Post Scabies: What to Expect After Your Treatment & Cure

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So you’re cured of the mites.?Congratulations!

It’s a big win to beat this plague. It’s not easy, but you did it. Huge sigh of relief.

In this post, we’ll talk about what to expect and what to do next after the mites.

Table of Contents

1.) What to expect after Scabies

After the fight is over and the smoke has cleared you’re likely left with some lingering skin issues (and perhaps some trauma).

Sometimes your skin can still feel like it’s crawling for weeks after eradication. It can even be hard to tell if your scabies symptoms are going away.

Even after you’ve successfully rid yourself of the mites you can still experience:

  • Post-scabies rash
  • Post-scabies bumps that come and go
  • Post-scabies nodules
  • Scabs (especially if you scratched a lot)
  • Residual itchiness
  • Dry, irritated skin

Post-Scabies Rash

This can last anywhere from a week to two months.

The areas you had the most intense infestations – for me this was my thighs – are the most likely to have lingering rashes.

Post-Scabies Nodules/Bumps that Come and Go

Even though the mites are dead their debris is there.

Dead mites, dead eggs, excrement.

These are all very itchy and will take time for your body to process/purge.

At different times you’re likely to see bumps coming and going.

Make absolutely sure though that it bumps that you are already familiar with.

If you see new bumps or new track marks then, unfortunately, you might not be cured or have become reinfested.


If your skin was really irritated during your infestation and you scratched a lot then you might have scabs.

It’s recommended for those with scabies to not scratch because of this, and it can spread the mites.

If you have scabs at this point then you can treat and nourish your skin.

More on how to do that later in this post.

Residual Itchiness

You will likely still feel itchy for at least a few weeks post scabies.

For me and some of the people close to me who got infested, it took 2+ months for our skin to return to normal.

As always, avoid scratching. You can follow the directions later in those post to subdue the itch.

Dry, Irritated Skin

After all of that turmoil with scabies, your skin is likely left dry and irritated.

All of the treatments, either natural, pharmaceutical, or both leave a toll on the skin.

Especially if you took a lot of hot baths or utilized chemicals.

At this point, it will take your skin some time to restore itself and return to a natural and healthy state.

Scabies Scars

If you excessively scratched your itchy skin during your infestation you likely created skin abrasions.

If uncared for these abrasions can turn into scars.

You don’t want those.

Read further to learn ways to heal your skin and prevent scars from forming.

How to Make Your Skin Look and Feel Good Again

Hopefully, you’re experiencing very few of the issues I listed above.

At any rate, your skin has been through so much lately!

Now that the mite crisis has been averted it’s time to show it some love. The better you take care of it the quicker it will return to normal and stop being itchy/looking embarrassing.?Even if it’s not so bad it still could use some TLC.

First, you should avoid common irritants that can slow the healing process.

– ? Avoid long, hot showers.?These irritate, dry out and strip the skin of natural oils (think Sebum). This makes you more itchy and slower to heal.

– ??Avoid over bathing.?A well-nourished body maintains its own skin support. Washing too much disturbs the body’s skin maintenance?procedures.

– ? Steer clear of synthetic soap additives. – skin irritating?additives are found in almost all major brands that are producing bathing products. Dial, Proctor & Gamble, herbal?essences . . . you name it. Look for natural, non-irritant skin products to restore your skin with (more on that below).

1.) Nourish your Tired Skin with These Healthy Creams and Oils

Coldwaterthis is?perhaps the best thing you can provide for your skin. It’s been hot and irritated from the mites. Cold water hydrates and closes your pores to promote healing. Limit washing and favor cold water when you do. At a minimum, you should end your showers with a cold rinse.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil also provides cooling nourishment. Coconut is cooling and great for the body, inside and out. The natural fats it provides soak right into your skin and help it re-establish itself. Apply it wherever (and whenever) you want relief. Buy it here.

A Naturally Formulated Skin Cream?– I recommend a popular cream from Puriya called Mother of All Creams (Buy it here). It provides instant relief for dry and itchy skin. Its strength is in restoring skin health long term. It’s ingredients are anti-inflammatory, cell-growth promoting and anti-allergenic. It will hydrate, soften and restore your skin and it’s natural barrier function. No harmful chemicals.

Some other moisturizing and restorative oils include:

All are very beneficial and pure products that nourish skin. No artificial irritants added.

Epsom salt baths -?both relaxing and beneficial, Epsom salt (Magnesium-Sulphate) provide nutrients and works to soften while helping to draw out left over mite contaminants in the skin.

I recommend a few baths a week for about 30 minutes each. Use 1/4 cup and be mindful of the effects on your skin – if the water is too hot and too much salt is used dry skin could occur.

Follow up the bath with a cold shower to close the pores and better seal in moisture. Best before sleep. Here are the Epsom salts I used.

2) Diet & Nutrition

Really try avoiding junk food while you heal your skin.

Unhealthy foods create inflammation which will reflect in your skin.

Instead focus on cooling, nutrient-rich nourishing foods.

Some other foods that are especially good for skin health/regrowth are:


Gelatin helps grow new skin and build up its elasticity and suppleness. In addition to improving skin health, gelatin also boasts these benefits:

  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Contains essential Amino Acids
  • Aids the digestive tract
  • Is Anti-Inflammatory
  • Regulates hormones
  • Aids in liver function

You can create gelatin in homemade, mineral-rich bone broths.?Here is a guide on how to make bone broth.?

You can also buy gelatin online here. It comes powdered and you can mix it into drinks and soups.?


Colostrum provides a powerhouse of immune support. This is because it’s clinically proven to bolster the immune response and helps restore the gastrointestinal tract. Our gut health is very important for proper skin functioning, and colostrum happens to be one of the better tonics for your gut.?The best is sourced from grass-fed cows.


Collagen deserves kudos here for skin health as well. Here is a list of benefits. I have noticed most of these in my 4 months now of taking collagen.

  • Reduces inflammation, body pain, and joint discomfort
  • Rejuvenates skin tone. Healthy skin retains moisture better and is more elastic and less prone to develop fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles
  • Increases energy and physical endurance
  • Improves recovery time after exercise
  • Supports repair of skeletomuscular injuries and post surgery recovery
  • Improves muscle tone/strength and joint flexibility
  • Reduces muscle soreness and pain after work out or physical activity
  • Increases nail strength. Stronger nails do not chip
  • Improves hair quality and thickness that gives a more youthful appearance

Same as for colostrum, the best source for collagen is from grass-fed cows. You can find it?here.

3) Supplementation

Here are some great supplements for skin health.?

