10 Anti-itch remedies for scabies

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10 anti itch remedies for scabies
Learn about a collection of natural remedies (like calamine lotion) to reduce itchiness

The Scabies itch Guidebook:

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Here is a quick list of remedies to greatly reduce itchiness

1.) Use Caladryl (calamine) lotion

Caladryl is very effective itch reducer. You may have encountered it when visiting your grandparent’s house when you were a kid, as Caladryl has been used for generations to treat all kinds of itchiness.?

Oddly enough, this lotion has lost favor over recent decades. It has been mysteriously pulled from shelves of major suppliers and replaced by larger brand moisturizers.

This is not necessarily a good thing! In fact, it shows that Caladryl is, in fact, a worthy competitor to anti-itch lotions that the big industries are pushing.

I found this lotion to be the most effective that I tried for scabies. Highly recommended. You can check it out here.

2.) Shower in cold / lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Your hot showers might feel relieving, but they are likely to make the itchiness worse. Unfortunately.

This is?because excessively hot water quickly dries out and irritates the skin.?If you instead bathe in cold water you will soothe your skin as well as keeping the natural balance of oils (like sebum) intact.

Your skin is already suffering, don’t make it worse with irritating heat.

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If you cannot handle cold water showers then start out warm and gradually decrease the temperature until it is just enough that you can bear it.

This is a challenge for people who love their hot showers, so if you are one of those people and are unwilling to go cold, at least consider turning down the temperature a few notches and ending your shower with cold water to cool off the skin.

It seriously helps.

3.) Be picky about your soaps and detergents.?

Commercial soaps can also strip off your skin of natural oils.

Most of the soaps in the supermarket have ingredients that are known skin irritants and often create inflammation and eczema-like symptoms.

Soaps that have these ingredients include Dial, Irish Spring, Neutrogena, Axe, Old Spice, Bed Bath & Beyond…

By avoiding the irritants and instead using a soap that will reduce your scabies symptoms you will make you feel much better.

I recommend that you instead use a sulfur soap?cleansing bar that will help keep the mites at bay.

4.) Pop an antihistamine.?

Antihistamines block your bodies histamine response to allergens.

Taking an antihistamine will temporarily relieve your itch because the itch of scabies is caused by your bodies allergic reaction to the mites and their debris.

It is good to take antihistamines before bed if you are really losing sleep because of the condition.

Chlorophen-12 is a very effective antihistamine and comes in 12-hour extended-release tablets. You can find it here.

You could also pick up Benadryl tablets?and/or Benadryl skin cream.

5.) Try soaking in a colloidal oatmeal bath

Colloidal oatmeal is simply oats ground into an extremely fine powder. It has properties that comfort the itch very well.

When added to bathwater, it creates a milky cloud that stays in the water and doesn’t just sink to the bottom of the bath. Since it is ground so finely it sets into the skin, nourishing it and keeping the itch away.

Run your bath with lukewarm water, and while the tub is filling, add a packet (two to three cups) of colloidal oatmeal under the faucet to help disperse the oatmeal.

You may have the urge to take a hot bath, but this will only irritate the skin and remove moisture from your body, so a warm bath is preferable.

Some good ingredients to add to your oatmeal bath are, of course, colloidal oatmeal, then baking soda and coconut oil will add a nice finishing touch to the bath that also really helps out your skin.

Feel free to take upwards of three baths a day. After a long soak, it is good to wash off a bit in cold water to keep your skin nice and cool.?

*Note: Some people have moderate to severe gluten allergies. If this is your case try out a gluten-free option for this oatmeal bath. Here is a link to a gluten free colloidal bath packet.

6.) Take Epsom salt baths.

Another great soaking option for the itch is to take an epsom salt bath.

Epsom salts, also called magnesium-sulphate, reduce inflammation, help keep your mineral contents in check (it is important to get enough magnesium, especially if you are taking calcium, as calcium can diminish magnesium amounts in the body.

