Scabies: A guidebook to handling the itch.

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Section #1: 10 Anti-itch remedies for Scabies


Section #2: Scabies: Three Reasons to Avoid Scratching Yourself


Section #3: How to Itch Your Skin Without Spreading the Mites

4 thoughts on “Scabies: A guidebook to handling the itch.”

  1. Thanks for this site ? I am not selling a thing, only trying to enlighten and hoping to find someone else that has had a problem with WIGS and scabies. . . WIGS manufactured by Aderans Hair Products ? Hair Club For Men ?
    LUX HAIR NOW WIGS for Sherrie Shepherd or any other of Aderans products purchased from QVC or elsewhere!

    Perhaps I can jog someone?s memory that thinks they got their scabies somewhere else, thinking that they couldn?t have gotten them from THIS on-line shopping channel and/or these products!

    In my opinion, I damn sure did!
    The entire story is here. . .

    I surely can not be an isolated case!

    Scabies Suck!

    Anyone else out there having this same issue?

    Thanks for your time! FM

  2. I have done my first ivermectin/pyrethrine sulphur soap shower and I have oozing giant bumps all over my hands and wrists .And my arms are breaking out ,it seems to be getting worse ! I won’t lie I was picking at my left hand (the worse one ) as I am fight handed is this normal ?

  3. Gerri Callahan

    I am totally beside myself. I just was told I have the scabies. I have read a lot of post on here and I seriously need help. What is the best way to clean the house,bed ect…so overwhelmed please help. Thanks

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