Cured of scabies? Let’s get your life back.

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This is just a quick post i’m creating to acknowledge the mental turmoil that scabies bring up.

People who haven’t had scabies just can’t understand what it does to a person mentally and physically. We’re in a special club of “survivors”.

You had to suffer through a very isolating and uncomfortable time. But now things can begin to fall back into place. You’ll settle back into a normal lifestyle and slowly forget the nightmare.

If you’re going to let scabies change you, let it change you for the better.

Let it make you stronger.

One thing is for sure, having the mites made us pay closer attention and learn more about our bodies. It also turned us into our own health officials; you are now an expert in the trade of scabie killing, and hopefully a lot healthier for it.

We owe it to ourselves to do a good job of healing our skin?and then get ourselves back out into the world again.

Make up for all that lost time.

All of those nights that you were cooped up alone – what where you wishing you could do??What were you missing out on?

Go out and do those things.

Go on a date, go do some dancing, go play twister. Get your body moving and get physical with others. You will quickly realize how much you missed it.

Let this whole experience be something you can look back on and smile about knowing that it made you a stronger person.?

Screw those mites, let’s move on!?

4 thoughts on “Cured of scabies? Let’s get your life back.”

  1. Admin. I haven’t seen yu say anywhere “I am cured.” Are you? Honestly?

    1. Good question. .. I am experiencing rapid reinfestation sypmtoms. Just found out my room mate… Non sexual…did not follow the prescribed treatment protocol and refuses to do so. More detailed information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Yes, I was cured about a year and a half ago after a long bout of suffering. As I elude to in my posts on this site, permethrin and ivermectin were what saved me in the end after months of attempting natural methods for a cure.

  3. Had those mites mostly on the bottom of my feet… soaking them in hot water with Ammonia..then used a stainless steel foot scraper… 1 to 2 times a day.. for over 4 months… And of course was prescribed permethrin and ivermectin.. learned a lot about my body… along with prayer……….!

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