If you like to take a super hot bath that is okay, as the heat will help the salts to absorb into your skin better, but it could also leave your skin a bit dryer than you’d like. To remedy this be sure to rinse off in cold water after your bath to keep your skin comfortable.?

Feel free to add other ingredients to your bath. Baking soda is always a good option, as well as oils like neem oil, jojoba oil, and tee trea essential oil.

7.) Drink lots of water

Pretty straight forward.

You are made of water and you need to keep ingesting it so your body stays healthy.

This especially holds true for the health of your skin!?

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you don’t drink enough water your skin will be dry and you will be itchier.?

I don’t have a specific amount of water that I recommend. That’s because we all have different bodies and require different amounts. Also food plays a role, as some people meet their water requirements more easily by eating water rich foods like fruits.

Just drink enough! Also, carrying a water bottle around makes it 10 times easier.

8.) Clean up your diet

Some foods will make people more prone to itchy skin.?

Issues like?psoriasis?and dermatitis are often food related, and what you eat could make the difference between skin that is ravaged by itchiness and skin which doesn’t react hardly as much.

Overall you want to avoid foods that contain natural histamines (your body is already creating enough to combat the mites) and foods that you are allergic too.

Here is a list of foods you might want to avoid or cut down on during your scabies infestation because they are high in histamines:

  • Red wine
  • Aged cheese
  • Citrus fruits
  • Fermented foods (sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt)
  • Bacon (and other cured meats)
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Artificial food colors and preservatives
  • Spices
  • Alcohol
  • Vinegar

Other foods that commonly cause allergic reactions, often involving skin irritation include:

  • Tree Nuts
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • colorings, additives

9.) Wear the right materials.

Clothing matters when it comes to keeping the itch at bay.

It’s hard not to become hypersensitive to what materials affects your skin while you have Scabies. Here I will list some to avoid and some to wear.

Clothing materials to avoid:?

  • New clothes, regardless of materials. They often have additives (ex. formaldehyde)?on them to avoid creasing,
  • Latex
  • Wool
  • overly tight clothes

Materials to wear:

  • cotton
  • dye free / perfume free?
  • silk
  • linen
  • Loose clothing

10.) Stay cool.

Try to stay away from hot and muggy environments. Sticky and sweaty = itchy.?

Turn on your AC if it’s hot. Take a cool shower if you’re hot. Shed layers if needed.

Do what you can to keep your skin at a comfortable temperature at all times.


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55 thoughts on “10 Anti-itch remedies for scabies”

  1. This information is extremely helpful! This is my second time dealing with scabies and I’ve felt helpless until now. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I have been in this problem of itching for months now,all over my body,including my penis and testicle sack,i have tried all sort of antibiotic injections,infusion and tablets,but all to no avail,please,what do i do now?

    1. I have the same thing you went threw especially the itch on my balls! Just wondering if you got it cured or have cured it?! Please help!

    2. My sister and i both have been going crazy with itching especially at night. she found extra strength Benadry cream and told me it worked for her. I tried it last night and actually got a good night sleep!

    3. Try applying turmeric mixed with water and let the liquid paste dry. Then wipe out the dry powder and sleep. It’s far better. Ur itching will reduce and ur wounds will heal. It vl tk sm time.

    4. You can apply calamine lotion too. It’s one of the best. Cooling .

  3. Caleb Farque

    Hi, 15 year old here recently diagnosed with Scabies, itch has been going on for months now. Going to introduce this to my parents I just went to the doctor and got two tubes of ointment for my skin to reduce the Mites and as well as the enzyme I’m very glad I’ve seen this article and I will try to introduce all these remedies as much as I can.

    1. anonymous

      hi same thing happening to me i have introduced to my parents going to doctor tomorrow hope clears up soon …. at first i thought it was a rash on my arm but no….


