How to Buy Over the Counter Permethrin Cream Online

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Update: You can purchase permethrin cream here.

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How to Buy 5% Permethrin Cream Online (OTC) for Scabies

TL;DR: Purchase permethrin cream here.

I’ll be blunt here. Scabies can make people miserable. You are going through some tough times.

I know this because I’ve been there.

I’ve been up all night anxiously itching and worrying about bugs.

Afraid to touch others and completely preoccupied with the infection.

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I never want to be stuck like that again.

If you’re like most scabies sufferers you want to find scabies treatments over the counter.

Even though 5% permethrin cream for scabies can be bought it Walmart and Walgreens, it needs to be prescribed by a doctor.

This can frustrating because getting a prescription can be elusive.

The majority of health practitioners simply do not understand the infestation we are dealing with and end up reluctant to diagnose the condition for what it is.

Because of this:

  • Doctors sometimes refuse to prescribe the correct treatment, even when it is needed
  • Doctors refuse to prescribe the right amount of treatment. This happens a lot with larger families.

This leaves you wondering where can I buy permethrin cream if I don’t have a doctors note?

In this post, we cover how to get your permethrin cream over the counter, without a doctor.

where can I buy 5% permethrin cream for scabies

Okay, so where to purchase 5% permethrin cream online?

Update 5/10/2018

Lately, vendors for OTC permethrin cream have been hard to come by.

Right now you can buy it here on eBay.

If you’re in the USA prepare to wait a week for your shipment. You can always expedite shipping. The good thing about eBay is the permethrin cream is its relatively inexpensive price. You’d be paying a lot more for it elsewhere.

*UPDATE*1/2/18 right now you can also find 5% permethrin cream here on Amazon, but note: these listings tend to not last long. Also, note that the cream on Amazon ships from Sri Lanka so it will take a few weeks to get there. The eBay option will arrive sooner, so I recommend it above the Amazon option.

Amazon vendors have started to carry the same 5% Permethrin cream that the doctors prescribe. Because of this, there is no need to go to trudge to the doctor’s office and pay co-pay bills.

No prescription is necessary. You don’t even have to leave your house.

This is especially helpful for those who:

  • Have a doctor who refuses to believe that you have scabies.
  • Don’t have health insurance to pay the higher costs.
  • Are interested in avoiding the hassle at the doctor’s office.

Take a deep breath, your misery will soon be over.

Remember you can always buy Permethrin spray on Amazon to clean surfaces and liquid permethrin to mix your own cream with. I recommend you use the spray to clean any surfaces that infested people have come in contact with.

You can also buy the raw ingredients to make your own permethrin cream (you’ll find that information below).

Making Your Own 5% Permethrin Cream for Scabies

Recently, a video was uploaded to YouTube that guides you on how to make your own 5% lotion.

In the video, you find out how to mix your own ingredients and make permethrin cream otc yourself. It won’t be just like the pre-made cream (it can often turn out a bit runny), but it should be enough to help cure you!

Making your own Permethrin is best if you have a large family to treat and want to be sure you know exactly what ingredients have gone into your treatment.

If you are treating multiple people it will cost more than $2 like what is said in the video, but overall it could be cheaper to make it yourself. Just follow the guide make sure you get the portions correct.

I would add the video to this post, but the person who made the video has disabled embedding. So here is the direct link to Youtube. Nevermind, the video has recently been set to private. Hopefefully that changes.

Here is how to mix the permethrin mixture on your own:

To make our own lotion we’ll be mixing 10% multipurpose Permethrin cream with a lotion.

So we want 5% permethrin lotion, just like the prescription.

Now to get the correct mixture we just follow these ratios:

(so, equal parts.)

This effectively dilutes the permethrin to 5% while adding lotion, which makes it easily applicable.


Once you have the medication it is really important that you know how to use it correctly.

For example, you MUST take the necessary precautions to keep the bugs out of your environment so you don’t get reinfested again right after treatment.

The steps to cure yourself with permethrin cream are pretty basic, but the precautions can be easily overlooked.

Basic tips are:

  • Cover your ENTIRE body with the cream. Leave no area untreated. You never know where the bugs are, they could easily be in places that you miss (think webs of toes, under feet, any crevices…)
  • Let the Permethrin stay on your skin between 8-14 hours. This is the most effective time, if you wash it off too soon it might not kill all of the mites.
  • Makes sure to clean your environment thoroughly. This means changing clothes/sheets after every use and disinfecting often
  • Really consider complementing your permethrin treatment with simultaneous doses of Ivermectin.

You can find more information like this in the post How to get rid of Scabies at Home Fast).

And here is a short video I made about the use of Permethrin cream:

How to use the Cream

That’s it for this post on buying permethrin otc. If you need additional advice, be sure to check out the rest of the blog.

May you all be cured and heal quickly!

Best of luck.

More Thoughts on doctors

I’ve found one of the biggest issues scabies sufferers encounter is grossly uninformed doctors. Many of them don’t diagnose or treat scabies properly.

With some doctors, no matter how much we tell them about our pain and suffering is due to scabies, they will just brush it off as eczema or allergies.

Or if they do believe us – and we get the medication initially – some of us are still unable to clear the infestation in our first try; especially when we don’t take the necessary precautions.

After one round of treatment, your doctor might just assume you are cured and will not budge on the matter. It’s sad to hear cases of doctors refusing to believe that a patient is still infested when they are giving constant pleas for help.

The doctors just don’t get it. They haven’t been through what you’ve been through. They can’t see that it’s not always that easy to kill these mites.

This not only bad for us but for the epidemic of scabies in general – more days of infestation mean more potential to spread the condition. This only creates more misery for ourselves and other people. Knowing I spread scabies to my friends and family was one of the worst feelings ever.

Up until recently, it was hard to buy Permethrin Cream online. You’d have to deal with some shady e-commerce website and you didn’t know for sure if you’d get real treatment.

But thankfully, it’s now easier to find permethrin cream over the counter for your scabies treatment.

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96 thoughts on “How to Buy Over the Counter Permethrin Cream Online”

      1. hey is peopleshealthmart real?….is it a legitimate place to buy the cream or is it a scam?

        1. Hi Eddie. I can confirm they are a legitimate seller who will ship out the Nix brand of 5% permethrin cream (specific for scabies).

      2. My poor mother had encrusted scabies. It had not been diagnosed so it just got worse and worse. We aren’t sure where it came from originally. My poor dad was so frustrated, taking her from one doctor to another, including dermatologists. In September the skin biopsies didn’t catch it. In October she was hospitalized with a staph infection. In December my dad was desperate and took her to the hospital ER again. Still not diagnosed, but this time severe anemia. My dad fell ill after she was admitted and he was admitted himself. Then she was released, and he died! Since then I’ve been caring for my mother. Originally I think they thought she might have bedbugs, or mites, but still she wasn’t treated. It didn’t take long to determine that whatever it was, it was contagious, because I got it, and both my grandbabies got it. Once THEY were diagnosed I was able to get HER diagnosed. She has had two treatments with the ivermectin. I’ve had 2 treatments of the premethrin cream, and one dose of the ivermectin pills, to follow up with another dose of ivermectin next week.
        Before prescription, I had bought the RID lice shampoe and the spray. I also washed daily with dog flea and tick shampoe, same incredients.