Fermented cod liver oil/ high vitamin butter oil.

A synergistic combination of impressive superfoods – this combo provides extremely bioavailable sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A. These are all very important compounds for skin health. Fermented cod liver has been consumed for ages and is well known for its effects on the skin and bodily function. Green pastures make the best product on the market. You can buy it here.

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

Vitamin B5 is another skin restoring powerhouse – amazingly effective for acne, but also important for general skin ailments.?

Pantothenic Acid plays an important role in energy storage and releases and provides nutritive support for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

This is good news for your skin. All of the important nutrients we are taking in to support skin cell regeneration and immune function – this stuff helps it get where it needs to go and makes sure it operates efficiently.?

KAL inc. makes a great B5 product.?I take their 1000mg capsules.

Pantothenic acid also is available in a variety of foods, the richest sources being:

  • Organ meats like liver & kidney
  • egg yolk
  • broccoli
  • fish
  • shellfish
  • chicken
  • mushrooms
  • avocado
  • sweet potato

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil contains gamma-lineoic-acid (GLA). GLA fantastic for skin health and is helpful for many other ailments. Its benefits include:

  • Helping Skin problems (eczema, acne, psoriasis)
  • Aging problems
  • Heart disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Weight control
  • Pain relief (via a compound called phenylalanine)
  • Disease prevention
  • Symptoms of menopause

You can find supplemental evening primrose oil here.

Evening primrose oil is one of the very few sources of GLA – and is the most abundant source known.?The gamma-linoleic acid, linoleic acid and other nutrients in this oil are essential for cell structure and improve the elasticity of the skin. You can find it here. You will notice a very quick responsiveness from your skin to this supplement, I found it to be very effective.


Zinc is an important component of healthy skin. It is also?required for proper immune system function, as well as for the maintenance of vision, taste, and smell. We need zinc for a huge array of body processes.?

If you consume the foods I recommended in step #2 then you should have your bases covered with zinc. As a reminder, some zinc-rich foods include oysters, pecans, brazil nuts & egg yolks. You can also choose to supplement it, try to consume at least 15mg of zinc a day.

If you choose to supplement for Zinc I advise buying a?Zinc-magnesium-calcium-vitamin D?combination supplement. All of these compounds are important for day to day health, including skin health.?Magnesium is especially essential!


There has been a lot of buzz in recent years concerning probiotics. With recent advancements in?technology?we now know that there are over 100 trillion organisms living in our body at any giving moment. The body itself is comprised of roughly 10 trillion cells – that means that for every one cell in your body there are 10 living organisms!

The immune system is?predominantly located in the gut – about 75% – this is also where most of the organisms take residence. Did you know that these organisms send direct signals to your body that affect immune responses? If we are unhealthy the gut is largely occupied by pathogens. These pathogens harm our immune system and digestion. For this reason, I?recommend reconstituting your gut with healthy organisms that benefit our immune system and whole body. I advise anyone to really take the time to read up on and invest in probiotics as a healthy gut leads to healthy skin as well.

Not all probiotics are the same – quality is important as there are varying bacterial species sold and quality assurance is important since they are living organisms.

I recommend products from these companies:

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is highly present in our skin and deficiencies?are rarer than you might think though, so I advise supplementing it only if you are not?maintaining sufficient intake through diet. One element of vitamin E -?tocotrienols – is hard to get, and?red palm oil?is one of the few choices for a source.

If you do decide to supplement Vitamin E, it is?very important?you buy the right stuff. Not all supplements are created equal, and the divide is especially relevant for this supplement. Too often vitamin E products are synthetic – which the body absorbs inefficiently. I recommend the supplement?Unique E, as it is naturally sourced.

Foods containing sufficient amounts of Vitamin E include:

  • Spinach
  • turnip greens
  • chard
  • sunflower seeds
  • almonds
  • bell peppers
  • asparagus
  • collards
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts

*Vitamin E is fat?soluble, so it is important to eat these foods with plenty of fat to boost absorption.a


So there you have some tips for healing. If your skin is looking as bad as mine was some of these tips should be helpful. I hope you heal well and leave us some info about your recovery in the comments!

68 thoughts on “Post Scabies: What to Expect After Your Treatment & Cure”

  1. I haven’t seen one comment yet that says they used the pill form called Stromectol. I got something from a boyfriends house. A very good friend of mine works at a dermatologist office and has for 20+ years. I did SO much research and came to the understanding that it was either bed bugs or scabies because they bites were so similar. She does not think it’s scabies and either did I. I had Orkin come to my house and they said I didn’t have bed bugs, but I had also cleaned everything a day or 2 before not thinking. I started to get aggravated and I NEEDED answers. I went to a dermatologist and they wouldn’t do a skin scrape which is how you find out for sure what it is. I couldn’t afford to get the premethrin so she gave me a script for the pill which was stromectol which kills anything inside and out. I did everything I was supposed to. Washed EVERYTHING, cleaned etc. like I was told to do, and did this several times. It has now been at least 3 weeks or so and I now have different bites, they almost look like mosquito bites but I know they aren’t because my skin swells the size of a quarter. It is driving me CRAZY! Someone please help me, information anything. Is this post scabies after taking the pill form (Stromectol), NOT the cream (Premethrin). I have always used vicks for the itching cause that’s what I was told by my friend that works in a Derm office. It does help but, who wants to put that on every single night before bed?! I’ve tried nice warm/hot oatmeal baths with the Aveeno Oatmeal stuff, I’ve tried cold baths. The cold water actually makes it worse and literally hurts my skin. I NEEEDDDD ANSWERS NOT a guess. Someone please help me. I want to find out what this is and get rid of it. The boyfriend I got it from his whole family used the cream and they are perfectly fine. Why only me?! I have sensitive skin and I have always had reactions to insect bites especially mosquitoes. I have done so much research for months. I have gone to drs. and nothing helps.

