How to Get Rid of Scabies at Home Fast

How to Get rid of scabies at home fast

How to get rid of Scabies, fast.

This post has been a product of months of suffering, struggle, confusion and, finally – clarity and freedom.

I struggled with scabies for so long, but it didn’t have to take that long…. And it wasn’t for a lack of effort that it did.

I researched as much as a could. I toiled every day trying to get rid of the bugs. But it took me awhile to find the information i needed – the information that actually cured me.

To find that info I had to first sift through info that didn’t work. The advice I originally found may have sounded compelling and gave me hope, but it was ultimately misguided and incomplete, to say the least.

I spent a good amount of time and money trying these cures that ended up being nothing more than a bandaid. The methods just kept the mite population subdued, but never got rid of them entirely.

Although the advice I tried initially didn’t cure my scabies, it wasn’t because people weren’t trying to give good advice. There intentions were wholesome. Most people online sincerely want to both help themselves get cured and support others to do the same. We all want that.

In the end the misinformation available online is due to a lack of knowledge and wishful thinking.

Let’s get right into it

Now, like i said, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet concerning scabies. The very first thing I want people to know is that natural scabies treatments are highly unlikely to cure your scabies infestation on their own. They just don’t do the trick.

Yes, natural remedies will not rid you of scabies by themselves.

For one, they don’t pack enough of a punch – otherwise powerful remedies like neem and tea tree oil may be effective for 99% of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. But for scabies, they just don’t cut it.

And why is that?

This is because scabies, throughout their evolution, have developed effective protective measures to thwart off attempts to kill them.

They burrow deep and create protective enzymes in their spit that they surround their borrows with. This keeps them sealed in and attempts at killing them sealed out.

While your tea tree and bleach baths may kill roaming scabies on the surface (sometimes called “surface crawlers”), they won’t be killing the fully burrowed mites and their eggs. You might feel some temporary relief, but you can bet the colony is still churning and burning out new little baby mites to continue conquering your epidermis.

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What’s the solution then?

My family is all about natural treatments when they are called for. But you have to be practical when dealing with issues that are outside of the immediate natural remedy scope.

Scabies are a real nuisance that require serious treatment methods. If getting rid of scabies was as easy as we wish it was then it likely wouldn’t have picked up the nickname “the seven year itch.”

The best (and only) cure that I recommend to get rid of scabies is to use oral ivermectin and/or topical permethrin cream.

Oral ivermectin

If you have pets or livestock you’ve likely came across ivermectin over the years.

When ingested it enters the bloodstream, where the mites get to it and consume it. The molecular structure of ivermectin disables pivotal important functions of the mites effectively incapacitating them until they die.

They eat it, they die.

And while ivermectin results in a death sentence for mites, it is safe for humans to ingest at low levels and is easily disposed of by the body.

Here is a very thorough explanation on the application and use of ivermectin for scabies.

You can get ivermectin from your doctor or buy it yourself over the counter here. Keep in mind if you buy it over the counter it’s not marketed for humans, but it works. You’ll just make sure that it does not have added ingredients for heart-worms. The one I linked to does not. Use at your own risk!

5% Permethrin cream

Permethrin is another somewhat common household product. If you live in tick or mosquito country, you’ll know what i’m talking about. It’s very effective when used for treating scabies.

Permethrin cream goes on topically and absorbs into the skin. It bypasses the mites defenses and kills live mites on site.

Permethrin cream is the most commonly prescribed treatment by doctors. Enough is dispensed to do two or more treatments. It is of upmost important that you follow through and do two treatments. This is because permethrin cream, just like every other treatment available, will not kill all of the eggs.

Their eggs are just too well protected.

The first treatment will kill the adults. Next you must wait for the eggs to hatch and then kill them before they can repopulate. Two treatments is almost always enough to get rid of a scabies infestation for good.

You can buy permethrin cream online without a doctor here.

Cleaning your home and work environment is of upmost importance when getting rid of scabies

Re-infestation is not a fun prospect.