    1. Louis J. Browne

      Be SURE you don’t have rusted scabies!!
      Forget the misleading images you seem online and test using Salicylic Acid.
      Be careful it’s strong and with you used to much will make you sick.

      A professor the head chairman of the national board of scabies, told me, that scabies does not go to the face…
      Can you imagine how many lives his piss poor hand me down knowledge has affected, the amount off suffering and suicides he’s responsible for.
      So I firstly blame the educated why currently they are diagnosis base on only small selection of symptoms. An informed doctor would quantify all the factors that can and do effect the skin and would know the only way to be sure is a skin test. But as hundred of forums post will verify it’s clear to see it’s near impossibility to get a dermatologist to do a skin test.

      If permethem has no to little effect on you and anything else for that matter. it’s highly likely you have crusted scabies.
      Solution: Salicylic Acid (mix)

      You need to understand the images online of crusted scabbies are of the worst case scenarios, people with no immune system. Docters and gp’s are educated from the same material and don’t know this, you’ll need to demo your self using Salicylic Acid or they won’t believe you. Make sure they update your records with this new proof of infestation..
      Crusted scabies mostly hardens the skin so there eggs/bumps are not irritated and drop out.
      What your looking for is dry patches of skin and, and areas where the skin feel slightly harder or stiffer then normal plus darker pores .
      all the GP’s I spoke to have never (knowingly) had an crusted scabies patient!! But are familiar with the images online… And there in lies your problem. Your not likely to looks even close to as bad, so the people in the images so you’ll have do a demo in front of them.

      Remedy/Cure : Salicylic Acid

      I mix it with sulfur, veg oil, and small mount of isopropanol. The acid just destroys their home, though the larger ones will pop out easily so good idea to have a petri dish so you can proved to those doctors how really good they are.

      1. Will a sulfur and Salicylic Acid bar soap work?

        1. Sulfur and Salicylic acid soaps will not work to create a cure.

      2. Cherri Lucas

        Louis J. Browne, props! U know more about scabies & treatment than anyone else I’ve came across! U r absolutely & completely right! People r clueless & helpless. It’s so hard & sad! I’ve learned a lot throughout this whole thing & I’m still learning! The doctors r worthless with this problem! I want to recommend trying to find out more about adding the synergist DEM to permethrin. I read this article about it. It sounds good, but idk yet. This is a truly terrible, torturous epidemic & Dr’s need to get it together! Shame on them! If it starts to torture them they’ll figure this out! God help all those who suffer from this affliction! May ur healing come swiftly!!po=62.0968

      3. Cherri Lucas

        Also Louis J Browne, what recipe do u follow for mixing the Salicylic acid with the other stuff? I’m clueless. I’ve not tried the stronger salicylic acids yet. Only the 2% which did nothing. I physically bust open any hardened places & rub the crap outta them with various poisons until I get everything I can out. Takes forever! Help please! I am better, but I’m exhausted & want this over more than words can say. I was n a place where it was so bad, I just didn’t wanna live anymore. God has had to help me every moment or I couldn’t have made it thru this! I’ve found that I have to switch treatments every time, everyday. I do twice a day various topical & oral treatments. It’s been a long HARD road! Hard! Fr! Anyway, if u could tell me how u make it, that’d b great! Thank u, & again, props!

      4. Where can u get salicylic acid to mix. I found that it comes in acne medication,etc. in small amounts. But that is or isn’t what u want?

        1. Diane Murphy

          Where do you get this salicylic acid??

  1. alicia duffus

    I was diagnosed with scabies a few wks before Christmas was given permethrin cream to eradicate it it cleared up the first time then it reappeared a few wks later so I re-applied the cream again and now its bk again I have looked up about scabies on the internet and it says that it takes 4-6 wks to appear well after getting rid of it for the second time it came bk but the spots appeared almost straight away im going bk to the doctors to find out whether I was misdiagnosed because I have done all the right things appling the cream getting rid of my sofa washing all bedding and clothing on a very hot wash and tumble drying it after to be sure and it still keeps reappearing im am also experiencing a terrible headach as well as my hair starting to fall out if you have any advise I would be truly grateful to hear it because this is really starting to get me down now many thanks Alicia

    1. JosePH Argenio

      The itching can last a long time, it does not mean you have the mites.
      Use plain old moisturizing lotion and give it time.
      Permethrin is a toxic chemical, you want to minimize its use.

      1. The human body metabolizes small amounts of permethrin well enough. Regardless, you’re right that you want to minimize its use. This means taking extra care to avoid reinfestation while you are treating yourself with permethrin / ivermectin.

      2. My son moved into a house. We have a Cockatoo. The bird food was drawing in the mice. The mice were covered with mites. My some slept on his sofa. When he moved,he took apart his sofa and there were millions of mites inside of the sofa. Their coming in on the Mice! I have the bird a bath. Held him and they attacked me. Emergency room did nothing. 3 Derm apointments. Same as told I was Crazy!. It was almost gone. Then I opened a bag I had sealed clothing in. Big Mistake! I laid down in baths with seven in them. Covered myself with vasoline. Laid in salt water. Bought 50 bottles of Rid. Worthless! Not sure what to do?

    2. Kiersten


  2. Clinic I went gave me benzyl benzoate for my scabies, he told me apply once, but I apply on myself for two months . Then my scabies is gone. So I don’t understand why instruction on permethrin is apply only once cause this scabies is very stubborn and won’t die so easily .

  3. AMAZOn goddess

    the direct link you provided for the youtube video takes you to a video that is private. therefore we cant see it. can you possibly provide the instructions or measurements (amt of permethrin to amt of lotion/cream) please?
    thank you for all your valuable info on this site 🙂

  4. KATELYNN Vazquez

    Hi I am trying to make the permethrin cream to cure myself but I cant seem to view the video. Each time I click the link it says video is private. Can you please give me the exact measurements to make the permethrin cream?

    1. I got the Martin’s Indoor Outdoor 10% Permethrin and mixed it in a cheap plastic measuring cup from Walmart 4oz with 4oz of some ordinary lotion. I didn’t bother my skin at all and the relief was immediate. I put it in a 9oz glass jar with a clamp and gasket they also sold in the kitchen section of Walmart. I used a disposable plastic spoon to stir it and then clamped and shook the jar for two minutes to thoroughly mix it. Most of the Permethrin I actually used up in a spray bottle, 1 part to 16 parts water used to spray down my carpet, furniture, mattress after throwing away the mattress pad, hot washing everything in my closet, sheets, towels. Do know that you have to shake the Martin’s Permethrin thoroughly before dispensing out. The Permethrin easily comes out of solution and formed what looked like a lump of chalk in the bottom when it arrived from the distributor. If you don’t shake it up and redissolve it, the % will not be 5% when you make your creme. I re applied the creme a week later, I just hope there aren’t a few stragglers that come back, but it did work wonders.

