes.
    That is the only thing that stops the itch and dries itchy spots on finger and palms.
    Use an enlargening mirror to see the bumps on fingers.
    Someone said they added TCA to coconut oil.
    Don’t use more than 5% as it is corrosive.
    Don’t use on thin skin.
    On private areas and face, use an enzyme spray for pets.
    It will not sting.

  13. Hi there,
    I am just coming out of my first experience with scabies. It started with what felt like a itchy mosquito bite on top of my thigh. Within a week both thighs were covered in telltale burrows. I looked up itchy rash and immediately realized what t was and got to the doctor quick for permethrin cream. I read hours worth of forums, super paranoid because my daughter goes back and forth between homes and sleeps with me and with her dad. Thankfully she was symptom free. I was able to cure myself by pressing the dr for ivermectin when the permethrin treatment did not work, by then it had reached my feet. I also cleaned our home from top to bottom, vacuumed daily. Bathed 2x daily with a bleach solution, tho after a week had to stop bc too harsh on my skin. Slathered myself with coconut oil and tea tree oil mixed with eucerin lotion after each bath. Took a permethrin spray to the carpets and mattress when I first found out about the mites. I wash sheets and towels daily and bathed In 1/2c bleach in bath. It was harsh on my skin but calmed down the spots. I spot treated each new bump with hydrogen peroxide (scratch tip of bump off) and permethrin. Altho she had no symptoms dr recommended we treat her and her dad with permethrin and again 2wks later after one telltale cluster showed up on her arm. We scratched the mark and put hydrogen peroxide on it till the bumps fizzed then put a bandaid of permethrin cream over it. No itching ensued. Every night before she showered, I wiped her down and looked at the wipes under a microscope! I only found one mite on her the entire three weeks so far. She also got coated in coconut oil/tea tree oil preventatively each day. We are still doing the coconut/tea tree oil as prevention and we add a squirt of the ditch the itch cream into it because it has neem oil in it. I think what helped the most was the ivermectin and the first bleach baths. Keeping the bathroom meticulously clean (swipe it with damp to to see if tiny flecks appear) has been critical. We put our dirty clothes each night straight to the wash and don?t use the laundry basket for clean clothes. I also think that wiping down each day with baby wipes before I get in the shower is huge?it lets me look for tiny specks that I can put under the microscope and rest assured to know that there is nothing alive on the surface of my skin! My skin is looking 10x better?drinking plenty of water and no more itching. (Was taking Claritin before bed to help with residual itching for 2 wks) I won?t be able to breathe a sigh of relief until after a month has passed with her and her dad being symptom free!! Till then we?ll keep going with daily showers fresh towels and more coconut oil mix slathering. I thank every single person who has posted I believe it was due to each suggestion I?ve read that I am able to sit here mite free for now!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  14. Help! Been doing treatment for Scabies. Now that it was finally diagnosed a month ago. After going through a year of thinking I have yeast or allergic to food, chemicals etc. Oh the dermatologist thought I had eczema since my biopsy said I had contact dermatitis. Anyway, I have been on Permethrin 3 times. Cleaned and cleaned my sheets, mattress, clothes and everything I can think of. Very strict in my cleaning! Family has also been treated together each time. I am now on Ivermectin since last week. Took a follow up pill on Ivermectin 4 days ago.
    What I want to know is what is post scabies? I still have red bumps and they itch but nothing like they were. I take cool baths with baking soda,oatmeal and coconut oil at night and in the morning. I still have these nasty bump sometimes I see new red bumps. When will this go away why do I still have them? I want my life back!

    Oh I happened by the grace of God to be out of work due to the layoff since December. 2017. I can?t imagine how anyone can work with these conditions.

    1. wow, ive been thinking ive had a mild allergic reaction to something or even my dogs. stupid me lol. i had what seemed to me as eczema and my hands and little hives on my back and arms. the last 2 months it spread all over my upper body and my hand were so bad i went to the Dr.right away she said its scabies. the strange thing i dont understand my husband and son has never had any signs at all and how did i have it for so long

  15. I have had scabies for years and did not know but I suspected that I did.
    With Permethrin there is hope it is the only thing that kills them but not the eggs.
    On ebay I got 5% Permethrin cream it took weeks from India. My family has them too
    but I don’t see them and don’t like them, revenge they will never know. Doctors
    a waist of time (I want my money back) and the stigma your job friends tell them and they will spread the word faster then fire. Should I shave my head to get the cream in the scalp. Mixing up some 5% Permethrin and adding it to shampoo might be the best bet.
    You can see them it other people, I saw a guy the other day he had one of the worst cases
    of crusted scabies on his arm and hand I have ever seen. He would make the hall of fame
    of online pictures of scabies. They have many different stages but the most common
    they look like tiny warts. A UV flashlight you can see the infestation once you understand
    what your dealing with. I think the CDC and doctors need to update there statics after all
    If I have walk in and tell A doctor I have scabies to get treated. I can see the signs on other
    people all around me Something is so wrong.

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