Nothing is worse than getting your treatment right – only to get infested again right after you’ve got rid of your scabies.

To prevent this you’ll have to ensure that you’re home, work space, car and any other locations that you frequent are entirely disinfected. Just as important, make sure that the people and animals in your life are also have taken care of (or are taking care of) their risk of scabies and getting rid of the mites if they need to.

That part is hard.

It’s hard enough to keep your car, work and home clean. But to have to talk to friends, family and co-workers about scabies? Ugghhh. I hated doing that.

But you need to.

When I got infested so did my family and some of my friends. And it came from my work to start with. So I had to deal with this from three fronts.

If I had just disinfected MY things and MY body, i would have cured myself. But for how long would that last? Many of those people didn’t know that they might have mites or didn’t know how to treat them if they did.

It’s shitty, but you have to educate those around you to ensure that everyone gets cured and stays cured.

Cleaning your surroundings

Now some for some cleaning details.

While treating your skin for scabies you’ll have to get rid of all traces of scabies from your immediate and extended environment.

This includes deep cleaning:

  • Your house
  • your car
  • your work office
  • your clothes
  • your mattress
  • your pets
  • tabletops and surfaces
  • floors
  • anything else you come in contact with

All of this stuff needs to be taken care of to avoid reinfection.

Below are some recommended cleaning and preventative supplies:

Treat your clothes and possessions often and thoroughly until your infestation is completely gotten rid of.

Now that you have your immediate environment covered there are some steps to take for your extended environment.

  • Do your best to stay away from people who you know might be infected. And make sure they know how to get treatment.
  • If possible, take a vacation away from your environment. Go to a different space for 2+ weeks and treat yourself.
  • Stay away from places that are commonly associated with the spread of parasites like scabies. You might have picked up your mites from one of these places. First, get to know this list of places post very thoroughly. It lays out 13 places you are most likely to contract and share scabies.


This post covers the general protocol for treating scabies. The rest of this website will give you an even broader view of the best ways to deal with this plague.

Good luck.

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  1. Tea tree oil is one of the most popular home remedies for scabies. It seems to be able to penetrate the skin and suffocate the insects. This is similar to the way that nail polish works to kill chiggers. Be advised that nail polish will rarely eliminate scabies, because the mites will typically relocate before the nail polish dries.

    • Thank you so much for this website! It’s being a life-saver! How do I know when the best moment to apply the second treatment is? The Dr. said a week but she was not taking it seriously and saying things like that it does not survive in the bed. How do I know when have the eggs hatched but haven’t yet laid more eggs?

      Thanks again!

      • Hi Irene. Thanks for your comment.

        The second application should be applied between 7-10 days.

        The idea behind this is that your first application should have killed all of the adult and adolescent mites on your body, but not the eggs.

        So the fertile adult females will have died, but the eggs will still hatch and new adolescents will be growing up to proliferate, if given the chance.

        By waiting 7 to 10 days you are giving all of the eggs a change to hatch but not allowing the new mites to grow into a fertile stage. Thus the second application should kill the remaining live mites and leave behind no new eggs.

        As far as mites being able to survive in the bed, yes they absolutely can. You should be thoroughly cleaning any surfaces, including bedsheets and pillows, after every use.

        Good luck to you Irene.

        • hey! thanks so much again for your help!

          Do you think its then normal that the day after my application of permethrin i had like 7 new ones in my hand? Are these the new addolescents? These ones have the little vesicle and im pretty sure its them and not an alergic reaction.

          In addition, since my shower last night with sulphur soap and after applying a lotion, i have had a lot of bumps appearing in my legs and my wrists. they are very itchy but i think its a different type of ichyness. Do you know if this is maybe a different reaction of the inmune system to remove the dead bodies or do you think it is instead an allergic reaction to the soap/lotion?