  5. I have the 10% liquid. How do I mix it for a spray and how do I mix it for a cream for body treatment?

    1. You mix the 10% liquid half and half with a generic body cream. For a spray I do not have a DIY formula.

      1. I put it in a one gallon jug. Add 2 oz. Put it in spray bottle and spray my bed. Every morning I strip it and put 2 cups in the wash machine. Each bottle makes 33 gallons. It smells like gasoline. I start the wash and open the lid and let it soak for about 6 hours. That gets them out of your clothing. I have mites. They are like scabies . Get under the skin. The spots are Nests. The queen is neon red. I just touch each spot with liquid seven. Let it dry. I buy 1 gallon jugs of cocunut butter from big lots for about 12.95. Rub it all over you . Rub. They will start coming out. Then shower. Dry and give yourself an alcohol rub down. It does back off the scabies.

  6. Clove oil works too. Keep applying and yes eBay has lots of the mix cream 5%

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yeah lots of options on eBay… Some will ship far quicker than others though!

        1. Insane!!!

          Any feed and seed store should have it

        2. Buy the Duvert horse dewormer Ivermectin 1.86 at any feedstore or amazon. Just make sure its the ilvermectin single ingredient. Dont buy the combination stuff.
          Yes you as a human can eat it, its the same exact ingredient as meds. The syringe will guide you with how much to take according to your body weight. I bought the apple flavor…it doesnt taste like apple…trust me…more like a blob of vaseline. But, i am desperate to get rid of these nasty little a%$holes.
          I lve done the self mixing of permethrin and got it down to a spray consistency. Mixed it with tea tree oil and some lotion. Also bought scabisil and that stuff is harsh…made me break out worse, burned and i smelled like a rotten egg.
          I took my first ivermectin dose last night. I can tell you, this morning…big difference already. My skin has calmed down…no new bumps and less itching. Of course i do my daily “throw everything i touch in the dryer on hot for 60 minutes”.
          Hoping this will help someone…because my doctor as well misdiagnosed my scabies as “chiggers”.
          I am a clean freak, almost ocd like.
          So this mite…is my greatest fear and terror.

  7. There are a couple of posts here asking how to make this cream with the 10% liquid, but they have not been answered. This would be really useful. How do you make the cream using lotion and this 10% liquid (which normally would be diluted with water). Saying equal parts doesn’t give enough information since it’s a liquid being mixed with a cream. (And does the liquid need to be diluted with water.)
    Please, please, we need an answer.

    1. I think the simplest way is to mix equal parts 10% permethrin with lotion. This makes a 10% concentration turn into 5% (since half of the product is now cream, not permethrin). Use a thicker lotion like gold bond.

      1. But the permithrin is concetrate! One bottle makes 33 gallons.

    2. If you want 10 oz of cream then zero out a bowl on a food scale and add 5 oz cream. Next add 5 oz of the 10% permethrin. Mix and use a airplane bottle to apply and save unused salve.

      If you buy 45% permethrin for horses, (I bought some at Tractor And Supply) then you need to do a little algebra to come up with a recipe. The advantage to this method is it will not be as runny.

  8. Elaine Ayers

    Love your advice. Very informative and helpful. Your calculations to mix the pemethrin 10 are very flawed. The concentration you are recommending is 50%, not 5%. The correct mixture to make the 5% cream would be 13 drops (1/8 standard measuring teaspoon) to 1/2 cup of lotion.
    The liquid permethrin 10 is concentrated, and is 10% of the liquid it comes in. To make a 10% permethrin solution to spray livestock areas, the ratio is; 1 part permethrin 10, to 99 parts of water. For 5%, it is 1 part permethrin 10, to 199 parts of water. Please feel free to contact me for further information on reducing this ratio to the small quantity required for this treatment.

    1. The bottle of 10% permethrin contains 10% permethrin and 90% liquid, probably water. When you dilute according to the instructions on the bottle in order to spray on infested areas the concentration is much below 10%.

    2. Holland Kimi

      No, your calculations are flawed. You may need to rethink your math skills, you may need a quick refresher course.

    3. I’ve wondered the correct compound on it also. It’s a w/w or w/v compound of cream or lotion – so I wondered if the 10% concentrate cut by half was correct.

      I do know ppl should only buy the Permethrin with *NO* Petroleum Distillates.

      The correct Martins 10% says on the label: Permethrin 10% & 90% Inert Ingredients.

      As the host here notes – its true the skin absorbs little & renders it inert fairly quickly. It does supposedly retain a slight residual scabicide action for a few days.

      I had it once & then suddenly 7mths later it popped up again!

      Makes you wonder if theres friends or family that are carriers & are re-infesting you. (But heck you can get it from prolonged contact with contaminated material – I read it only takes a mite about 30mins to penetrate – so for all I know it was a movie seat!)

      Regardless I was desperate & cut it 50/50 with lotion & just did it!

      I did it twice over.

      Experimented with several lotions before I made the final 50/50 (cetaphil, nivea, j&j baby) bc I hate super greasy stuff on my skin & I can honestly say the best I found that didn’t get super slick & seemed to “absorb” nicer was the plain ol’ simple J&J Baby Lotion.

      Will never look the same at any person or child with this issue – bless their hearts! Heck – even a poor lil’ itchy dog or cat with a mangy itch mite!!

      Every Doctor before being allowed to graduate should *have* to go through it so they’d know what torture it is!!

      1. Their coming in on the Mice. Put down lots of traps! They were coming after the bird food!

    4. Hello. Need help this itching won?t go away

  9. This post is amazing my mother has been going crazy no one believes her they say the wrinkles are your aging, etc. Does anyone know of a place to buy online that ships from the US? She had 2 tubes but the doctor’s just dismiss here now; obviously, I need this for her asap. Also, did anyone actually see these bugs or have “clusters” in the eyes or nose area? Did you see them move at night? Or see them on the furniture crawling out? I know this is weird but that is happening to her too & I’m not sure if its just because she is freaking out or if ashe is actually seeing them, I don’t see them. Appreciate any help here.

    1. I suggest requesting a refill from your pharmacy. Even with no refills the pharmacy will contact the Doctor. The Doctor may contact you to see why you need more salve or they may just prescribe another tube.