    1. Hi. I despise scabies. This is what helped me.
      1. Bathe in as hot water as you can stand with 2 cups of borax and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide for at least 20 minutes, then take a hot shower while using sulfur soap to cleanse.
      2. Apply permethrin cream from top of your neck to your toes- in every crevice
      3. Next morning take a hot shower and use sulfur soap. After drying off apply neem oil all over your body and put on clean clothes. The neem oil smells but helps tremendously.
      4. Next morning wash ALL bedding in hot water with 1/2 cup Clorox bleach and 1/2 cup of borax plus a scoop of your laundry detergent.
      5. Put all pillows in the dryer on high for 40 minutes.
      6. At night take another hot bath with borax and hydrogen peroxide and put on clean pjs.
      I followed this protocol for a week, yes it’s exhausting but I’m so grateful that I’m better. No more creepy crawler feeling. Good luck and good health to all

      1. Valerie Wray

        Where do you get a sulfur soap and what is the name of it? Also what is Borax

        1. I just read your post. I hope by now you have found rest from this horrible problem you describe. Walmart carries Sulphur Soap and Sulphur Cream in their Health and Beauty section. It is a section near the bar soap, toothpaste, shampoo section and the items are predominately written in Spanish with Sulphur being clearly stated. I highly recommend a strong magnifying glass,(Harbor Freight sells them online & in store) Look closely at your skin, be very watchful of your finger creaaes, fingeenails (looking closely under the tips of each nail, look at your wrists & any bump, itchy spot or sore. You mentioned that your Scabies nightmare has taken on a very different look than anyone else in your circle. You mentioned a round rash type problem, have you considered Ringworm? Mites are responsible for many skin problems so I highly suggest you read more about Follicular Mites. I hope this nightmare ends for you and all those that suffer in any way. I wish you well & good health.

      2. Hola Gia,
        How long for the skin to recover after you did your 1 week treatment?

    2. Yes i got post scabies after taking the ivermectin pill. i was unable to take the cream as i have a very severe allergy to pesticides… and yes i have post scabies. the skin is sensitive to a point of everything leaves an imprint on it- also some itching- the torso is clear now but my legs are all red. The skin doctor was confused as to why my skin was still sensitive and i explained to her about post scabies- imagine i have to explain to her. Thankfully i go to a natural doctor chiropractor here in nyc who tested and said this is the after effects of all i went through. if not for him i might still think i had some of the scabies left- it takes time for skin to heal. I am using emuaid and also coconut oil. I see skin doctor tomorrow for three week visit – the ivermectin took so much out of me that i will give it another four weeks as it is getting better slowly- but yes yes yes you will get post scabies after taking the pill for scabies-

      1. just want to say doctor said all healed last week but he said it takes time for skin to repair- i did not itch for whole week nothing on my skin now today feels like pin pricks all over body- i am assuming this is part of healing of nerves– for anyone reading this who is thinking of putting more chemicals on your body make sure it is not just the healing process as you dont want to put more poison on skin that is healing and not with scabies

      2. i experienced the post scabies treatment…eczema tiny bumps appeared on the scars before it was a dark spot and now reddish spot..grrr…stress!i used cetaphil soap and lotion as per doctor advised and he gave me antihistamine and for allergy and refused to prescribed creams.
        everytime the itch occur i used coconut oil,and it problem after this post scabies treatment is my scars,huhuhu.

        1. its months and my skin is still sensitive i can go two weeks no itching but if i shave or just out of nowhere itching and my skin is so sensitive that i get imprints from jewerlry or clothing!!! i am grateful for my chiropractor who tests me he says still it is post scabies- i guess it takes time. I feel for the people who keep putting poison on their skin thinking they still have it and truthfully if not for the dr saying it was clear and my chiro keeping testing and saying it is the after effects i would think i still had it- it really does a number on the skin- never had rashes in my life before this. I Will try the coconut oil more and also just know it takes time

    3. With regard to the very first comment, stromectol is the generic name for Ivermectin. Ivermectin is an oral drug that requires a prescription from your doctor. The dose you receive will depend on your weight. The first treatment will kill the mites that have already hatched but will not kill the eggs. I read that a second treatment would be necessary so I asked my doctor to prescribe a second dose, and my pharmacist said that I should wait until the 14th day to take it.

    4. Survivor

      Only have to take horse paste Moxidectin ONE TIME. I tried all the crap posted here as well as every other post. Go to or google it with scabies and find support there too. Changed my life, bought at TSC less than five bucks, but still slightly traumatized and irritated, sensitive skin.

      1. I am wanting to try this… did you use the Quest Gel? And you took it orally? How much of it did you take? Thanks…

  2. Hey all,

    I’ve recently been fighting with scabies which also triggered a fungal attack on my feet. Im recovering fine after taking permtherin. I have rashes all over and with help of prayer and shea butter they are healing quick with less itching episodes. My feet im having a time with healing plus affecting my mobility seriously. But thanks to this article and the tips this healing process has been great.

  3. I am just getting over scabies, my skin is recovering ok, im not sure its completely gone though, went to the dr and had to buy the permethrin, I also had to get the anti biotics because I had cuts that I was scratching so it infected my blood. My sister told me that her husband gets it every other month from working outside and he fills the tib with hot water and pours hald a bottle of alchohol and sits in it till its cooled down. But I cant hold my my face under water that long,lol.

    1. Ilona Baier

      I have used permethrin + between applications have used a cocktail of coconut oil, neem oil, clove oil, tea tree oil, turmeric mixed with grounded black pepper. 4 days into othe malady I spent about 90 minutes in a hot sauna and also a steam sauna and have done a proper skin peeling with a mixture of peeling salt with sesame oil + cashmere. Only now do I feel the bastards might have been conquered.
      NB: interested ones can google + confirm that in order to release the healing and nutritional properties it must be mixed with black pepper. just fyi.
      All the best to all and thanks for the insights!!!!
      Most puzzling is how I got them to begin with. It is not because of intimacy or contact with an afflicted person….as far as I can determine.

  4. Devin RN

    Gelatin is nothing but the byproduct of the ground ligaments and tendons of slaughtered animals…I have seen no research suggesting the consuming gelatin increases immune function nor speeds healing of any kind. Would love to see any scientific research you’ve found supporting that claim. Any health based article without citation is meaningless to anyone that critically evaluates their sources…as all should.

  5. I just want to thank you for your writings. I’m reading your 100 tips and learning a lot — I found out I had scabies a few days ago and have been up all night, every night, since. about to begin cream (and it’s helpful to know i can get more on ebay for my uninsured boyfriend, who isn’t showing symptoms but i want to treat him too – i learned that from you)! thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. You’re welcome Kacy. I had to go through the same experiences and I know how bad it is! Good job being preventative and getting your boyfriend treated. It will really make a difference in how quickly you can be done with this! Take care.

  6. I had scabies on my penis and I used a penis health creme afterward. The creme contained both Vitamin E and shea butter and definitely improved the look of my penis skin. I still use it actually because it keeps my skin nice and moisturized.