          Apart from this i think ive got everything under control! I have sprayed the house with permethrin, washed everything at 90, used sulphur soap, flipped my matress and frozen my shoes.Only time will tell but hopefully my war will be over soon, thanks to you and many others 🙂 🙂 lifewithoutscabies!!! 🙂 🙂

          • I think that it is normal to have a reaction pop up even after you’ve applied permethrin. The bumps can be a delayed response. Even if it’s a new track mark you are seeing it might have taken your skin a day to react and show. But again, these things are tricky. Just continue to be persistent in how you’re treating yourself and handling your environment, which it sounds like you are doing a good job of.

            As far as your reaction in the shower it could be to the mites and/or the soaps. At this point our skin is very sensitive. I still had bumps for weeks following my cure.

            Best of luck to you Irene. It’s a tough battle but i think you are taking control!

        • Tom Cundy says:

          Thanks for your excellent advice. I would add to it that a good way to solve the infested clothes and linen problem is to spray these items with concentrated Permethrin (34%). This is available from REI as ‘tick spray’. Clothes treated this way are instant death to insects but completely safe for humans and dogs (but can kill cats). When treated this way, the effect lasts thru several washings. This is a manufacturer recommended use. A convenient alternative to permethrim creme is allethrin spray which is sold as a household insecticide. The manufaturer does not suggest this use but it is as safe as permethrum and has been documented for this use in a controlled nursing home study. PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO USE OTHER INSECTICIDES DIRECTLY ON THE BODY!! Be sure to use only allethrin and not a mixture with other active ingredients!!

          • Great Tip, Tom. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

          • My apologies! The permethrum spray available from REI is not 34% it is .05. Still very effective for the purpose. I refer to the Sawyer pump spray and not to other products they supply. It is listed on their site

          • I have recommended allethrin highly, but after a little research, I think it might be difficult to get in the USA without other undesirable ingredients. RAID formula 7 seems to come closest, but I would use it carefully. If someone is willing to wait a while it can be ordered from AMAZON in India at – the product is called HIT FLYING INSECT KILLER. This is what I use. Hope this helps….

          • Thanks again for all the good advice and analysis on this site. It really is a blessing to get some straight talk on this difficult subject. I would like to give a little background into why I propose the ‘radical ‘ approach of using commercial home insecticide for an alternative to permethrum. Here are the reasons:
            – Permethrum has been around a long while and resistance is developing to it.
            – Permethrum was developed from pyrethrum which comes from chrysanthenum flowers. There are a number of other synthetic compounds with similar chemical structures which have been developed. These all have names ending in ‘thrin’ such as allethrin.
            – The reason for all these variants is that as insects develop resistance, the chemical companies need to keep up with new compounds.
            – The ‘pyrethroid family’ of insecticides are considered to be fairly safe for humans and that is why they are widely used in household products.
            – That said, some are safer than others. The official rating system is to say either ‘warning’ or ‘caution’ on the product container. If the label says ‘caution’ this means that the product is not known to cause toxic effect in humans.
            – Permethrum, allethrin and a couple of others are in the ‘caution’ category. This means that one should be able to use them directly on the body, but with caution. You won’t poison yourself but you might get some skin irritation.

            As this web site has rightly pointed out, few methods of control really work. Permethrum, ivermectum and I would add, allethrin, really do.

          • Dear Admin, please drop me a line at my email when you have time. I would like to share some findings on resistant mites and permethrin alternatives. I am concerned that some of this data could be misunderstood and I am reluctant to share it on your site without your permission. Again, thanks for your dedication in dealing with this menace.

          • Just to wrap up this thread a bit. The basic steps recommended on this site are excellent. The important point is DON’T LET YOURSELF GET REINFECTED!! The first time is always unexpected. You must take steps so that it will never happen again! Unfortunately mites are getting resistant to permethrin although it is still quite useful. For resistant mites you may need allethrin. In the USA the ‘RAID House and Garden Formula 7 spray’ may be your best bet. It contains allethrin (which is as safe to use as permethrin) and phenothrin which is sometimes used in humans for head lice. This product is marketed as a miticide (of course, the manufacturer does not recommended this product for human use). You should be o.k. with this, just use caution and apply to a small area first to see if there is any allergic reaction. Good luck!!