    2. aspen, yesihave seen the scabies on my skin especially when applying the permethian lotian i have made up for myself.i also have experianced the arrogent drs.who dont know how to listen muchless care about my suffering.ive been infected since mid november its mid or late feb now and after multiple tretments of permetherin my infestation has only worsend,the little buggers have found safe haven in my ears and nose.i am quite obsessed with riding my body and enviornment of thiese obnoxious parisites .i am unfortunately finding it impossible to convince my dear mother that this infestation is a reality ,even after producing a fully developed scabie in a mason jar for her to inspect she refuses to acknowelage our shared delema as i have been ridiculed by her and other family members as a looney obsessive .altho i have been advised that scabies do not inhabit the facial area i have had two briefly inside of my eyeball on diferent occasions and have had a constant agrivation for going on twoweeks of scabies exiting my nose and ears.the full grown specimine i gave my mom to inspect being one that fell out of my right nostril as i stood over the sink as i prepaired to bathe.please believe what she is telling you.its hard enough to bear this delema its horrible to have to convince those you would want to protect when they wont believe what i say.dont trust the drs.arrogant bastards

      1. Carly A Hanson

        Are you sure it is scabies and not bedbugs? Just a thought. I haven’t gotten very far in my research but I was under the impression that scabies are not visible to the naked eye…being that they are a mite with the ability to burrow into/under skin. Bedbugs on the other hand are visible to the naked eye and will in fact travel on the human body occasionally falling off and being noticed.

      2. OMG….This sounds exactly like my situation! Funny how you will go so far as to actually show a loved one one of these things in an attempt to justify your actions as well as to protect them from this nightmare, and they shrug it off like it’s no big deal, or you’re just being paranoid! Ive been dealing with this shit for over a year now, and I’m here to tell you this shit ain’t no joke!! There isn’t a single place on the body these things won’t get! I have also had them in my eyes, nose, mouth, ears, gums, you name it! Anybody that tells you any different, dont know what the fuck they’re talking about! Know that!!! My heart and prayers go out to anyone dealing with this nightmare!

        1. They also go deep in your ears….up your nose. Crawl into your private areas. You will be constapated (drink pickle juice) crave sweets. They crawl up inside of you. Use hemeroid ointment to keep them away.

        2. Kiersten

          I hear and feel you!!! And the idiots that don’t believe including friends, family, husband and doctors cuz they can’t see them are fn morons and deserve to suffer this themselves!!!!! Unbelievable!!! I went through the same shit with a toxic mold problem in my apartment and these fn mites are just about as bad and life destroying!!! I didn’t have scabies but I had a mite infestation from bringing in a sick homeless cat with mange(mites) that a dumb-ass vet didn’t diagnosis and sent the cat back home to me and my 4 cats and since I couldn’t see them and couldn’t figure out wtf was going on the population exploded so I felt them crawling on me non-stop,all in everything I owned, clothes, bedding and my 4 cats!!!! You think it’s rough ridding yourself of these little refuse to die fuckers try ridding yourself and 4 cats plus the entire environment and all my clothes!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband walked out on me and I lost my best friend of 15 years and ended up overdoing it and FN poisoned my favorite cat!!!! He got better thank God!! Absolute ultimate nightmare!!!!! I’m still somewhat suffering cuz I’m so sensitive from mold exposure that I’m reacting severely to mites dead or alive and cuz of the inflammation the mites caused in my body it kicked off allergic reactions to a whole bunch of shit so now I’m not sure wtf is giving me the awful crawling feeling!! Now polyester is and so is my cats fur!!! Also I bought the permethrin 5% off eBay from someone in India and I’m not sure it’s really it!!! It has a very strong perfumey smell!! Could someone please explain as many characteristics of the permethrin lotion please??!!! my email is [email protected]

    3. Their mites! They act like scabies. Suck blood. Burrow into the skin. I bought toilet papper with mites in it. I bought new washcloths .They had mites in them.

  10. Thank-you SOOOOO much. My daughter has scabies and the doctors won’t do anything to help her!!! They said it needs to be confirmed by a dermatologist but they can’t get her an appointment for 3 weeks!!!! How can they leave someone like that?!?! You saved her with the information on this website. THANK-YOU. We are in Canada and found out that we can buy without a prescription at our local drug store.

    1. Glenn Bradshaw

      You know this is ridiculous… start scratching out of nowhere and then find a load of lumps on your skin…. progresses nightly too larger areas of your body.
      .. do some research I’m straight away realize scabies lesions…. go to doctor and he laughs at me… maybe more of a smirk
      …. prescribes topical corticosteroids and allows the scabies to breed for another two weeks..

  11. Between treatments, what are your thoughts on spot treating?

      1. No promises it would make the difference though. Being vigilant about full treatments and cleaning to avoid reinfestation is your best bet.

  12. Thanks for this site – I am not selling a thing, only trying to enlighten and hoping to find someone else that has had a problem with WIGS and scabies. . . WIGS manufactured by Aderans Hair Products ? Hair Club For Men ?
    LUX HAIR NOW WIGS for Sherrie Shepherd or any other of Aderans products purchased from QVC or elsewhere!

    Perhaps I can jog someone?s memory that thinks they got their scabies somewhere else, thinking that they couldn?t have gotten them from THIS on-line shopping channel and/or these products!

    In my opinion, I damn sure did!
    The entire story is here. . .

    I surely can not be an isolated case!

    Scabies Suck! Anyone else out there having this same issue?

    Thanks for your time! FM

  13. Most, if not all, of the advice is good. I was able to find everything at Wal-Mart and Tractor And Supply for making 5% permethrin cream. I bought 45% permethrin at Tractor and supply that is for horses. I bought skin cream at Wal-Mart. I also bought a travel bottle to apply and save unused salve at Wal-Mart. The only difference from using this and 10% permethrin is the result is not as runny because of the difference in quantity of liquid in the recipe.

  14. Can you mix the permethrin with an oil (olive oil and/or coconut oil) instead of lotion?

      1. Thank you for your time and effort to establish this site. Also, I appreciate the helpful comments given by you and others who are/have experienced this problem.

  15. John Latham

    The Spregal spray is great but unavailable in USA. It can’t be air shipped because it is an aerosol can. I suffered for 18 months with this underdiagnosed and poorly treated condition. US doctors do no know about this disease or do not care. In any case, under treatments with permethrin and ivermectin managed to produce a highly drug resistant strain living on my skin! US doctors wanted to give me steroids and a psych evaluation! I found PERMOXIDE instead. It is 8% Permethrin with Piperonyl Butoxide in a cream. I got it online and followed directions. After one week I am eventually CURED! Thank God for free enterprize!

    1. John, I searched for PERMOXIDE and Permethrin with Piperonyl Butoxide in a cream but didn’t come up with anything. where did you get it?

    2. Justice Merry

      Im also very intrested in this cream. Ive have it now for over a month. I wash my clthes, sheets, blankets, towels etc and vacuum everyday. I ve was prescribed the cream 3 xs now and nothing. Im goin crazy.