  7. I cured scabies by using clove oil, diluted to make 25% with olive oil or coconut oil. Wash yourself with hot water, cover yourself with 25% clove oil, use hair dryer to dry your hair as hot as you can stand, heat your skin where you feel itchy, as hot as your skin can stand.
    Use cube tip to put clove oil any where you feel itch, feel bump. Avoid scratch, not easy but try not too. Clip nail, or wear glove when you sleep, put clove oil under nails.
    Repeat 2-3 days, then keep spot clove oil, about day 6-7, repeat whole body, keep hair dry process any time of the day you feel itch. Hair dry your bag, your bed sheet etc. You will get fix.

    1. You’re sure you’ve cured the condition? How long ago did you eradicate them?

  8. rhythm05

    Dear Admin,

    I am treating scabies with permethrin now for half a year. My skin is all clear. But whenever I stop treating, after 1-3 weeks the itch comes back.
    Now I used permethrin and horse paste for the first time together. What really scares me is that a soft itch is still there, while there are no new spots or anything on my skin, it’s all clear! And what makes me doubt it’s post sacbies is, that the itch actually only comes at night. As we know, the mites are more active then. Do you have any advise for me?

  9. Wow! Thank you for the conformation and validation. I came down with the itch in January 2015. I had all of the scabies symptoms except the red lines. The damage to my skin and mental health cannot be described (as you all know). After two months of craziness (in March) I went to the dermatologist; she claimed I was allergic to my blood pressure meds and to wait it out! Next, my general physician’s vacation replacement concurred. So I took matters into my own hands. First, I took several hot showers in succession, as hot as I could stand. Then, I coated my body from neck down, except genitals, in capcasin. I was highly uncomfortable for two days, but it did a good job. Then, constant application of both types of Sarna (menthol and anti-itch) actually controlled the itch, but the nodules would still flare. In June, my regular physician returned and confirmed scabies on sight, but since my itch was controlled, still no permerthrin for me! Angry, I started on a twice-daily regimen of sulphur soap showers and sulphur cream, and twice weekly coating of pure tea-tree oil on my legs. Voila! I was cured by July. Seven months of hell now required six more months of healing. The nodules and scars mostly faded away. However, a mosquito bite elsewhere on the body or an allergen will still cause a mild itch to return where scabies had once been. The skin nerves in my legs are still highly sensitive (from scratching with a hair brush!). Long-term scabies causes your skin to get fatigued, the way your behind might ache after sitting on hard bleachers for hours. It is more than just superficial; it causes a mental dullness because of the unrelenting distraction, just as pain wears people down. Also, non-itch post-scabies nodules can regularly appear and disappear in a brief time span, especially on genitals and other soft skin. I think it will take more than a year to fully recover, and the tips listed on this blog make complete sense to me because I became very aware of my skin as an organ rather than in terms of vanity. Also, the comments match my successes– menthol, sulphur, essential oil. By the way, scabies was ultimately confirmed when I discovered that an elderly relative whose home I had visited that January (I slept on his couch) had developed scabies after a brief nursing home stay. Go figure.

  10. since I was five years,I av been battling with skin problems, I had chickenpox at first afterwards, we relocated from our former resident to to another state, it den worsened,d itches are just unbearable, I even scratch with bottle covers, went to d hospital, d doctor said its scabies DAT I should boil my clothes with hot water. Am 22years now, an my skin is still dented with black spot, especially my legs and hands, it still itches a lot. I need your help.

  11. rhythm05

    Hey guys. I posted it June last time and wanted to keep you up to date about my progression because I am sure it will really help you. I think I am cured now after using permethrin and ivermectin 3 times. I still had itches after the last treatment (especially around my anus and in my face) but they keep getting less and lesser. One night after the final treatment I found track marks on my back. I was going crazy and went to the emergency department. The doctor looked at the tracks and got really mad at me. They were only scratch marks. Please don’t get paranoid! Scratch marks can look dramatic and appear like mite tracks, but they are not. And one more thing: when I was itchy I would tell myself that the itch is NOT real and only in my head. It stopped then! Look up “parasitosis”, some of us suffer from psychological issues after scabies trauma.

    What made me stop treating finally was a post where a woman explained that she treated 12 months constantly. She went to a specialist and told him that noone believed her. He still said that she didn’t have anything. She was so desperate that she didn’t know what to do to proof she was still infested. So she just stopped treating to make the rash come back as a proof. It never came back. After 6 weeks her itch was gone. This is what seems to happen to me too and I still can’t believe it.

    The topix forums made me really desperate and I was about to go mad. I believed every post that said that this is untreatable. But it is. I was infected 9 months ago, and I can’t tell when I was cured because I treated so much! Please, believe in the cure. The mites don’t have magical powers!

  12. I just wanted to thank you for this site, it kept me sane during my scabies ordeal and helped me to realise that I needed stop re-treating myself unnecessarily with permetherin so that my skin could actually start to heal, the coconut oil suggestion really worked for me. Again thank you

  13. I have not slept for five days, i feel so dirty
    I have been on my knees in tears begging for this to end.
    I don’t know if I doing things correct or TOO MUCH
    Once the body is treated, what happens to the scabies which fall from your skin . . . for example
    maybe on to a sofa ? How long before they will die ? I have repeated the treatment process twice and I am so itchy but, in fairness, I have not seen any live critters at all – not even after the treatment
    why is it so itchy and gives the feeling that they are still alive

    MB London UK

    1. Hello Mark,

      I know exactly how you feel. I have a phobia of infestations and when myself and my partner were diagnosed with scabies I had and a mental breakdown – I am still going through it now and find sleeping impossible, cannot eat properly, shaking uncontrollably, etc. We have undergone first permethrin treatment so far with another to come on Tuesday. I am still itchy but no new bumps, however, my partner is still getting new ones.

      As far as I can find out you can get more/increased itching due to the body getting rid of the dead mites. The permethrin will kill them on the skin, or when they come in contact with it. I cannot find exactly how long it takes them to die but if you have ever used permethrin as a household insecticide bugs that come into contact with it usually die in under a minute – they slow down amd eventually just curl up dead. As for if they fall off I think they would be harmless if dead. Just incase vacuum my chairs each day where any bare skin may have touched.