    This shit is gonna be the DEATH OF ME

    1. I feel the same way so nice to know that we’re NOT alone! The scabies caused me to have a nervous breakdown! Never in my life has anything been so annoying, itchy, tons of Benadryl and anything else I find on different sites. I feel doomed that these GROSS bugs have taken up house in my body but I won’t give up! Staying in a hotel for 4 nights praying they’ll be gone when I go home. I packed up everything I could into big black garbage bags. I become panicky when it starts getting dark and am suffering from PTSD because of the scabies! There really are No words to describe how bad and horrific itching they are! I’ll probably go to the ER again tomorrow till someone treats me like a human and get the pills. The permitherin didn’t work….NOTHING works! Having an exterminator come and spray my whole house down and if that doesn’t work I’m gonna burn it down!! #MightAsWell LMAO

      1. Lololol!! I’m already going crazy but I would never burn my house down. I may have to end up throwing a bunch of stuff away before this is over.P.S. You would think that it’s the 21st century and researchers would’ve come up with something that kills the mites n the eggs on contact instead of us pretty much identifying the disease ourselves! Come on WTF!!

  5. Itchymama

    How do you know if you’ve killed all the mites, and you’re just dealing with post-scabies symptoms? I was diagnosed about two weeks ago. I dosed my kids and myself with permethrin and did a bunch of cleaning, bagging, and laundry. The bumps continued to spread like mad over the next four or five days. I only had them from the waste down before dosing, but they spread over the rest of my body. I did permethrin again 6 days from first dose, then again 10 days from first dose. I also dosed my kids again on day 6. I thought all was under control until today (day 13). I am itching like mad again, and my son has broken out with an itchy bump between his fingers. So, I’m dosing us with permethrin again! I am at a total loss. I have been doing an insane amount of cleaning and laundry every day. I’ve been wearing rubber gloves whenever I clean or do laundry. I am at a total loss. Please help!!!!!

    1. Try neem oil with turmeric powder. Apply all over your body except for face. leave it for at least an hour before wash it off. Do this once a day for a week or more. Good luck

        1. You can buy Neem oil extract liquid in the garden department for under $10 ?


        Ice work on stopping the itching

    2. Try turmeric powder with lime or water. Apply it generously over the areas that itch. Then rub off the dry powder when the paste drys off … Try it everytime u scratch. It’s effective and natural. It’s cooling too. Ur sheets r gonna be colored but do it and c.

  6. I have been dealing with this terrible shit going on for 3 months now I have been prescribed 4 tubes of the cream steroids and itch meds I thought I was healed after the 4th tube taken two weeks ago I’ve taken a binges and salt bath a episom salt bath a oatmeal bath and just took a cayenne soak 2 days ago I know have new bumps on both my ankles and my neck that itch like crazy I’m trying let my skin heal but it’s driving me batshit crazy I cant handle it no more I broke down and bought the cream nu something they use on horse’s it’s a sulfer lotion any other suggestions as I’ve deep cleaned my house washed clothes and bedding for past 3 weeks straight I am the only one with it help please

  7. I keep a small bowl of Borax with water just covering the top of it. I scoop out a little of the wet Borax water mixture and rub it on anything itchy and the itching subsides. The abrasive is nice but I believe it is the properties of the borax in addition to the abrasive that makes the itching stop.

  8. I am domented!!! yet another sleepless night due to my whole body being itchy including my head and genitals – I have had this itch for 6 months at least and it started just base of back and a few bumps for ages but then started to spread – got lotion from a doctor to treat every day for 2 weeks – did nothing – then went to see a dermatologist who said its defo scabies and use this cream once then 7 days later once again and take antihistamine 1 a day for a month !! well av done the cream treatment and taken all but 4 antihistamines and oh my god the itching is worse and has spread like wildfire – please anybody any advice as this is depressing and am so tired and cant take another pill till about 10am today and its only 3 am – feel like am going mad!!! just want to rip my skin off