  16. John Latham

    I had this horrible disease for 17 months before it was cured. The doctors underdosed me with Permethrin and Ivermectin so it became drug resistant. I got no further help from doctors – this is a hugely under diagnosed and under treated disease. I tried making medicine using ag products but they have some other nasty chemicals in them that you really DON’T want on your skin. Eventually found an 8% Permethrin medicine with Piperonyl Butoxide. I had to treat daily for a week but it CURED me!

    1. John, I have been struggling with scabies for 6 months being treated with Permethrin 5% cream and Ivermectin. The dermatologist started out with 4mg tab, then 12 mg. The eventually 24mg at once then 12 mg weekly. I still can’t get rid of them. I am going to try the *%/Piperonly Butoxide next if I can get it. Thanks for this site!!!

  17. Timothy L. Spriggs

    As I said on another link, I used rum to try to kill the scabies and their eggs and so far it seems to work very well indeed. I had scabies in my scalp, which my dermatologist didnt believe. I saw them and the eggs with an eye loop I ordered on amazon. Nasty things too. I also used Permethrin but they dont give you much in the tube and you need to do a mass killing due to the prolific amount of eggs. With my gallon jug of rum I use as much as I want. I tried a lot of other things like tea tree oil , garlic, turmeric, etc. Forget that stuff. Alcohol is the best. Use alcohol suitable for drinking. Just to be safe. If you can drink it, you can use it on your skin. I didnt even get a headache. Also, you can spray your mattress with alchohol as well. So , ask your scabies what kind of alchohol they prefer. They won’t enjoy it long. Also, I used an exfoliant by St. Ives. Blemish Control (apricot). Alcohol, exfoliant, and Permethrin make for a formidable strategy to defeat the buggers. Borax is also good. for the mattress. I thought of a Borax shampoo, but havent needed to try it as the alcohol seems to be very effective. Good Luck? No. Good Information. That’s what you need.

  18. Timothy L. Spriggs

    I’m using Permethrin and Compound W. The Compound W. is the bunker buster. If you have hard callous-like areas (the bunkers) then you really need the C.W. It’s used for warts so it has to be pretty strong , and it is. Permethrin is only good for light duty (as in machine guns). The CW is like a nuclear bomb went off as far as scabies is concerned. I did try borax & hydrogen peroxide. It wasnt effective on the bunkers though. Just a heads up on that. At least you don’t need a Rx for the Compound W. Hoo-rah!

    1. Did the CW work? Are you free of scabies now?

      1. Timothy L. Spriggs

        No, but if you read my other post about the mixture I made using amazon Permethrin (10%) I should have it gone in another week or two.
        They are very difficult to get rid of so I had to try something stronger.

    2. Audra munguia

      You da mannn!!! Thank you so much for info!

  19. Christina

    Equal parts means, equal parts.. How much do you wanna make? Example 5 oz…. 2.5 permethrin 10% then 2.5 cream or lotion = 5 oz.. Just because it 10% permethrin does NOT mean you add more cream or lotion to your component. . Adding the equal part of cream or lotion will dilute the 10% to 5%..

  20. michelle

    This website has taken a huge load off my shoulders. It’s been about a week since I first deduced from WebMD that I have scabies. Since then I’ve hardly been able to sleep, not just because of the discomfort in my hands and feet (my case is relatively mild), but also from all the horrible emotions I’m feeling.

    I used my first treatment of Permethrin a few days ago. The itching has gone down a lot, but I can see spots that I know are deposits of eggs. I think the reason that Permethrin is unsuccessful so often is that you have to get the timing of the second treatment just right, after the eggs hatch, but before they can mature and start multiplying again. I’m so relieved to know that I can buy it in bulk.

    You may have said on the site, and I just didn’t find it, but how many P treatments did you use before you cured? I ask because I really do not want to go back to the doctor to beg for some Ivermectin. Thank You for this site. 😀

  21. Elizabeth

    Unfortunately most do tors aren’t treating properly. Even if they give you a refill, it’s typically for 7 days later. By then it’s too late, the infestation is well on its way again.
    The cycle of scabies is egg 2 days, on the 3rd day it’s a larvae, by day 4 its a nymph and by day 5 a female is ready to breed and start lying eggs. You need to treat every 3 days for 9 days. It will effectively stop the life cycle and if you treat your environment on the same schedule, you’ll be rid of them. Just keep in mind it can take up to six weeks for itching to completely stop.

  22. Im really glad I found this site. I wasn’t sure what I was dealing with. I went on a trip, went about life and month or so later got a rash, so I thought. Not a rash.. Ok lice maybe? Tried everything under the sun, not that. Went to the doctor to discuss why Oct wasn’t sending lice packing, and that is where they told me scabies. Ick the name is gross, and if I wasn’t disgusted enough the doctor proceeded to male me feel about 1000times worse and more embarrassed about the whole thing. Like I really woke up and said you know let’s get scabies, and mis diagnosis it so I have it for what seems like forever. I wanted to crawl out of my skin and die. That was yesterday, today I found this site. So fingers crossed this time next week I’m in a much better and less itchier space.

  23. I would recommend testing a little bit of permerthrin on your skin before you douse your entire body in it as there can be alergic reactions to anything, and iv read peoples horror stories about adverse reactions to it. Just a FYI for anyone thinking about wanting to make there own permerthrin scabies treatment DIY lotion.

  24. Timothy L. Spriggs

    I finally bought the 10% Permethrin on amazon and mixed it with Gold Bond for Men Moisturizer. I put it in a jar, a cleaned jelly jar. I made sure there was more Permethrin than moisturizer, to get a 7 or 8 percent mixture. It had a slightly mediciny odor but not as bad as I thought it would be. What a difference too! It really gets to work on those nits. I recommend doing it as soon as possible because, IMO, 5% Permethrin is not strong enough. I had crusted scabies, on the scalp, which is very hard to get rid off. But not with this mixture. It should be gone soon. Hope this helps.

  25. Ed gibson

    I found the Permethrin worked but found Tea Tree oil soap worked and was a lot easier to use. Either the bar soap or the liquid to wash with. I bought these at a health food store. DO NOT USE THIS ON DOGS AS IT WILL KILL THEM!!!! Keep this away from your animals and don’t let them get in contact with it. It also goes by the name Melaleuca. Just wash yourself with it like you do any soap or body wash. I was able to buy some at DOLLAR G***** store here but not sure if it was strong enough. Also sold shampoo and rinse for your hair.

  26. Courtney

    My 6 month old son has this and I have it now also I’m goin insane I can’t sleep without waking up every few mins his constantly itching the cream the doctor gave both of us seems to work for a little while idk what else to do ive relocated 3 times & bout to move in a new house in a week I’m scared this will follow us there what do I do!!!!!!!!!! Please help me idk what all this stuff is that y’all have talked about I’ve read post after post I’m on the verg of braking down I jus want this to stop call me tell me how to do this!!!!!!!!!!!! 9036902714 PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!! Call me crazy but idc I’m desperate !

