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How to use Permethrin Cream

Natural Remedies for Scabies

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  1. Does, anyone still use this website? I havent seen a post since 2017. im wondering because im sufferring from scabies to the point of suicidal thoughts. i have an autoimmune disease and lack the energy, mental clarity, and definitley the funds to clear this thing that has plagued me for almost 3 months now. Im basically at my wits end. please answer if you have any advice.

    1. If your town or county has a Dept of Health,call them to get the location of a Planned Parenthood clinic.They treat STDs,which this is what it is considered(ridiculous),you can get these a thousand different ways.Even if your at the end of your funds,they will probably treat you,they are more used to seeing this than most PCPs. If your dryer is not hot enough,turn up your hot water tank,use borax and ammonia,with soap.I wear rubber gloves all day and spray them with alchohol frequently.I have found that using half water and half apple cider vinegar on my head stops the itch.I’ve read that it can actually kill them,I take that with a grain of salt.I used Vicks Vapo Rub on the rashes,my hairline,especially my back,anywhere I am rashy or itching.Under my nails,the creases below my butt cheeks,it does feel like hell when you put it on,but it is some relief.I use a fork to scratch myself and then spray it down with alchohol,and put it aside on a napkin.when you wear the gloves,you are not using your nails and spreading it,and not ripping at your skin,and getting infection.If you have cats,get earmite med right away,and use it religiosly,they can carry these,and suffer.These drs. are so ignorant,and just simply don’t care. I wish they had this just once.Last time I had this it was 4 months and 7 treatments,and I was at a hospital,suicidal.The Permethrin does not work for many people,and they don’t believe it. I now have this for the third time,either from my chiro’s office,or my gynecologists.Went to both same week,and am now dealing with this.Get yourself some generic Benadryl and give yourself a break from the anguish,because this can work on you mentally,been there.Last time I had this,I went to a local hospital,and the idiot ER Doc told me I had bedbug bites.That’s how much they know.I really feel this is an epidemic they are perpetuating,because of their ignorance(diagnosing Psorisis or Eczema).Keep going to ERs or clinics until someone treats you accordingly,because you deserve to be treated,until it’s gone,and deserve quality of life. If you cannot get help soon,I don’t know if you have a Tractor Supply,or animal feed store near you,but you can buy Permethrin there and cut it by half(1/2 perm and 1/2 body lotion) and use that.Just make sure you get the brand that does not have Petrolium Distillates in it.If not,ask if they will order it for you,costs about $20.00.Good Luck to you,we deserve to be as happy as everyone else,and have our lives back.

    2. I’ve had scabies for almost a year now , I thought they were red bugs and I’ve heard they are the same thing . I was bounced from GP to dermatologist who told me I was allergic to pine trees !!! HA !HA ! my dr. Gave me ivermectin 3mcg which is NIT even close to the recommended dosage ,15 mcg’s prer 20 lbs !!! What a joke ! Listen to this websites advise and you will be cured ! This guy knows his stuff ! he’s done the research and if you follow his directions YOU WILL BE CURED !! I’m going out of my mind rite now because my Dr. Just gave me enough ivermectin to piss the little Buggers off ! You will have a kind of rebound effect they don’t like or want to be killed that’s why you have to fight them from inside and out !!! Benadryl for the itch and Vicks vapor rub works great till you get all your ivermectin,pyrethrine and home and clothes taken care of !!!! HANG IN THERE YOU CAN WIN THIS BATTLE !!!!

    3. I am in the same boat. I have an autoimmune condition and I think that makes us prime targets. I have overcome this several times before and I became susceptible and autoimmune while being exposed multiple times for 18 months working to help families in a refuge escaping bad living conditions. If you are exhausted then let yourself rest, you will pick up the protocol again. The way through it is to just keep doing the protocols, insist that you doctor continues to prescribe stromectol and don’t take any notice if the pharmacists are condescending. The biggest mistake I have made is when I realise I am infested I forget to treat my scalp. We who have autoimmune issues need to be treated like the elderly and babies, from scalp to feet. I have given up trying to track where it came from, it is just my immune system has no defence and yet I have never caught covid. I also have been using the horse paste to keep the chemical in my system. The key is constant containment of contaminated items and quarantine what you can’t deal with. Do the things your future self will be thankful for. it will end eventually. I have one of those mops with the canister for cleaning fluid. I keep that full of metho and I mop myself into the shower so the floors are clean after showering. I’m suss on the vacuum cleaner as I don’t know if mites escape but I have also reinfected myself when emptying it. Make sure you tape up the vent hole in the hose.

  2. Kathleen

    Not sure if this is to be expected but 2 days ago I applied the Permethrin and took the Ivermectin. Today my symptoms are WORSE than ever!!! Itching has super increased and it almost looks like I have MORE bites!!! Why?!! Is this normal?

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