    1. I use tiger balm it’s very affective and I take a bleach bath every day before bed I think it the reinfection that is happening to most and try not to scratch if I feel really itchy I take another shower and I also us clove oil but the tiger balm has it in it I would definitely reccoment that and but a spray bottle for water and bleach and spray it on everything u touch even stay ur hands with it and iron ur mattress to burn the little bastards to death I hope that’s a helpful answer not just yeah it’s shit and take lists of antihistamine and panedol for the nagging itch and cut ur nails to stumps so u don’t stratch good luck

    2. Same here ..only they claim I don’t have scabiez..I feel like I’m covered in creepy. Crawler bugs ..getting g to me psychologicaly


        Omg me too! My doc, dermatologist and 2 ER doc’s all say they don’t think it’s scabies, however the 2nd er doc gave me the prescription for the cream. Waiting for tomorrow so my bf and i can both use it

  9. Webeatcher

    Does anyone ever reply to these posts with anything more useful than ‘me too’? No-one is looking to form a social group here… just answers and creditsble advice.
    Third permethrin treatment, red bumps everywhere, wondering whether to do a fourth 3 days later. ‘Qualified Advice’ anyone?

    1. WebWatcher

      Orthographic mistakes courtesy of Apple’s iAbomination. 😉

    2. Over this and want results

      I’ve also been dealing with Scabies since end of March. About 4 weeks in, my friend is the one that figured out what it was . I did two tubes of Promethrium cream, didn’t work at all . Treated it with Neem oil, tea tree and coconut oil mixed together . Would put all over my body multiple times a day . Also was keeping it on my baby as a procaution . I got rid of it only to have my baby come down with it 3 weeks later . I could kick myself for not staying diligent about the cleaning and keeping the oils on her .
      Anyways , two month later , I’m still fighting this, baby only has a few spots on her face that pop up almost daily usually around her eyes, nose and mouth .I know they must be in her nose , ears, and can see things in her eyelashes . I have spend well over $2000 on products and went on 4 doc visits . Most doctors and dermatologists won’t be diagnosing you people ! They are for the most part , complete idiots and don’t know about Scabies for whatever reason . That’s another rant I don’t have time for .
      As a complete last resort , I’ve just taken my first round of Ivermectin , and will take another in a week . I basically forced the doctor to write a prescription for me. Btw, I’ve tried Sulfur creams too and they don’t work that great but I did order Mitesil last week and had pretty good results from it . I did just order more since a $14 tub only lasted me about 5 days. Keep soaking in tea tree oil baths daily and if you don’t want to go to the doctor to get a prescription for Ivermectin, a local feed store or even Amazon carries the horse de- wormer type which is the same thing according to a lot of reading I’ve been doing . My skin is so terribly dry now from all the shit I’ve been putting on myself , it’s hard to tell what’s healing and what still is still active . My skin cannot stand any more neem , that alone makes me want to itch to death for some reason even though it’s supposed to be a skin protectant . Oh , the only thing that might be helping keep my babies face somewhat under wraps and I use that term loosely) is Dr Scabies remedy (I can rub the soap solution and cream on her eyes and it doesn’t burn . It so far has not been helping me . I think maybe for a much much milder case . It’s so freaking expensive , it’s ridiculous .. I would guess that everybody on here needs heavy duty treatment like me though. I am so “anti ” taking anything that isn’t natural but I am so so so over this ! Also just ordered heavy duty cleaning agents and the Martins Promethium solution . I’m desperate too people . I wash sheets and vacuum daily . This is turning into a full time job . I pray that the limited stuff I am sharing helps you or points you in the right direction . I had to stop reading all the horror stories out there and I want to share what is working verses the hopeless posts . I sincerely pray that all of you are healed in Jesus name ! I know this is incredibly Diffucult but you have to find refuge in God during this . Keep praying and seeking answers .