  14. I’ve been dealing with this shit for almost 10 years. It goes away for some time then comes back. It all started in a house I lived in a long time ago growing up. I actually think the people who lived there with me still ahve it because everytime I see them or hug them I feel the crawling and itching on my skin immediately. Anyways it’s gone away for the most part for a couple years or more, but there’s always something. I’ll feel a crawl here and there every now and again. I have used so much premetherin, my skin may be damaged. Imprints are easily left and it looks as though it’s wearing thin. Most of the doctors don’t think I have scabies because there’s rarely ever anything in the physical, but every now and then a single bump will appear in the middle of my finger wepts which is where scabies start. I can feel them now crawling in my nose, eye lashes, forehead hair, and random biting feelngs with no marks and I can’t sleep, it distracts me in class. And I have tried washing all my stuff at the wash house with hot water amonnia and borax and bleach, but everytime I pu tclothes back on it’s like they’re there again. I have gotten rid of three beds now… and I don’t knwo what to do. They’re always attacking me, but I’ve never seen an actual bug. I have found what look like little red bug legs in my hair from time to time though. It’s devastating me, because even if I ever do fully get rid of them, I know my family members have them and are in denial because they suffer from mental illness and are in pretty bad shape. But here I am a working class person living a productive life, who is clean and wants to just feel normal and not as though I’m going psychotic. I also notice when I touched other people they sometimes itch, so whatever it is it gets around. I’ve tried sulfur, tee tree oil, bleach baths, borax and rubbing alcohol baths. It just seems like there are thousands of them, but I barely ever see bumps that are obviously scabies. I can’t even be in a relationship anymore, the last person I was with he told me the next day he had little bumps around the edge of his bottom lip which are really tiny (not herpes or naything) and he didnt know where htey came from, and I have them as well… so I couldn’t argue but how the hell do I explain? I am gettin golder now and I already have a very stressful life and a lo tof depression this is very hard fo rme. I feel as though I am going to die and everything is infested no matter how much I clean it. Will they ever go? I’m freaked out. I could get a skin scrape, but I doubt the determologist will entertain it again. PLEASE HELP ME!

    1. I feel bad saying this, but I think you may need to be on antidepressants and/or antianxiety medication.

  15. Kels, did you try benzyl benzoate? You can order it from Australia (called Ascabiol) or on (called killitch). In order to use it you apply it every day for 5 days but only for 14 hours a day applied at night. Then skip one day, then apply it for two more days. After that it’s a matter of exfoliating and healing. Also, sulfur soaps can irritate the skin and you have to pick a laundry detergent that’s free of dyes and perfumes. As for the environment, you can use a product called Hot Shot No Pest Strips along with Nyguard IGR. These kill them in the environment in 3 days.

  16. I got the Scabies from roommates home I moved in 3.5 months ago.
    Primary doctor diagnosed it as contact dermatitis x3, then sent me to Dermatologist who diagnosed as allergic reaction to the tea tree oil when I suspected of scabies.
    She said crawling feelings were all in my head.
    But I ended up in E.R. When I could not take itchiness and drowsy from lost sleep for over a week.
    I got Permethrin ointment, and followed all instructions to waash, clean everything.
    But it came back even after second dose of medication.
    I persisted Primary care doc to write prescription for Ivermacin x 2 (for 2wks later).
    It got better, then came back.
    I had moved out of the roommate house before I took Ivermacin, so I don’t get recontaminated by them.
    But now I have scabies eggs in the wall inside of vagina, around eyes that I feel them in my eyeballs, around ears, mouth as well as all over the face and head.
    I have ordered Ivermacin paste to try today.
    I hope it works, so I can start to heal skin all over my body.
    I had never experienced anything like this.

    1. You sound absolutely crazy! I am so sorry to say that but reading this it really sounda bizarre. You domt have scabie eggs in your vagina or your eyelids- its just isn’t possible. Your situation sounds far more psychiatric than anything. I wish you the best in finding a solution rapidly.

      1. You don?t know…. you shouldn?t say things like that…. it?s absolutely possible! Even probable! How dare you come down on this poor person who is trying to get advice while going through this horrible situation…. you should be ashamed you troll

      2. Yeah I agree Sherri. Scabies has been known to infest eyelids and you can find pictures of it on the internet. Best not to call others crazy until you have done the research that proves that person is not actually infested, first. Plus, scabies can take a looooong time to heal. I?ve been cured for a year and a half and I still have scabs and I?m still itchy in some places. But I recently did something different and it totally worked! I got a metal tweezers and scraped them across my itchy skin and it sounded and felt like sandpaper. It bled, but stopped itching. The skin is healed now in those places and seems truly intact, with NO MORE ITCHING, THANK GOODNESS. I figured this out by looking at a cross section of scabies skin (on an internet search), and I also looked up intact, healthy skin. The scabies skin looked shredded in a cross section, whereas the healthy skin had a nice deep purple crust layer at the top. I tried to be as gentle as possible, but it took some effort getting some of this stuff out of my skin. I found that I had to go over some areas 10 or more times, letting my skin heal as much as possible each time. Patience. Some days I felt like I would never get better. My story: I found a live tropical rat mite in my hair and had it identified, so my version of scabies may have been much worse than what others described. I had to get my house treated, too. Permethrin did not work for me. I had to use benzyl benzoate (ascabiol), and after that I still felt intense itching and crawling, but no pin prick feelings like from active scabies. I would suggest that anyone who is unable to find a cure should give these methods a try before giving up.

    2. In your eyeballs and the walls of your vagina? How would you know that? They are microscopic! I think something else may be going on with you and it isn’t scabies.

      1. Well, no matter what, you can use coconut oil around your eyes, and even on your eyelashes, and that will help. You can also use coconut oil DOWN THERE too, it won’t hurt and is antibacterial and soothing etc.

  17. Hello. I have had scabies since around last last year. Just when I thought I was freed of scabies 6 months later, they came back that January.. But noticed it was mainly on my elbows.. It was a clustered bunch and it was mainly in that and not in the warm, dark places they like to be (like in the webs of your toes or fingers). I began to use the left over premetherin and eventually ran out. The clusters became less like clusters, but it’s still a tough spot on my elbows. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me she doesnt think it’s scabies since they weren’t in my feet or finger webs, but then again didn’t really say what she thought it was. And following that, she prescribed me premetherin and some steroid cream for the itching. I asked if I could also be prescribed the ivermectin pills but she refused since she didnt think they were scabies. She said that Ive had it too long to not really have “anything” going on (I guess she means like a bunch all over me)?? After she left, I broke down because this is just so infuriating. I feel so paranoid with every itch, and idk if it could be post-scabies, but I am hoping it is. Oh, an important piece of info I forgot to mention was that I contracted these scabies from my sister (who got them from overnight jail stay). She passed it to my mom and I. My sister and my mom cured themselves quickly with the prescribed medication. I didnt take it because they didnt inform me that they had it and what scabies were, it was like they brushed it off. So here i was wondering what was happening to me for a long time… I think it took me some months to start using the medication and it helped for the most part..? And I am confused because scabies are supposedly contagious and I hang around my family all the time and they have not gotten infested or reinfested.
    Sorry it was so long. I am not very good at knowing how to word things and in order (my English isn’t very good), but I hope someone reads this because I really feel like no one cares…

  18. With regard to the very first comment, stromectol is the generic name for Ivermectin. Ivermectin is an oral drug that requires a prescription from your doctor. The dose you receive will depend on your weight. The first treatment will kill the mites that have already hatched but will not kill the eggs. I read that a second treatment would be necessary so I asked my doctor to prescribe a second dose, and my pharmacist said that I should wait until the 14th day to take it.