    1. Courtney you’ll beat it!!

      Be sure & change sheets & pillow cases daily. Bag them or heat cycle them throughly. Use long platex gloves when u handle them.

      Wear clothes once & bag them for at least 2wks if u can. Simplify your wardrobe big time to be able to do it!

      Running cloth sheets etc through super hot cycle in a dryer for an hr will kill them also.

      Don’t load a lot in it. Keep it loose so the heat really gets to the items!

      My washer broke & it was all I could do…

      Get the Martins 10% Permethrin & make the cream yourself if you cant get a dr to prescribe what you need. Amazon has it. There is another site called maximpulse which helped me alot also.

      Be sure to get the Martins 10% with NO PETROLEUM DISTILLATES.

      The label on the no petro distillate one says: Permethrin 10% Inert Ingredients 90%.

      Also use Sulphur Lotion (I used Nu-Stock brand on Amazon mixed with Baby Lotion) after the first time I rinsed the Permethrin off & then every night after that I used Eurax Cream until the second permeth cream treatment 6 days later. (I didnt wait 7 days.)

      Also I mixed the Martins into a spray bottle (1 oz to 19 oz water) & sprayed down upholstery & shoes & even the interior of my car. Do that as soon as it gets dark before the first time you cream up – bc Permethrin spray can be neutralized by sunlight so give it as long as you can & then your car will be ready to go the next day. I sprayed about every 3 days 3 times over, especially the seats & carpets. I sprayed it onto cloth to wipe hard surfaces. Use gloves.

      I also ordered Eurax Cream 10% from Britian on Ebay. I used it after I washed the sulphur – & then used that every night until the second treatment of the Permeth cream mixture.

      (Oh… did I mention that already?)

      Treat yourself & your baby first & take precautions with clothes & sheets & carpets & anything with upholstery.

      Cover ur mattress with a *woven* allergy cover (we just slept on a pallet on the floor & just sprayed the area & changed out sheets etc & *literally* left the bed *alone* for a month so we didnt re-infest accidentally! Didn’t sit on any furniture either! The pallet was in the den & we stayed on it for sleeping, watching tv, etc!!)

      But you can spray your environment, your sleeping area & mattress with Sterifab as a “contact kill” if you want.

      Babies may have to be treated differently Courtney – I’m not sure.

      Do your Google Research there about that topic.

      I do know pets shouldn’t touch the Permethrin when its wet if you spray things down.

      I also know everyone’s fingernails have to be cut super short & scrape some cream under them by running your fingernails lightly over your creamy palm. Babies should have gloves on when they sleep so they keep stuff out of their mouth.

      Babies, the elderly & the immuno-compromised can get it on their faces. Although I read a Physician Forum in Australia where they said ANYONE CAN bc if its regular outer skin, then scabies mites can be there. That sounds like simple common sense to me, especially bc mites must be like every other thing & “adapt”! In Australia they have a real problem with scabies in the Aboriginal ppl, so they treat the outer genitals like we do; but also the face outer ears neck & scalp too.

      I did my face.

      I did my scalp overnight too the second time I applied.

      I only know that with the prescription cream it says avoid the eye area.

      So I would assume that means avoid the immediate area starting above the brows and around the circle of the entire eye bone.

      If you do your face the probably need to be extra careful with the 50/50 homemade bc its thinner.

      I rubbed it onto my fingertips lightly then onto my face so it was more controlled in the application.

      Eurax Cream is very thick though. So maybe it would be better on the face if you do that. Idk…

      I mixed my Permethrin with regular old J&J Baby Lotion & I have to say it did better than Nivea or Cetaphil & wasn’t super greasy!

      The Martins permethrin bottle has the ability to measure out an individual ounce. So you can just measure 2 ozs lotion into something then just use the pre-measure on the Martins bottle.

      Idk what I can offer u in terms of dealing with a baby when it comes to this except do it when the baby is already super sleepy bc its annoying for us so I’m sure even more so for them.

      The cream has to stay on at least 8hrs I think?

      Take the precautions not to spread the mites when u rotate sheets & stuff. Wear long platex gloves, be easy & dont create alot of fluffing of sheets.

      And don’t even bother with clothes for a week if u dont have to, just gently bag them.

      I know your tired.

      We would just take clothes off immediately at the door & put in bags. Shower & put clean house clothes on for the rest of the day/evening.

      The priority is to treat yourself & everyone in the house first — & at the SAME TIME. Just concentrate on that first.

      Then when u feel better after your first round of cream treatment — tackle your environment like our host says!

      Take heart Courtney! You’ll beat this!

      We all will!

      And if you can’t get any Dr on board to help you do this then dont sweat it — take control & squash those bugs!!

  27. Christopher Reyes

    What if you don’t really measure and eye ball martins 10% with anti itch / anti inflammable eczema creme? I poured some 10% into a big ziplock and squeezed some lotion into it too. Mixed it up and applied over my body. Prob a chance more 10% then lotion. Will it still be effective?

  28. Light worker

    Once you are infected with scabies, you may be more
    susceptible to secondary infections from group A
    streptococci and staphylococci, the later of which can cause
    Secondary infections can cause boils which can lead, if
    untreated, to serious infections and even death. The fact that
    these secondary infections can occur makes it even more
    important that you treat any scabies infections you have
    immediately and completely.
    To treat scabies, you apply Permethrin all over every inch of
    your skin, except the face. You must leave it on for 12 to 16
    hours in order to thoroughly kill the insects. After 2 days,
    you may have to re-apply the treatment. The second
    application may be necessary because some if the insects
    which are killed by the initial application can lay eggs under
    your skin, and the new hatchlings can then simply re-infect
    your skin.