  10. I use salonpas deep relieving gel. It has camphor 4.1%, methol 10%, methyl salicylate 15% at night. Yes it can burn somewhat but better then itching. I have added tea tree oil drops with it on areas that are the worst. Do NOT wear black clothing items, aim for clothing 100% cotton.

    1. Where do u get salonpas deep relieving gel

  11. This is bulkshit i cannot stop itching im getting fucking annoyed i have work at 4 oclock and i cant fucking sleep some help needed!!!!!!!!

    1. This is my second time dealing with this. I got rid of it once 4 years ago and now it’s back. I’m getting rid of it again, but you have to combine treatments. This time I’m not doing permethrin or ivermectin. Last time I went crazy with permethrin and ivermectin. They don’t work. They do cut down the mites, but they don’t get rid of them completely and the ones that remain are resistant to chemicals. Yay. Superbugs. I went online and got some scabies treatment from Manukanatural.com. It costs $80 and since it takes about 2 weeks to get to you, buy two. The first box I bought was the best remedy for this I’ve ever bought, but I didn’t have enough for a second treatment so I’m waiting for the next shipment to arrive. Ok. So I went back to my old standby: head to the tanning bed (standup only), go for the highest level bed they have, go at least every other day, don’t burn yourself. Just go in for a few mins, cover up any spots where you’re worried you might get skin cancer, buy and wear the goggles (very important) and put a towel over your face so you don’t get wrinkles. Build up the time. It starts really working as you go over 5 mins. The light kills the mites, but it takes time. Figure on going for at least a month, maybe a month and a half. Every time you go you should feel better and better and less and less itchy. Ok to cut down on the itch: go get some black African soap (the purest quality you can find), 100% cocoa butter, and 100% clove oil.

      Wash with the soap (including your hair–always wash your hair separately, not in the shower like normal because if they are in your hair you may be rinsing them onto your body), put the clove oil on the infested locations, and then take some chunks of 100% cocoa butter, melt it in your hands, and spread it wherever your skin needs moisture/soothing/healing.

      You can also take Allegra for the itch since the itchiness is an allergic reaction, but don’t think this will get rid of the problem. All it will do is help you deal, and eventually it won’t work. Eventually all of these remedies won’t work, which is why you have to rotate treatments and don’t give up when you think you are cured or making progress. The goal is to reduce their numbers to the point where they can’t reproduce, then eventually you will be free of the infestation. Most normal healthy adults have a few of these mites on them but they don’t end up getting out of hand. I don’t know why we are the lucky ones who are getting eaten alive, but I’d hate to see any of my friends or family members get this. At least I’m smart enough, tenacious enough and have enough money to throw at this right now that I can live a semi-normal life without going batshit crazy (like the first time I got this).

      Back to the regimine: Don’t reuse towels or bedding without washing, double rinsing, and drying at least 3 times on high heat, and I use bleach on those items. I don’t care if it doesn’t work. Bleach is caustic and I need all the help I can get. You can also try an enzymatic detergent like 7th Generation powder laundry detergent, but I have not needed to go to that length this time, although I did need it and used it the first time. I’m on the home stretch right now, which is why I’m putting these thoughts down for anyone in need.

      Do not reuse clothing without washing. Do not shrink your clothes on high heat. Wash with a double rinse and put in dryer on low heat (dry twice).

      Best of luck.

      1. I used tetmosol soap and Benzyl lotion and it works. You should wash you linen and clothes with this soap as well.

    2. Cheryl Houston

      deet, found in OFF kills em in five minutes

      1. Cheryl Houston

        Also Sawyer’s trigger spray yellow large bottle for mosquitos for camping. Use on bedding and furniture. Give it,2 hours before sitting on. Maybe apply on your way out of house.