  19. My experience with scabies was dreadful. I caught scabies during a trip abroad while staying at a hotel in Spain. I didn’t have many marks, but I itched everywhere. It took more than three months for a doctor to figure out it was a parasite and she prescribed ivermectin. I ended up having to go on the immunocompromised protocol for two weeks (every 3 days or you follow a schedule) at one point. The bugs would return after two weeks. I cannot tell you how many ivermectin pills and permethrin combos I applied. The bugs remained in my scalp. I had many permethrin, and malathion treatments (head), nothing worked or relieved the itching. In the end, what worked was a can of mange medicine for dogs happy jack sardex II with 29% benzyl benzoate, too bad for the pbt’s, I was desperate. The active ingredient is used in humans as well. What actually did the trick for my scalp and hair was using turpentine oil for oil painting from michael’s diluted in a base oil. I applied this also all over my body (3 or 4 to 1 ratio, being the smallest the turpentine). Don’t use the commercial paint stripper, that is not it). Still, a year later, I itch slightly. I spent lots of money on meds, specialists (three derms), but this was the best. I still use this on occasion, because it is also soothing. The last dermatologist also gave me Eurax which is a weak parasite lotion for the skin, but it does help with the intense post scabies itching. It was a horrible experience. I have really high histamine levels now as a result of having these bugs for so long. Also the last derm gave me ciproheptadine antihistamine. Atarax didn’t work. I am allergic to dust mites so I believe my body had a cross reaction to these mites and went crazy. Don’t give up and make sure your dermatologist does scrape your skin. My doctor did, and still even when he couldn’t find mites, he still treated me. This ordeal lasted 10 months for me. I still have some itching today, but no more bugs. Good Luck!

  20. Someone please tell me who tweeting right clothes after treatment ? And is it normal to itch at night after scabies treatment

    1. Sorry I meant about wearing tight clothing

    2. Post scabies itching can happen. I got rid of scabies two months ago and still get rashes and spots/bumps that appear for several hours up to a few days. I still itch and have pin prick feelings but not as bad as when I had scabies. Today I went back to the dermatologist and she said some people have post scabies trauma. She said to use a moisturizing soap, to take Zyrtec in the morning and evening and to use a thick moisturizing cream like CeraVe healing ointment as I get out of the shower while my skin is still wet and in the evening when the itching is worse use CeraVe anti itch cream. She said get the ones in the jars because they are thicker. She said some doctors don’t accept post scabies trauma because there isn’t alot of info on it. I don’t think tight clothing makes a difference if it isn’t causing more itching because of friction. Hope this helps.

  21. It’s been 10or 11 months since I got scabies .i still have those bumps .will they get cured??? Please give me a answer

  22. elizabeth

    Elizabeth asked, after cured of scabies, I have scars every where, how do i get rid of these spots?

  23. shilpa pierpont hale

    Can someone actually please answer me , why after I did scabies treatment does it still itch after wearing tight clothes ???????????

    1. I?m also looking for this answer, also notice the itching with tight clothes such as jeans, but difficult to find any info on it. Doctors are completely useless, it?s up to the individual to find the real facts and similar cases. It?s a struggle. Bottom line, you?re not imagining it, it?s it psychosomatic.
      I picked this ridiculous condition up in Rhode Island, I think, from massage place. I really think the massage lady had it in her hands. No doubt lately, pretty much. Beware of the Northeast U.S., it?s everywhere.

      1. Correction:
        it?s NOT psychosomatic. I used permethrin 5% twice, 7 days apart, then Ivermectin next week but the stupid dermatologist PA failed to mention on the rx instruction that I should take all three pills not just one, so I took one thinking she had given me extra… anyway, 7days later I took the other two, sooo dunno if the ivermectin did the job but hopefully the two permethrin applications prior did.

        I think now I?m suffering from post scabies (which was never properly diagnosed, just speculated) … pin pricks and vibrations daily/ nightly, scalp crawly/ small vibrations, and random sudden stinging sensations in random areas occasionally. Like a ?paresthesia? like a BUZZING momentarily in a spot. Could be, hopefully, nerve irritation side effects from permethrin/ ivermectin treatment… might even be ESTROGEN RELATED… ANYONE GET LITTLE RED ?CHERRY ANGIOMAS? moles popping up?? Ladies, research this route also if your in late 30?s-40?s as perimenopausal hormonal fluctuations can cause this buzzing in some women I?ve researched clinical literature on it.

        Don?t mean to confuse, just provide all info while I sift through and get through. Good luck, any other similar experiences and suggestions would help, many thanks!

        1. Okay, I’ve had the red dots, but not for awhile. My husband picked up scabies at a resort in Mexico and gave it to me. We’ve been dealing with this for over a year now. We’ve been taking Ivermectin horse paste 1.87% once a week for the last 4-5 weeks now. I’ve read some mites can live 30 days without food so we will probably continue for another 4 weeks. We were taking this before, and it worked, but only took it for 3 weeks! It seemed like the bug bites started appearing again a short time later, like not right after we would quit taking it but shortly after. Just recently, I thought I was scabies free for like a month and then all of a sudden these pimple like bites that itch flared up like crazy on me so I’ve started back on the Ivermectin. Since starting back up, I’ve noticed I’m still getting new bites which is really odd because this didn’t happen last time I took the paste so I’m wondering if they are building up a resistance to it? We wash and dry everything, everyday. I’ve started taking oral Sulphur and DE and spraying the beds with thieve’s oil. I’ll probably start spraying that on me. It has a mixture of clove’s oil in it. I’m so fed up with these bugs. It is terrible. I find some relief in the fact that this might just actually be post scabies that I’m going through. I’m going to keep up on the paste for a bit and cleaning, at least until I don’t see any new bites for awhile. I want to make sure I get rid of them for good this time. I can’t bring myself to put permetherin cream on. But they don’t seem to like the DE paste I put on my skin once it dries. I sleep in that stuff.