          • A few final thoughts on dealing with permethrin resistant mites. As one other commentator has noted, they get on your face and scalp and do not respond well to permethrin. This has also been my experience. The way I have been able to get rid of them is with allethrin spray. It usually kills them all within about twenty minutes.

          • Tim Spriggs says:

            Permethrin seems to be working for me but it is slow going. Yet, it is the best thing I’ve used. It does pack a puch to those guys. One thing I just now tried was soaking a clean cloth (I used brand new underwear, jockies) with rum and rubbed my scalp and hair to kill them all at once. To kill the eggs that may be in the hair. I think you have to hit them hard everywhere at once. So that is one tip. It only takes one viable egg to hatch after all.

          • Dianavargas says:

            Hello my name is Diana and I have scabies but it won’t go away.with my coconut oil.

          • It is known that certain bacteria are not destroyed when washed at 60c which is what is advised for scabies. In order to avoid reinfection I believe it is best to was sheets and towels at 90c or any temperature higher than 60c, it certainly made a diffference in my attempt to get rid of them, also bag up used clothes for at least three days after treatment.

        • Tom Cundy says:

          I Think that one should also consider the reinfection cycle. I have read that it usually takes at least 10 days after exposure for mite symtoms to appear but that a reinfection can happen in as little as 2 to 4 days. Why is this? I have not been able to get a clear answer on this, but it may be that mites mark their territory (you) the way many insects do with chemical markers. This may make it much easier for new arrivals to move in. As I travel in places where mites are common (India, Nepal). My solution is to carry allethrin spray and use it at the first sign that I am under attack.

        • Tom Cundy says:

          Speaking about mites in the bed… Big problem, but, as described in a prior post, if you have treated your sheets with permethrin you have just created a killing field for mites. The mites on your mattress will die, the mites on you will die (as soon as you get into bed). It is well known that teating fabric with permethrin this way is safe. Just follow instructions when you do it (and don’t expose your cat or fish whatever you do!).

          • Casey Quattlebaum says:

            Can I also spray my couches, vehicle seats with the permethrin spray? And the mattress on the bed as well? And how can I find the spray permethrin?

          • I don’t see any good reason not to, as long as you follow manufacturer instructions. Permethreum at this level of concentration should be handled carefully – don’t inhale it or get it on you skin. The only convenient source I know of is REI which is the big outdoor supply retailer. Just ask for ‘tick spray’.

          • I must clarify my post a bit. REI does sell permethrum spray under the Sawyer label. It comes in a 24oz pump spray container for $16. It should be possible to order it online from their web site – hope this helps.

          • To the previous note on Sawyer permethrin spray I have noticed that they also make an aerosol spray permethrin product specifically for treating clothes. This is available from the AMAZON.COM site.

        • lori stratton says:

          i have liver disease and i going to try horse pase will it kill me i have a dog thats been infected for 4 years since i bought him at 6 weeks old i have tried everything please help!!!!!!!!!!!! EMERGENCY

          • claudia says:

            Quanox drops. formulated for one of the Best Dermatology in South America. I went to three different dermatologists here and none of them could help me, every day was worse. Then I decided to go to Colombia.

            One drop per kilogram. ( 60 kg X 60 drops. ) One dose every week, an empty stomach, 2 hours after ingesting food.
            Could be 6/8/10 doses depending on how you feel. Do not stop the treatment until you feel free.
            You’ll found it in Colombia, Bogota. Pharmacies sell without a prescription. Buy 10-12 bottles. Is dewormed ample spectrum. It’s very inexpensive. This was the only medicine healed me. “THE BEST “
            After finishing treatment each month for 3 times. To make sure you will be clean. The Doctor said, you will not intoxicate.
            Sulfur cream twice a day to 10%. you can find it online.
            Before going to bed apply Coconut oil with Diatomaceous hearth for 30 minutes then soak yourself taking a bath with Epson salt, Borax 2-3 cups and Hydrogen peroxide 2 cups, for 30 minutes. Once a day before going bed. ( After bathing clean the tub with Clorox, Borax )