  12. Louis Browne

    When people talk about getting rid of them using the immune system it’s amazing how nobody talks about sweating. Sweating ex-spells highly efficient antibiotics onto the skin to kill bacteria. And as someone who has crushed scabies now for 18 months It’s certainly is the most effect way of treating my self. Just remember to have a good show afterwards.
    To reduce the built up ares of skin (Crusted) I use salicylic acid mixed with Isopropinol (rubbing alcohol – so effect)

    1. I agree u have to fight the problem in side aswell as out they hate a alkalised body it is bitter google how to but starting by cutting out sugar and wheat( yeast ) drink lemon water first thing in the morning and through out the day and buy chlorophyll they HATE it and raw garlic too helps ( tastes yuck ) have a good chaser waiting for both but it works also if u can get a aloe plant use that on it

  13. This isn’t qualified advice but i had this problem problem years ago lasting about four months, Just by chance there was a specialist at my doctors, he gave me some ivermectin tablets,Just two I think they ant registered for use in the UK, they worked a treat but the problem is that they only use as a desperate measure so the mites don’t get immune from it,so they have a guaranteed cure for cases where the mites are immune to everything else so if you ask you probably won’t get it for that reason, worth trying though , but if that fails, heres some info on how to get Ivermectin, vets use it for horses, just make sure you get the one that has only ivermectin as an active ingredient the link to the web site is with the info worth a read to make up your own mind. http://lifewithoutscabies.com/how-to-get-rid-of-scabies-at-home-fast/

  14. See I am going through scabies since long I have visited the doctor 3times it works only when I take medicines after the course is completed it appears again. I have it in my penis and below them.. what should i do please help

  15. This cycle of itch drove me insane for months/ the itch cycle seemed unending but, I am now CURED..Even after the third permethrin treatment I couldn’t tell if it worked really as the itch continues for weeks and weeks. I was discussing the itch cycle with my sister and remembered my mom’s cure for itch when we had measles and German measles. The recipe was easy… Half witch hazel and half calamine lotion. I applied it generously all over my body after a cool shower..I put on leggings and a long sleeve T-shirt and left it on for 2-3 days over the weekend, you can pat fresh lotion on as much as you need with cotton wool. I even kept it on when I went out as there is minimal scent….Within days I was nearly itch free…Two weeks later I was in process of repairing my pock marked skin..Another challenge!!!!

  16. LEanNe dupreez

    I am from South Africa and am facing this same problem. Been suffering for over 2 months. Never knew why I was itching so damn much. Really felt like it was the end of the world. Tried all creams possible to stop the itch to no success and it just got worse and worse. Still suffering with itching especially at the back of my thighs under my butt area. Itching is crazy at night! My mom eventually said it must be scabies as her and my Boyfriend started itching too. I got a soap to wash with every morning and night called temoderm and a lotion to put on every evening after a hot shower for 7 days called Benzyl Benzoate. I was told to leave the lotion on over night and wash it off every morning with the soap given and after the 7 days to leave the lotion and continue using the soap for a week or two. I am really hoping it works as I am so damn tired of itching. The pharmacist said it is very effective and the most common remedy used here to cure the scabies so I am hoping she is correct. I noticed that it says here that one should take a cold shower or bath but I got told to make my shower or bath really hot and to then use the stuff given. I have a question, these mites hatch eggs under the skin? Will taking a hot bath or shower not open up the pores and kill the buggers more effectively with the soap or lotion than if one took a cold shower? I also used tea tree oil before finding out that I actually have scabies and it never worked for me. I see everyone has different opinions on here but is there any of you here that has actually been CURED and can advise me on what the BEST cream or ointment or home remedy is that one can use or put on their skin for the itching or that actually does kill the mites???? PLEASE HELP, this lotion I am using every night burns like hell as I scratch myself raw because the itch is that unbearable. I do not want to stop the treatment and then the itching or mites do not go away. How does one know when the mites are all gone?