  24. Karen Hale

    So I was treated 2 applications 7 days apart with the last treatment almost 2weeks ago. I have no scabies following the directions of the cream. I did get a systemic allergic reaction to a medication 2 days after the second application. I also have hives rash a week later. I do not have more bite or burrows and the ones I had are healing, almost gone. I am on oral steroids, they took me of blood pressure medications and I have rashes randomly and itch like crazy. The rashes and itching are not necessarily where i had burrows but where i applied cream and come and go. I’m not sure when the allergic reactions and itching ends. All my family was treated the same time the same way and I am the only one having issues.

  25. Milica Chatraw

    I have read ALL your comments.We fight with scabies since september 2017(now is march 9)We had all things I read about:Ivermectin,Permethrin cream…..BUT,BUT-revolutionary help came from product __Kleen Free Naturally._It is some kind of enzymes that dissolve bugs shell -meaning kills them without harsh chemicals.Concentrated KFN dissolved with water in spray bottle-and spray yourself and EVERYTHING in the house.Rugs,furniture,tables,beds,all in kitchen,bathroom-everything…It dries out and leaves no odor.I use it also in washing laundry with detergent in HOT WATER,and dry in HOT DRYER for 60 minutes.It works!!!!All the rest- lukewarm shower…..Dove soap,coconut oil,and sedation pill to calm our demolished nerves.Try Kleen Fee Naturaly-I strongly recommend it.Good luck!

    1. Thank you for this! I just bought some of this. I know the concentrated chemical solution they spray in hospitals for scabies did not seem to work on my carpet so I’m hoping this will.

  26. I am fighting this now,,,,I applied the first dose of perscibed cream and washed and cleaned everything!! My husband was also treated, I woke up covered with new spots ( bumps),,, my husband is doing better.. why do I have all these new spots everywhere?? I had about 20 when I applied the cram, now I have hundreds!!! Why? What is going on?

    1. I just recently had the same thing happened to me after I thought I was scabies free. My husband is clear, no spots but I’m full of them – all over my legs and creeping up my torso. I am hoping this is just post scabies..

  27. I still think i might have left out mites in my body.I got scabies because of dirty swimming pool and my idiotic urge to keep on swimming even after seeing red bumps in my body because i wanted to never forget it learned it at the age of 25.When i learned the pool was well maintained but because of water scarcity then didnt clean it or change it. First i thought it was fungus infection. So i treated myself with turmeric for nearly Two and half months before going to a dermatolgist.He gave permethrin and ivermsctin but i didnt listen to him properly about boiling my clothes and bedding.
    I was careless.Even after two applications in two weeks i got it back again.But my lazy self didnt take it seriously. I did not visit dermatolgist for another month.I got it again. Again i didnt go for two weeks.Went again and the same process repeated. Plus after the day everytime i had some kind of alcocholic beverage itching worsened.
    Since i had to take permission during working hrs and wanted to keep my condition secret. I medicated my self two times in two weeks. Then i start to put my clothes in 65 degree celsius water before washing it. At some point bumps in the body near joints disappeared. But
    After some time it appeared on other parts of skin with itching. After i started application of permethrin and ivermectin four timss in four weeks.There were no visible bumps but wherever i touched the itching part i felt smallbumps. I myself took it as mites under my skin. In winters i applied wherever it was itching. i applied permethrin wherever it ws itching for me.Then i didnt apply medicine for a month .Small red bumps.appeared in my skin.
    I again repeated the treatment left it a month again repeated.
    Recently i visited one of the best dermatolgists in my town. He told me the disease in my mind.Could it be post scabies syndrome. Can post scabjes continue for an year since i Swimmed in a dirty pool five times staying in the pool for more than a hour in the span of two weeks.
    Or is it possibletunnels inide ur body from scabies had been affcted by some other micro organisms causing itching.

  28. I was infected June of last year so I’m going on my 1st anniversary! What I want to ask is does this get worse before it gets better ? I’m 5days into my 2nd treatment of ivermectin/pyrethrine and I’m breaking out like crazy !! New tract marks oozing scabs and all I am using the sulphur soap letting it dry on my skin then rinsing in cold water NOTHING seems to soothe it everything I try seems to just make it ANGRY !!!! I’m thinking it’s because I didn’t get properly diagnosed for so long I’m going to do a third treatment ,IS THIS NORMAL ?????

  29. I agree on the importance of taking zinc & magnesium along with probiotics. I won’t have gelatin or anything from animal products due to my beliefs that animals are sentinent beings just like we are so if I could just suggest adding food grade diamatous earth supplemented into the diet for us animal loving people instead of the animal derivatives listed..thx!!

  30. Hi, I started getting reddish bumps about a month ago, mostly on my thighs and in between my fingers. I didn’t think much of it at first but after a while my skin peeled whenever I scratched and some of the marks turned brown so i went the clinic the next day. The doctor wasn’t entirely sure of what it was but he told me tht it could possibly be dustmites or bed bugs. He gave me dermovate cream and allergy medication. He also instructed me to wash all the beddings, couch covers and carpets, which i did. The itch went away whenever i put the cream on but came back when i ran out of cream. At the time i wasn’t able to go to the doctors again. My only choice was to get medication from the pharmacy. Since it wasn’t confirmed to be dustmites or bedbugs, i asked for a rash/itch cream and showed them my marks. The creams worked only for a short whilr too. During those few weeks, I was prescribed different types of creams such as fucidin and uniflex-n. When it worsened, i had no choice but to go to the clinic again. He said it could be a bacterial infection so he prescribed me hydrocort for the itchness as well as cetaphil soap. The cream worked only for a while though. Two weeks ago i was told that it was scabies. The symptoms i read up on as well as the marks were the same as the ones i had. I washed everything the same, this time in hot water and was asked to put on scaboma lotion. I was told that the itchness and new marks will appear during the first few weeks. A few days ago they appeared all over my body. I’m still confused as to whether or not my skin is healing at all. But now the marks and bumps have all flattened, darkened and dried up. I still itch here and there but not as bad as before. Although, if i scratch the areas of the marks they become flaky and dry, it looks similar to when you get sunburned. Is that normal? I’ve been using rosken lotion for the dryness. I use egoderm cream and zyrtec for whenever i feel itchy. Right now my only concern is whether or not it will cure for good. Please help me????

  31. Hi found out a had Scabies last week 🙁 av had my 1st teatment & also youse tea tree oil, the scabs are going like a white dry skin round them, does any no if ther is any sign of them dying, am going out my mind with itch.