            Eat well to upload your defenses, Vegetables, Protein, eat a lot of Garlic, Onion, cilantro, Thyme, oregano, Rosemary, lemon, citric fruits, sunflower seeds, grains, Sesame seeds, walnuts, A LOT OF COCONUT OIL INSIDE AND OUT.

            Vitamins, BIOTIN, COMPLEX B, / C -A- E

            Disinfect, wash everything ! Your Car, wash all what you have contact every day before going to bed. The bathroom cleans every day. Fumigate the mattress the same day that you will take the medicine and change your bedding. Vacuum 3 times a week and fumigated once a week. Wash sheets and clothes, every day with hot water. And dry the warmer temperature for more than 80 minutes.
            Clean your house one or two days prior to take the Medicine.
            Be patient, constant, it will take 3-4 months or longer to heal.

            All the Best …

          • Lori Lute says:

            Lori, ivermectin for your dog will cure it’s scabies, but it takes a long time of careful dosing. Also, it can cause neurological problems as a side effect, so you will want to watch for lethargy and dehydration. Dogs in the herding breeds are more sensitive to this treatment. They require less medicine and can be easily overdosed. Call a vet and ask for advice to be sure of dosing amount.

        • Calire lister says:

          Hi once you have applied a cream I am in England not sure we have same creams, and after I applied the cream I got into clean bedding then showered the next day should I have washed bedding again and do I need to wash it every day. This is the worst thing ever happened to me 31 single and I hate my body now I cry every night and feel dirty and depressed they won’t die and I am literally scratching my skin off! X

          • yes, you should have washed your bedding after you slept but before you showered. Cut your nails short, get a benedryl type cream, and do the whole process over again, you have to do it at least to times 7-10 days apart for it to be fully effective

          • Claire, I thought too that it will never end but this too shall pass. You are doing all the right things. The benadryl cream and benadryl allergy relief tablets will help as well. I am taking them also for my scabies. I have 5 dogs which are now being treated with ivermectrin once a week by the vet. My husband and I have been treated with permythrin 4 times and I will be taking my final dose of ivermectrin in 2 days. I have used diametrous earth on the floors along with bleach and borax. I have also washed all of our clothes with hot water and borax plus dried on high heat. I have sprayed our bedding with Permethrin spray bought at Home Depot here in the states .05 %. $16.00. Aerosol10.00 per can. Steam cleaned our clothes. Wiped down all counter tops door knobs, window panes, cars, computes, bathrooms, kitchens, you name it things s with bleach, and otherwise unnotables with bleach. Had reinfections until we treated our dogs with ivermectrin. People please clean ceiling fans with bleach or permethrin spray as scabies will fly. We can all support one another. Claire glad you posted. Hope you can use some of these ideas. I sure used many of them myself.

        • Hello! I know that this post is from a few years ago, but I was hoping someone could help with advice regarding my pets. I have been fighting Scabies for a few months now and with all the information I have gathered I am ready to tackle these monsters and be itch free! But I would like some advice on what I should do for my two dogs. My vet suggested some medicine, but I don’t feel that she was confident or understood the severity of the situation. I don’t want to go through the process of eliminating the scabies just to be reinfected by my living, spoiled, in-door dogs.

          Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information!