  29. My husband and I are experiencing our 2nd round of the worst illness/creature ever to inhabit the earth. We got rid of them (or they went dormant?) for over 7 months. We went to Wal-Mart and got the Ivermectin Paste for horses, yep, Medicaid and Medicare doesn’t cover Permithrin or Ivermectin for some ridiculous unknown reason. The dosage is for a 1500 lb horse at 50 lb. marks on the dosing syringe. I am heavier, so I took in between 150-200, back of tongue and swallow (it comes in apple but our store didn’t have it). I did it again on the 3rd day as I was encrusted in my nose/eyes area (yes, it’s 100% possible and about killed me because my sinus tubes were blocked so bad I couldn’t even think straight due to lack of oxygen). My husband was recovering from chemo and radiation and has a bad liver, so we were scared, but so desperate we did it anyway. His dose was 140. He got some diarrhea but Imodium quickly cured it. I didn’t dose him again until 6 days later in the evening, as close to 7 days as possible without risking them to outbreak again. We changed the sheets daily, towels every use, vacuuming 2-3x a day (and your VEHICLE). Wear shoes all the time in case carpet or floors have any) and use athletes foot cream on feet and toes and fingers and under nails. I had a fungal infection (ringworm) on my head which an arrogant e.r. dr. gave me meds for but ignored my pleas for medicine (which I found out later was $90. without prescription for both ivermectin pills and permithrin cream 5%) which we couldn’t pay for. They went away and the very slow process of my face (nose connected to my eyes and the horrible ripping incrusted things (I won’t dignify them with a name) from my nose. Then a black spot on my lip, and they shedded out of my lips. It’s so horrible depression and even suicide entered my mind and my husband who is an entertainer quit for a year and it hurt his career). Then after that treatment, they left for about 6 months. Living in a new rental house all of a sudden they were back. We are mortified. Want the online perminthrin cream but the wait was so long we didn’t order and wish we would have now. We paid our rent and bills and tried ivermectin alone again and it didn’t work. Now we are broke, $100’s of dollars on OTC, and we moved out of the house not thinking that we can’t stay with relatives and it’s getting to cold to camp. We are going nuts and it’s so overwhelming and sidetracking we can’t think straight. We need a motel room at least one night, and are going to try and earn the money to make our own cream and buy the horse paste at the same time but we don’t even have a dollar right now. The e.r. won’t help with samples and prescriptions are too much. Going to go to a charity in town and beg them I guess. it’s Friday, the weather is going to be below freezing for next 3 days and our camping equipment isn’t good enough to camp in that cold. Lastly, we got the monsters from a friend who shared our weekly motel room with us. She was always scratching head and digging in ears. We had gone on the road and came back to find she developed a staph infection in her heart and had to have her aorta replaced with a pigs aorta. Staph infection caused by what? You guessed it. PLEASE call and or write your senate, governors anyone who will listen to make these two medicines coverable by Medicaid and Medicare if it is not in your state! Ours Colorado doesn’t and to me that’s the most crazy thing ever when opiates like Oxycodone and others are given out like candy to people who are addicted and sell the extras to others to become addicted but we can’t protect ourselves from the worst idiot creepy creature to have been put on earth by the devil himself. Praying for all of you to do both treatments asap and don’t let this happen to you!

  30. Jane Nelms

    I am a 72 yrs old, on blood thinners, and many health problems. My dog contacted sarcoptic mange from the local groomers. A few weeks later ,although the medical pros say it’s not possible to get it from a canine that is rubbish, as I got it…I injected, myself with Ivermectin from the feed store . The dermatologist confirmed, after the ER did not know how to treat it, I had to tell them . I am on steroids, Ivermectin, and Permethrin + other Rxs It was on my face, neck also.

    1. Hi Jane. I’m a nurse & my husband Lee was posting here some info & he read your case & thought I should read it because we may be in the same boat.

      My Veterinarian says you *can* get the “canis” (dog) mite. Just like we can get bird mites.

      They will try to “take up housekeeping” on you but because your not the natural host (which is a dog) – they won’t be able to stay for long. But that period of time that they do can wreak some havoc!!

      In my case it was slso on my face & all over me! I’m 49. I deal with a slight auto-immune problem so that could be why it came up onto my face. But it stands to reason that perhaps it was because they were “dog” mites & just eating on me anywhere they could get a grip.

      But interstingly, in Australia, most Drs believe the human scabies mite is “adapting” & that these days in many cases it IS getting onto the face & scalp more. In the Aboriginal ppl theres a real problem with scabies & they have frequently noted it *repeatedly* goes to the face & scalp; so they *routinely* treat the face scalp & outer ear areas!

      In my case, I had taken care of a friends dog for a week (which has some form of mite problem because he HAS to wear a Victorian collar ALOT — or he’d literally eat himself raw!)

      And after that week there I caught an itch mite of some type which was assumed to be the hunan scabies type mite by the ER dr. No skin scrapings. She just based her dx on the visual evidence of linear bump patterns with extreme itching. I was fine with that dx – just wanted permethrin to kill it!! WHATEVER IT WAS on my skin! I just wanted relief & the ability to rid it from my world!! (& get home QUICK ftom the ER!)

      Treated both of us with Prem Cream perscriptions & took all the usual precautions PLUS Nu-Stock Sulfur Ointment (Amazon) mixed with lotion & 10% Cromiton Eurax Cream from Britain. (You can get that online ebay)

      And everything was fine for 7 months…

      THEN I took care of the dog again for a day & night. About 48-72 hrs. **AND WHAM!! IT’S BACK!**

      The first time we assumed we caught it traveling and staying at a hotel that potentially had infested sheets. The next week I had babysat the dog. So you see thst timeline was confusing. It could have been either/or kind of itch mite — but regardless it WAS & it WAS eating me up & potentially infecting my husband & our other pets!

      (& btw — *YES* — you CAN get it from sleeping in infected bed linens – so says several doctors & pharmacists I asked.

      So much MISINFORMATION OUT THERE says you CAN’T’!!

      But *think* about it: it stands to reason that you CAN because if you could NOT catch it from infected bed linens then why in the world do you have to cover your mattresses & consistently wash & big time hot cycle dry your sheets and pillowcases every single day for the 14 days that you’re medicating yourself to deal with this thing?! So of COURSE you can get it that way traveling – JUST LIKE BED BUGS!!

      So — we thought that we caught it from traveling.

      BUT — after I took care of the same dog for the second time & got the SAME ITCHY REACTION and had to treat AGAIN – it clicked!

      That was the ONLY common denominator in the whole chain of outbreak. So at this point I’m assuming it *IS* that!

      This last time it was again on my face worse! & heavier on my neck around my teeshirt line & my ankles where my socks stopped. Came up my calves a bit. But was REALLY BAD on face & hairline & neck!!

      I just was desperate! Did the NO PETROLEUM DISTILLATES version of the Martins 10% Permethrin half & half with plain ol’ j & j baby lotion. Careful light application to face avoiding eyes & used it thick like a conditioner straight on my scalp overnight!!

      Plus all the usual precautions with mattress/sheets/pillowcases & daily clothes. Then sprayed with diluted Martins (1 oz martins no petros to 19oz water in spray bottle) furniture upholstery sprayed few times /car seat & carpet few times /shoes a few times. Most important spray is the furst time. Be thorough with your environment like our host here says — because even if it is a dog or cat mite thats gotten YOU — the human mite can cross the line & jump on & off your pet just like bird mites can do — & re-infect you!

      My washer had gone out right before this happened & I couldnt get it replacef or repaired quickly when this stuff hit! You just are so tired & it takes everything you got to treat everyone & get well! So I had to bag daily used clothes & quarantine them for 2weeks then dryer hot cycled them like nuclear hot! Wearing only unused clothes this whole time. Simplified our wardrobe to long sleeve shirts & jeans/pants only with a clean change of house clothes daily.

      Just got my washer fixed 2wks back.

      This time I also bought some Sterifab spray online & sprayed matress & furniture & carpets.

      So thats been a month ago.

      Well just wanted to touch base with you Jane & let u know you’re not alone — it actually can & does happen!