  32. I have gotten Scabbies twice by the same man who took a homeless woman in. I am so broke becaise of everything i have tried. It took me two monthe each time to get rid of these. It is pure devastation to a person who is extremely clean. first of all I found out kerosene kills them . I instantly used kerosene on my skin 3-5 times a day ,I wiped off with it . I then scrub my skin with a body brush and sulfer soap. I was tired of using homeopathic medicines , because the results took forever, and i want instant relief. I took ivermectin horse wormer from tractor supply, 3 times a day. For the intire infesation. I discovered rosemary essential oils, killed the bug and the eggs, i would use that after i wiped with kerasine, and the last thing i used before going to bed. Every time i got in my car, i made sure i wiped down with kerasine, because you will infest your car. Yoy can not have any live bugs on you. You will never get them out. I changed my clothes every 4 hours. Every time i got in my car i had fresh clothes on. An automatic dryer did not kill them i found a gas dryer that killed them instantly. I want to help all the people out there sufferinf from these horrod basstards. I been there. [email protected]

  33. Shearease l Timberlake

    How can u kill these damn bugs bc I have been treated with perithium 1 and ivemecin 2 times and I took the horse paste and my hair was really really really infested bc I had 2 sores from bleaching that wouldn’t heal for like 6 months then I stopped bleaching and I took a bath with 1 of my kids and felt a horrible itch and weeks later I had it and my hair it’s been falling out for 2 weeks and won’t stop and I just started working and I can’t function bc it’s constant falling out my hair so like last month it started shooting out bugs out of my scalp all day for like 12 hours nonstop I went to e. .r when it slowed down they said I was lying so I went to a other e.r the same but then it stop comming out constantly just a little every few days then this month on the first it started again and my head was burning and it popped a big hole in my head on 1 side and my scalp felt numb right b4 I just keep running cold water for hours went to the e.r. they did nothing but gave me 5 ivemecin and since then its still shedding nonstop and it’s reinfecting my body again now my kids have it bc I’m shedding everywhere I be in the bathroom all day and night now I have a job and I can’t function bc it’s nonstop falling out my face I’ve tried the bleach alcohol the arid spray the bedbug spray I even tried biofreeze I bout a 32 oz of perithium over the counter and treated everyday for 5 days on my skin and scalp and also I used lice treatment all off them and sulfer powder and hair Greece I don’t no what to do I’m about to go freaking nuts now I’ve shedded so much my mate and kids have it and he thinks I’m crazy bc he can’t see it I feel the eggs and bugs but I see when they bath the same shit in the tube and on the floor bc I face burns all the time bc I can’t keep the shit from falling out my hair someone please help I ordered more horse paste in which I forgot to say after the first treatment on June 1 they have me ivemecin I ordered horse paste took 1 tube the next day and put the rest in my hair and body the other 2 tubes and it’s still not gone I clean with bleach and change bedding daily I take 3 baths a day rotating in salt water the hydro and borax and bleach and I don’t no what else to do I’m so depressed

  34. Hey, I don’t know if anyone will ever reply this, but I had scabies (pretty sure they’re gone now) for about a month and a half (even with treatment), until I was SO desperate, I tried something that one would ever recommend, and I also don’t, but if you’re here, you already know how horrible these bugs are. After I had a breakdown one night and cried nonstop because I was so itchy and bleeding from scratching, I decided I had to some something extreme and posibbly dangerous to get rid of these things. I bought Amitraz, which is a chemical used to kill fleas, ticks and even cure scabies in dogs, cats and cattle. This thing is supposed to be very dangerous to humans, and it is reccomended to be used wearing gloves, as contact with the skin might have sideffects. I’m not saying you all should do this. But I felt in a corner. I live in venezuela, and we have no medicine to cure this. There’s no human-grade Ivermectine o permenthin ointments, nothing. I took veterinary ivecmertin, never improved. I bought dog soaps, no improvement. I tried so much sulphur ointments, which seemed to only help a little, but the rashes kept spreading. So I tried Amitraz. I made a solution a lot less concentrated than what the back of the box recommended for dogs, but it in a spray bottle, and prayed to the heavens nothing bad happened, and sprayed it all over my body. Overnight, I saw improvement that I had not seen in well over a month. (I also sprayed the solution all over my bedding, mattress, pillows, shoes, clothes, floors, and anything I could find, just in case. And since it’s an insecticide, it leaves everything scabies-proof, and don’t need to be washed and hot-dryed every single day) Since I started, the rashes have been clearing up slooooowly, but surely. The itchyness feels residual, nothing like the feeling I had during the initial infestation. Mostly, I’m just itching mildly where I get, like, pression marks? You know, like were my bra is tight and leaves a mark, or when I’m sitting on a chair and get up and I have an imprint on the back of my thighs, it itches mildly there. It’s managable. I’ve been using the amitraz solution twice a day for ten days now, (I make new solution every day, ’cause I think it loses some power when you make a lot of it, and it’s left unused for over a day), and aside from some dryness, I haven’t seen any undesirable side effects. I have not been dizzy or anything. But I do believe it has made my skin very sensitive (rightfully so). Now I’m only using it as a spot treatment, just in case there’s anything left alive. My legs are almost fully healed. Right now, my biggest issue are my arms, which don’t really itch, but I’m getting very small blisters where I used to have the initial rash, and I have ODC, and I’m obsessed with popping them with my nails, which makes me bleed, and it’s leaving me very scarred up. I’ve been wearing long sleeves for weeks, which is a living hell while living in such a hot place as Venezuela. I’m trying to not touch them, and they start clearing up after a couple of days, but then I see two new blisters, and I can’t help myself, and start scratching them to pop them (though they don’t really itch). These small blisters/bumps are not red at all, not until I make them bleed at least. And they only appear where I had the initial scabies red, itchy rash. Is this normal?

  35. Crystal M

    I have had scabies untreated since i was a child. My body is not only wracked with the effects of infestation, but probably going to take much longer than 2 months to expel everything…i really appreciate this gentle guide, as there isn’t much on the internet about life after persistent scabies. It is by far one of the scariest, most traumatic discoveries of my life, but if i had not found out my body would be only weaker and weaker…. hoping nobody else has to wait as long as I did to know what was wrong with my body. It is truly horrific at such an advanced stage. I see now why they call it “the seven year itch” in the medieval times.
    My whole body is catastrophically affected. My feet and face primarily, as well as my shoulders, thighs,calves, hands especially… and nobody during my childhood had and idea how to diagnose this. Doctors have been particularly u helpful. Thank you for this article and i hope more people wake up and look for these symptoms before its too late…

    1. Crystal M

      That cream they give, is ineffective against persistent mites
      I had to find Pyrantel Pomoate on my own (will kill all mites, its the same as ivermectin which they should prescribe more often)

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