How to Avoid Losing Sleep From Scabies

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Sleepless nights can be one of the worst symptoms of Scabies

If having Scabies isn’t already stressful enough – then add on weeks of ruined sleep schedules.

With such a ridiculous amount of missed Zzz’s you’ll likely be in a huge pit of despair. I know the feeling very well.

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How to prevent losing sleep from Scabies

While it isn’t possible to entirely get rid of the itch associated with the mites, there are some things you can do.

These solutions include being very proactive about reducing your bodies allergic reaction which causes the itch, as well as keeping your skin cool and healthy.

Learn about methods for counteracting the itch

In my post 10 Anti-Itch Remedies For Scabies?I’ve laid out a thorough list of effective ways to soothe your skin and reduce internal reactions involving your bodies histamine response (which is what leads you to feel itchy).

If you follow all of those tips there is a good chance you’ll be able to diminish some of the intensity of your itch and sleep scratch free through the night.

But this isn’t always the case – a lot of people have very strong reactions to scabies mites, and need?additionally help if they don’t want to go mad from sleep deprivation.

Invest in a healthy sleep aid

I stand by the benefits of melatonin and magnesium for sleep, and a great natural sleep aid by Prime Choices has a good dosage of both, as well as some other sleep promoters like valarian root, Vitamin B6 & Chamomile

Find Prime Choices Nutrition – Deeper Sleep on Amazon.


I hope this post helped you find ways to get a good sleep during your infestation. Though it isn’t the most important thing in dealing with scabies (having the right treatment regimen is) having good rest gives you some peace of mind that is so easily lost while you are fighting these horrendous mites.


10 thoughts on “How to Avoid Losing Sleep From Scabies”

  1. cassandra

    I wanted to say thank you for this, it’s very well done; I only wish I’d found it in the beginning of my Scabies trial. How cruel it is that the medical community does such a poor job at educating patients and that a Permethrin prescription is so expensive. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Can you please tell me what we can do me and my boys the itching is driving us crazy and can’t sleep

  3. All your info is excellent. I’ve been going on a year and a half Studying all I could. Permethrindiligetly, was a warm running sower was crucial. And *just* when I thought I cleared them all (I ha them on body, face, arms, and, get this, even up around my female parts! I was like, damn! But I just keep re-treating w/ Permethrin and it keeps the infestation at bay, but there seems to ALWAYS be one that gets away and reproduces. But this time, they got into my hair (long hair!) and it hurt SO bad, the swelling around the hair follicles! WOW! I had to have the Dr SHAVE big sections down to the skin in order to get the permethrin directly on scalp.

    I suggest buying the big 10% permethrin SPRAY BOTTLES you can find on ebay and elsewhere-like your local feed or tack shop, and spray down your entire mattress (of course put only clean super-dried sheets back on). It just goes on and on and on. Most doctors are just so clueless-get a referral to a dermatologist if you have med aid. Thanks for such a good site on this incredibly challenging thing I’ve battled going on 2 years now!

  4. My friend who had a stroke, is paralyzed on her right side and was diagnosed w/scabies by a dermatologist (after a brief hospital stay where she may have contracted scabies). Her daughter is appalled at the diagnosis and doesn’t want anyone to know. Since she did tell me, I looked up this website and think her friends should know. Many of her friends attended her birthday celebration a day before she was diagnosed. Some feedback, please.

  5. miCHelle

    One word. Ambien. It’s the only thing that works. Yes it’s a hardcore drug but compare that to the side effects of not being able to sleep at all and you will find that it’s a pretty good deal

    1. I’m taking it too and I also take Ativan. I’ve had scabies for 52 days and have tried everything to get rid of them from Permitherin cream, apple cider vinegar in my bath water plus adding bleach to my baths too. There’s a flea and tick shampoo for dogs that I found has 10% permitherin cream unit. I’ve been to 3 hospital ER’s and have just about lost my mind….#NeverGiveUp! I’ll keep fighting this until their gone. I’m a very strong woman but this has just about killed me….Rene

    2. Temazepam… (generic Restoril). Your Dr. should be understanding enough to prescribe something ‘short-term’ while you get through this nightmare. Sleep deprivation is dangerous and has serious side effects on the mind and body. I hope you find relief.

  6. Nabielah

    Hi can peolpe please help us of scabies may whole fam got please am from south africa boland

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