      • This tea oil where do I find utbor how do I make it

        • When I read these articles advertising not to use anything natural I can’t help but think evil pharmaceutical corps are preying on the weak and desperate.
          Tea tree is supposed to be 3x more effective then any soap at killing bacteria and clover oil at only 1% percent has been clinically proven to kill all normal scabies in under 6 minutes when fully exposed. 6.5%+ is needed for resistent mites.
          Modern mans science can’t compete with mother natures complexity. Which is why over the last 20 years it’s been documented that scabies strains in varying degrees have been become resistant to permethrin. Despite what people would have you believe, I can tell you first hand that it only takes a few months to notice a huge deference in permethrins efficacy.
          If permethrin works for you, count your self lucky you don’t have resistant scabies. Resistant scabies, is a completely different beast as there are no well documented effective treatments.
          While their is research and trials to support the existent of Resistent scabies, most medical practices, docters and dermatologist are unaware of the existence of resistant scabies.
          Important things only the inflected seem to know:-
          Resistant scabies are much larger x2, at least and can be seen when dead on the surface, becuase of the size increase their hard protective carapace is thicker, so all topical creams are far less effective. Being more resilient to acidity they are now able to migrate uniquely to your scalp and face where they become a whole other level of irritating and disable to your ability perform normal tasks. As docters don’t know of their existence, they’ll despill the idea that you have scabies regardless of your desperate conidtion and other symptoms. At this stage, typically docters will start to believe the crawling feeling your expressed and biting is simple a mentally manifestation.
          Trying to convince a medical practitioner you know more then them your condition is a losing battle. You’ll only end up band from the premisses or they’ll booked-you into see a psychiatrist.
          will first question your mental health then believe that scabies is able with it’s more resistance to acidity if able to go to the face. Your only option is to insist on a skin examination and that that they take a sample to be looked at.
          After spending thousand of pounds I treatments I can confidentally tell up of what best works.
          Buying a portable sauna. and have numerous sessions back to back to back. Nothing comes close to it’s effectiveness at reducing the ailment.
          If you have a built up area of them you should apply a mix of extra hot pepper, with Isopropanol, it kills them instantly. Also dilute with Sulfar powder and veg oil to sleep and sleep with the mixes on.

          • Hey Louis thanks for the comment.

            I’m no fan of big pharma either. But I do recommend the pharmaceutical medications for this condition because they work.

            While, yes, tea tree and clove are surely able to kill scabies – a problem arises because you can’t simply isolate scabies and drop them in a a solution of essential oils (like they do in testing) outside of the lab.

            Scabies live inside of the skin and secrete certain enzymes to protect themselves and their eggs. This protective barrier underneath the skin that surrounds the mites and their eggs is robust and simply applying essential oils we can’t ensure that we’d kill the mites.

            With ivermectin on the other hand, the mites eat the substance and it kills them from within.

            As far as convincing a medical practitioner that you more about about the condition than they do… In most cases, we do. Many doctors haven’t encountered scabies themselves and have no idea of the gravity and severity of the condition. We who have done weeks, even months, worth of online research about scabies are likely to be more well versed than your average doctor.

          • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

            I had read where body lice has also developed resistance to man’s remedies for them. And now scabies too. I think I have the resistant strain. I’ve gone thru several tubes of Permethrin. But Compound W is the Krytonite that kills em dead. And dissolves their bunkers too. BOOM !!!!

    • jim miller says:

      where can you get these items you have listed,,,,,rite now im having a problem with my email