    1. Emil Loffler

      Hi Leanne Dupreez, I also live in S.A. in Durban. I have been suffering from this since April 2016, the itchy burniness and crawling on the skin. Have been to a Dermoroligist etc. but he still cannot figure it out. I see my Doctor now who believes it is Scabies, which I think I got from an ex-girlfriend who spent 3 weeks with me in March 2016, because I have never had this before in my life. I have had two doses of Ivermectim (subscribed by my Doctor) and still no joy. After my latest visit he prescribed the Temoderm soap and my pharmacy prescribed the Benzyl Benzoate application, both of which I have started on today. So, if you want to make comparisons in the future how this treatment works I can give you my feedback. My email address is eloffton@gmail. So maybe comparing treatment efficiencies can really help? I’ve always that more heads together are better than one. Emil Loffler.

  17. I have a question for the Loren. What do you recommend what kind of soap/detergent for scabies? You listed many food groups to be avoided so what foods are edible?


  18. My first doctor said to me its eczema. I went to another doctor for second opinion showed my back of the hands says that is scabies. I bought the two prescriptions scabies cream and loratadine antihistamine. Never in my life used these two. I was five years old when I got this scabies, I remember my father used to treat my scabies only coconut oil. Now at my stage scabies visited me. I think I know what to do. I have this laban derived and rose hip essentials oil, I use it once and twice started two nights ago stopped me from itchy. I got just enough amount of oil lather on my hands massage it all over from tip of the fingers slowly gently for 10 minutes. I rinsed my hands with cold water. I did it twice same way. And st the last 1 minute I squeezed my one hand mildly tight and slowly released. Same on the other hand. No more itchy. And at the same time I avoid to eat stink food like Chicken, sea food, fish, tomatoes, egg, watermelon for a while till my scabies healed and my skin back to normal. I do my hand massages morning and evening. Hygiene still important. It helps me, I hope it will help you too. Be strong, font give up. If there is a will there is a way.

  19. No longer afraid of spiders

    If you can?t shake your Scabies try the following things:

    Take both invermectin (pill that only kills adults) and permethrin (cream that is a toxin to both adults and eggs) simultaneously. Antihistamine is just treating the allergy attack caused by the mite. I did 2 pills and 3 tubes of cream.

    If you have pets you have to isolate yourself from them completely. The Scabies are species specific so they don?t live on animals and lay eggs, but they do bite them and can survive for several days on them until they find a human host. I found that my cats were suffering from bites so much, and kept contaminating areas I had cleaned already.

    You must clean everything everyday. Especially after you?re done with your doses of prescriptions. Handheld steamers are wonderful for this type of situation. Steam your mattress, your car, your pillow, your jacket, and everything you came into contact with.

    If you are having any contact with other people, especially physical, chances are they have it and are not cleaning their environment everyday, so you could also reinfect yourself. Symptoms won?t show until 4 weeks after initial contact with a mite

    The dead mites will continue to grow out of your skin for a few weeks but if you feel the movement or creepy crawly sensation, you most likely still have it and should repeat process ASAP.

    I hope this helps

  20. rob in vancouver

    Having tried everything with only minor success, I was very surprised that Earthclinic’s Borax-Hydrogen Peroxide formula (from the famous “Ted from Thailand”) killed the mites in just hours! Yes, hours! I did not vacuum at all. I also modified Ted’s formula by adding MSM (mainly sulfur) and then later DMSO to the spray bottle. Also, I didn’t mix the Hydrogen Peroxide in the spray bottle, since my 3% Peroxide is already in a spray bottle; I overlaid the Peroxide spray after spraying with the Borax spray. So, now, I am in a post-mites “itch” situation which apparently can last weeks to months. There are a few eggs hatching, but killed quickly with Ted’s formula which I now apply topically in small areas. Ted’s Borax dries out the skin, which makes itch as well. To avoid scratching, I use an electronic pulse massager without the electrode pads — just bare metal on my skin, to numb the itch. The device is painful, but is better than scratchin, for me. When the post-mite itch is really bad, I use hot water and a loofa to scrub, then put on aloe vera gel on the skin. Tonight, I read that the burning-type of Niacin is also a scabies cure. so I took a 500mg Niacin, and my whole body became really itchy — bad idea, but someone posted that it was a quick sure-cure — I don’t know yet. Thanks, Ted in Thailand (earthclinic.org) for the amazing quick scabies cure. Ted also posted that DMSO is the only carrier that can go deep in the skin. Law of Appreciation applies here. Blessings, all, light and love. -Rob in Vancouver, Canada

