Scabies and hot showers

Is it a good idea to take hot showers when I have scabies?

Short answer, no.

Yes, it feels good.

Yes, you get (temporary) relief.

But it might do more harm to your skin than good.

For one, hot showers will not help kill scabies.  Instead, it will just make your itching worse.

Hot water will dry out and irritate your skin which is further damaging it’s already challenged state. The water strips away natural oils from the outer layer, and without those oils your skin becomes dry and irritated.

What’s the solution?

Cold showers. They keep your pores closed and your skin refreshed, which is important for your body’s response to scabies. 

Cold showers also have surprisingly underrated benefits.

Benefits of cold showers include:

  • Strengthens immunity
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves depression
  • Increases testosterone
  • Increases energy and wellbeing
  • Increases fertility


But what if you hate cold showers . . . 

While that list above has some great (somewhat questionable) benefits listed, you still might not be able to bear an ice bath.

If that’s you then here is a good solution:

Start your shower with warm water, the less heat the better. Heat opens your pores for cleansing, but don’t overdo it. Too hot and you are doing damage.

Once you’re clean then gradually lower the temperature – it should be considerably colder by the time you shut the water off.

If you start your shower warm and gradually lower the temperature it removes the shock element, and it’s really not so bad after that. 

The most important thing is to end the shower cold. If you want to reduce how itchy your skin is, leaving the bathroom with already cold and soothed skin makes you far less irritable.

If you want more tips on reducing itchiness then check out 10 Anti-itch Remedies for Scabies.

After you have been cured feel free to return to hot showers. But when while your skin is still under attack I highly recommend that you in the least make an effort to end your showers with cold water.

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  1. Can sitting in the sun help to kill the scabies mite?

    • It won’t kill them, but feel free to get some sun. Just don’t get burnt! Your skin is already suffering.

    • Sheryle Lakey says:

      They don’t like the heat but it won’t kill them they don’t like the hot water either but it won’t kill them

  2. Holy cow…are we still fighting these bugs with topical and systemic insecticides?
    Of course the other methods are crazy ideas as well. Within the dermal layer, they are well protected from most topical applications. How do we kill the adult and egg and not harm the infected? We need to treat them at the metabolic level. Suffocation can work. The problem is that the current modalities are not performed correctly. The fix is coming
    A small laboratory is working on this problem as we speak.

    • That is really interesting and good to hear! I would like to know your opinion about how suffocation could work. What do u exactly mean with not performed correctly? What are your thoughts on 25% Benzylbenzoat? How damaging is it too apply it for 3 days? I think of using it for 5 days in a row to make sure they are gone as 3 days didn’t work for me…

  3. Sheryle Lakey says:

    I had scabies for 4 years yes four years because I didn’t know I had them the doctor never diagnosed me. I find out I had them because of a very hot bath because my skin is tough I didn’t have the normal itch or rash anywhere it was all in my private area and on my face like acne, that hot bath made them migrate to my stomach the only part that wasn’t covered in the hot hot hot water that bath saved my life I do believe it was to the point where I was losing my hair I lost control of my bowels I was always hungry and always tired they were eating me from the inside out yes this method works it took me over a year to cure myself I had had them for so long, this is the method I used it works and boy for the first time in 5 years I feel better

    • I think I’ve had them for 2/years but nevee noticed, ive had acne for 6 years but looking back I’m sure they (scabies) have been the cause all along . my question to you is how hot was your bath and how long did u stay in? What did u do after the scabies moved to your stomach?

  4. Do you think coconut oil would suffocate them or nourish them?

  5. My doctor gave me Lice shampoo with 1% permethrin lotion in it it kills them But doesn’t get rid of the bumps an itching

  6. I have had mites going on 6 yrs.! I am so irratable I can’t stand myself! I too am going bald and I too lost control of my bowels and kidneys!!!! All say it’s in my head! Ha ha

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