  2. Were you successful in getting rid of scabies? It seems impossible to get rid of.

    • Jess, I am FINALLY able to say that my husband and I are FREE from scabies! Like so many, we have tried just about everything that we were willing to put on our bodies! We stopped at Lindane, having some knowledge of its dangers.
      Our dermatologist knew nothing except what text books told her, and most likely they are now FULLY written by Pharmaceutical companies! Trying to tell her she wasn’t helping–even while scratching a “knew borer” in front of her–was like telling a new-born to use the commode! Our Dr. even rubbed her bare hands over my husband’s infested back, smiling and saying, “I see my prescriptions worked!” She even told me I could stop doing laundry every day–she had cured us! This was over a month ago, and they have continued to spread–no matter what we did! We used the Dr. Scabies, then went to Naturalsil. Both were good at giving relief, and helped us sleep nights after a long bath and the full applications. But, next day, new spots appeared and itched, and became infected. We could only keep them at bay.
      Through constant chats, sites, and research and using myself as a guinea pig, I FINALLY came upon a solution–thanks also to many on this site. I agree with the administrator, essential oils are great for specific spots, but many of them BURN like a fire! They must be applied “CAUTIOUSLY” and with a good carrier. Rarely can this be done strongly enough on the entire body to get results. In fact, that is mostly what these natural scabies solutions are made of, along with sulfur–and they are mixed by professionals! Be extremely careful with Clove oil, as it will burn for hours unless greatly diluted and used in a good carrier. Also, Lemon Grass can kill you, I personally believe. I got some on my arms while filling the tub, so I used water and just rubbed it across my arms. I literally thought I would have a heart attack before we could subside the burn. I knew I was in trouble. So, KEEP THAT ON THE FRONT BURNER OF YOUR BRAIN! If you EVER add it to your bath water, do so only by adding like 2 (that’s TWO) drops! It is volatile, and POTENT! And I would say, NEVER use it in any dilution on a child! Let the experts mix it into their specific treatment oils.
      That said, I FINALLY picked up the Ivermectin Horse Paste at our local Feed and Seed store. It was NOT for heart worms, as the administrator says. I used the paste per my weight, on empty stomach, then drank the grapefruit juice, all in the A.M. Later that day, I became itchy all over, and got into tub of hot, Naturasil-treated water. I bathed and treated myself as ususal, then went to bed. Next morning I had a strip of red infection between my neck and shoulder, about 2-3 inches wide, and about 6-7 inches long! It was burning with fever and looked like a terrible burn. Desperate, I took a tiny (TINY) bit of the Ivermectin paste and very gently rubbed over the spot, and left it alone. Before bed, I did the same thing. Next morning, it was clearing, already. Lots of new spots appeared on me, and the same thing was happening to my husband after he took the Ivermectin. So, we continued with our Natursil program, and 7 days later took our second dose of the Ivermectin paste. Again, it just wasn’t ‘cutting the mustard’ so I continued research. Finally I took Neem lotion for sensitive skin (which I got at cause I ordered 4 for discount) and I mixed about 250-300 lbs of Ivermectin paste with 1/3 to 1/2 of the Neem lotion, stirring well with my finger till thoroughly mixed, then applied to my body. EVERYWHERE there was a red spot it was covered with this lotion. They began to fade, and we saw fewer bites. 5 days later, we took a third dose of Ivermectin with the juice, continuing to hit red spots with the lotion, as needed. Then we purchased the Permethrin Liquid at the Feed and Seed store, and I added SMALL amounts to our laundry! THAT BEGAN TO WORK most thoroughly! Incidentally, we have used only like 5 sets of clothing throughout this entire 6 month period, (Been treating my husband for 5 months) keeping them in a separate place so as to not infest anything else. I have used only ONE SET of bedding, and will most likely have to toss it in a couple of weeks when this is completely gone. I also use Benzarid to fumigate the house, and if you research, you will find the LYSOL also kills these mites. The spray takes, I think 5 minutes upon contact with them, so you can use it, but I like the Benzarid better. Benzarid is expensive, and can be purchased different places, so shop on line, but for my buck, I order, during special discount codes, from Naturalsil, and get gallons! I use this on our furniture each evening before bed, our door knobs, laundry room, bathroom, etc. It dries while killing ANY of the mites in the open. I believe it is safer than Permethrin, and especially since I am already using the permethrin in the laundry every few washes. But, as my husband will gladly attest, this is cleaning our bodies and our environment. As I told my husband, I cannot go on living in solitude and pain, (2 months for me) so, someone in this house is gonna die–them or me–but one of us is gonna die!!! He laughed and quoted Jerry Clower’s story of the lion in the tree, “Shoot up here amongst us–one of us GOTTA get some relief!
      I hope this helps. Lots of words, but lots to tell, and much I did not. Suffice it to say, over a ten year period–supposedly for my husband, per DR.–this has been fought in this house, and FINALLY something is WORKING. HOPE IT WORKS FOR OTHERS AND THEY CAN HAVE THEIR LIVES BACK!