      Hit your environment really hard so that it doesn’t get back on your furbaby! Lesson learned for me there! No groomers anymore for my furbabies! Sticking to bathing them at home! 😉

      Thanks for sharing your experience Jane!

  31. Thanks to each and all for sharing your comments! You’ve helped me immensely, especially by shortening the learning curve! Have had intense itching on my head and face for over two years. I did buy a cold laser, which ultimately diagnosed my problem: It said if I had intractable, ongoing itching, to try “Primary Parasites” and “Secondary Parasites”. I did get relief, but of course had to use it every day, several times, and the discomfort was spreading. But the BEST thing: Last night, had just had enough. At 10:30 pm, made a run to Walmart and bought a bottle of Tequila! Not to drink, but to douse my head with! Then I put on a shower cap and when I went to bed, left it on. Today, hardly any itching! (Didn’t know what booze to buy, but figured alcohol that is drinkable, won’t hurt me on my head! Relief for $7.00! Will be doing the whole cleaning bit when our kitty gets a new home, as I think it came from her. But for now, no itching is so wonderful!) Those lady bugs won’t know how to mate, they will be so drunk – I hope! How odd, to see four dermatologists and two PA’s, plus several other specialists, different fields, and nobody made the connection? Scary state for confidence in the medical community….Again, something others warned about…. Thanks a lot. Will sleep well again tonight, thanks to each of you – and the Tequila! And the shower cap will keep those dead and abandoning buggers! Yes!

  32. OK … I’ve been freaking out all week since my visit to Urgent Care revealed I didn’t have ‘Eczema’ as we diagnosed two months ago, and for what I was being treated. I was all happy, even though my ‘eczema’ was getting worse, until it suddenly exploded last Monday with an extremely ‘angry rash’, an exponential growth of ‘pimples’ … and .. what the hell are these humps ?

    The doctor at Urgent Care even hedged his bets, and declared I had ‘DERMATITIS’, but looking closely, decided we needed to treat it as Scabies, because ‘it looked like it might be scabies’. He prescribed 5% Permethrin, which I applied the next evening, and which caused every symptom to reverse, finally, after a 14 hour coverage stint, ‘from neck to the soles of my feet’ (I included my hairline, my forehead and my temples, because, hey ! .. I am elderly, more or less! … 61 YO) …

    Now, towards nearly a week later, I am having serious trouble getting my house ‘safe’ … I think there are enough little buggers hiding out to now rejoin the body of choice – MINE ! …

    My house is too full of stuff … too much to clean just after my first treatment, and so I have been getting re-infested .. at least I believe I am …. I have one treatment, and I have been picturing me, after my SECOND treatment, still getting hatching eggs, and fresh larvae, and future nymphs, etc etc …

    THANKS to this thread, I just ordered 16 ounces of 10% Permethrin, which I was mix to the lotion/cream of choice and create a third application, if required, and also mix with liquid to make a spray to use in my environment to SAFE my house ….

    You guys have no idea what fear and pressure this has relieved …

    Oh wait ! … You know EXACTLY what I was feeling ! …

    I see a path to success now …. Pressure removed … Optimism has returned!

    T H A N K . Y O U !

  33. Phebe Watlington

    I have been suffering similarly, but with Demodex. Demodex is now thought to be the cause of rosacea. I do not have rosacea, but an extreme infestation of Demodex has been plagueing me, increasingly over several weeks. Every area of my body is involved.
    I have had unusual disruptions on my face for several years. I know now that it is Demodex.
    I have found HOCI to be very helpful. Apparently it will kill nymphs. It can be bought on Amazon. Not cheap, but worthy. I spray rubbing alcohol on every itch and also where I sit and where I sleep.. and everywhere in between.
    Hydrogen peroxide works well after applying on face for 5 or 10 minutes, then again, scraping skin with peroxide and sideways tweezers. This helps to get into the mites just beneath the skin. They will light up where they are frosted with the peroxide.. especially between eyebrows!
    The demodex invaded 3 of my eyelids, about 3+ weeks ago and I am still attempting to evict those that still remain. The HOCI can be rubbed into eyelids, apparently even sprayed into eyes. I use it more sparingly than the rubbing alcohol, due to the cost.. but use where I believe nymphs maybe occurring. I soak my hair with witch hazel.. which is quite pleasant stuff really and nice to my scalp. I have also gone through quite a lot of tea tree oil. It should be diluted, as it burns. A sheet of paper towel soaked with witch hazel, or perhaps maybe more long term effectively with HOCI and applied between legs for an hour or so, is also of great help. Both are also applied into my nostrils and ears too.
    I have taken a prescription for Metronizole (sp ?) for 20 days from my gp. It has helped a lot, but i feel that I need a few more days, as bunkers are still being built, though not to the degree that they were.
    No doctors are interested or concerned with the demodex. Why? …I do not know! I have been to a dermatologist, 2 eye doctors and my GP. I have had to bring my researched info to my gp, to get her to respond.
    I am about to do the permethrin and Ivermectin, in the next day or two. Did a lengthy dose of permethrin from the doctor.. 14+ hours, but it was early on and there were too many bugs and depths of bugs in my skin then, to have any real effect.
    I know that scabies are somewhat different than demodex and even more pervasive. But I do believe from all my research, that my methods will be helpful with scabies too. My writing is sporatic here, due to the itching mite distractions, as you will all understand! I hope that my journey so far, will be of help. Good thoughts to all!

  34. Glenn Bradshaw

    I am really tired of the medical inefficiency when it comes to scabies and mites… yes you can get the mites from your dog…. The dog itself might not even be scratching… when I go to the doctor and I tell him I am being bitten I don’t want to be told I have eczema

  35. Thank you so much for this. I’ll keep this in mind if it ever happens again.

    I went to the ER after about a week since I noticed my first cluster of tiny blisters. Because I have sensitive skin in general, my symptoms were very extreme and diffused. Also, the mites got on my face and I had an allergic reaction where I was so swollen to the point where I couldn’t see, along with both arms and hands cluttered in pustules and my calves peppered as well. They barely examined my body from 3 feet away and then discharged me as having BED BUGS and POISON IVY and general eczema. Given a prescription of hydrocortisone and triamcinolone. Didn’t work and got worse.

    I went to a family practitioner two days later (wasn’t going to waste another $1,200). The doctor had very little knowledge of how scabies worked or looked like and was more concerned about me no longer taking my anxiety medication. She almost blew me off with two shots to help the swelling and itching (not sure why the ER never did this) some prednisone and samples of antidepressants thinking I just have a really bad allergic reaction to some mysterious substance. I had to reason with her that permethrin was not a scheduled drug that can be abused and that I can not take anymore time and chances to see if topical steroids would work by itself. Also not having insurance, I couldn’t afford to keep wasting my money on these redundant doctors visits.

    Now she did warn me that the medication would be expensive without insurance but I took my chances. 2 tubes ended up being about $455 but for some reason my old insurance covered $365 of it.

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