  21. So I found out I had scabies three weeks ago, I was able to diagnose it myself the itching and red dots were unfamiliar than anything I?ve ever dealt with before. I don?t have health insurance so I didn?t know what to do. The first week was just super itchy, I tried all the home remedies from tea tree oil, neem oil, coconut oil, dettol soap, African black soap, and hydrogen peroxide 3% nothing seemed to work I finally was able to get permitherin with the help of a friend from a clinic. Going on to week two I applied the cream from neck down at night and showered in the morning I noticed the little red dots had turned into bumps which means the mites had died and the eggs. I was happy to see it worked but that didn?t stop the itching, it felt 10x worse after the usage of the medication because of the irritation and reaction to it but since I don?t have insurance I just washed my body with a super exfoliating body washes and a scrubbing glove to speed up the process of removing that dead layer of skin also got a back scratcher so I can sleep better at night and not be up trying to get rid of the unstoppable itch but this is what helped me after 3 weeks I have finally freed myself from the horrible scabies also make sure to constantly clean all your surroundings to prevent from reinfestation. Hope this helps.

  22. Dealing with scabies now and know what you are going through and all I have found to calm the itch is calamine lotion…….messy yet actually works…. use this with beastly and can at least get some sleep……also using tea tree oil…….and gonna try silver medicated ointment and silver soap…..says cures in 24 hours by drying out the skin so moisturize……….hydrocortisone spray and beastly spray also work for itching….believe me I have tried everthing

    Know what you are going through…………….

  23. Hi, Ireland here. I’m 17 years olds I have excema all my life and have suffered with sac jes twice. The first time I got scabies I was medically treated and my whole family was diagnosed, now for the second time I’ve gotten medicated cream from my doctors and has made me so itchy and has not spread to anyone else in my house or my partner so I kept the cream on and was infuriated with pain and my skin felt like on fire so I used calamine lotion which has hugely stopped the itch but it still a bit small from open sores from excema.

  24. OMG MY FRIENDS !!!! I HAVE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL !!! ITs called CALADRYL CLEAR GEL !!!! NO ITCHING DRUES THE BUGGARS UP COMPLETELY !!!! NO ITCHING !!!!! ITS A MUST IN YOUR ARSENAL !! I’ve finally gotten 3 nights sleep in a row ! It’s stopped me itching my hands off and it’s finally clearing up ! do yourselves a favor and buy some available in all drugstores ! I wash with sulphur soap let it dry rinse it off and cover my rash and I’ve not been itchy at all ! JUST DONT PICK at your sores it kind of becomes a habit and I’m clearing up !!! Good Luck !! Hope this helps !

    What the doctors would not tell you or don’t know.
    Two of my Adult children are pharmacists.
    1) H1 RECEPTOR BLOCKER Antihistamine Fexo 180 or 120 if 180 is not available.
    LENAMET 400 mg Tablet.
    Prednisone 10 mg.
    Take all three at once at 16.00 hrs as it takes 3 to 4 hours to peak.
    Take a hot shower in the morning, dry thoroughly.
    Rub the entire body with coconut oil.

  26. https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-disinfect-your-whole-home-with-tea-tree-oil-238685

    I’ve been using the disinfectant spray recipe here to spray down my bed every morning, which saves on washing. I do wash my sleep wear every day though (which covers most of my body). Also by using a mixture of ground cloves and cheyanne pepper with tea tree, peppermint, and black castor oil mix applied to body after shower at night I’ve been dealing with scabies pretty well and things seem to be clearing up. Hope this helps.

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