      • I showered and then proceeded to apply the perimeter in cream and asI was doing so on my lower leg. Hundreds of elongated black specks were coming out of my skin. Any idea what this could be?

  3. kathy g says:


    • gloria stuck says:

      it’s my almost time for second permethrin cream,5% this time my elbo is swelling and itches like every where —– what I think is that the mites have gotten into my bones I also put calamine lotion but it doesn’t help… just about lost my mind this time

      • Pinetarsal is great for the itch. 3 capfuls in bath of tepid water 5 min soak. Relieves. I do small hand baths as my hands have been attacked

  4. kathy g says:

    Can Nix be used w/a good unscented skin crème and applied to Scabies- -which a friend has picked up an I an concerned for me!!! I am immune suppressed with Cancer and on Chemo

  5. I’ve just been come back from Mexico a week ago now have been diagnosed with scabies. Is it a coincidence or could I have had them before I went to Mexico? I did go to a tanning bed the month before. Have you heard of tanning beds being places that spread scabies?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    What are your thoughts about dusting with food grade DE?

    • Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic. It’s essentially just tiny pieces of silica. You should be fine using it!

  7. I’m very grateful that I found this site.

    I had contracted Scabies from a short term let accommodation in October 2014. I didn’t know what I had until December 2014. I used the Permethrin cream but was reinfecting myself because I still lived in that house. I moved house in Feb 2015, thinking that as long as I washed everything and applied the cream to everything below my neck I’d be good to go.

    Nope, I brought them with me. I used all of the natural remedies, tea tree oil, neem oil, clove oil, sulpher soap. They only reduced the symptoms.

    I was at end of my tether and feeling increasingly depressed, when I came across this site. I bought the norbrook product recommeded and I went back to the doctor who prescribed Derbec M because I realised that they were in my scalp and I saw a small track on my forehead. I coated myself with the Derbec M and took the norbrook product. I was itch and track free for 48hrs and then it came back.

    What I didn’t realise was that even though I had put plastic covers on my matress, duvet and pillows and washing the bed linen on 90 degress everday, my bed was still re-infecting me. I found out by chance after doing my 4th dose of Derbec M and the norbrook product. I was staying away from home and noticed that I had no symptoms for over 48hrs. When I returned home I slept on a camp bed and had no symptoms for over a week. Then what I thought was scabies came back and I panicked and took the norbrook again (This was my 5th dose in 4 weeks, not good!!) It was actually the post scabies symptoms which are very similar to having scabies.

    It is now nearly a month since the first dose of the norbrook product. I still come out in rashes but I know that they are gone for good. If you keep having scabies after all of the above then YOU ARE REINFECTING YOURSELF!! All those people in Topix should not have scabies for years. That’s nonsense. They are just reinfecting themselves somewhere.

    I hope the above helps and you find out where you are reinfecting yourselves.

    • Hi Mary. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your story. What you’ve gone through sounds miserable and oh so familiar. Dealing with these critters is a seriously hair pulling ordeal. Good on you for being proactive and discovering that your bed might have been prolonging your infestation. It’s true about the frequent commenters on Topix… Many have either failed numerous times to cure themselves by using ineffective methods or they have cured themselves and just decided to use scabies forum as an online haunt to waste time at.

  8. Thank you so much for this website.
    I really appreciate that you are helping us to getting rid of those nightmares.

    I’m from the middle East and I have been infested by those monsters since 4 years now but they aren’t leaving me.
    I was always misdiagnosed with the treatment maybe that’s why i couldn’t cure myself.
    As i’m feeling the crawling and itching sensation on face and scalp too, they are also infected, can I use permethrin cream on the scalp ?
    Also how many times should I take ivermectin in a week ?
    It’ll be really appreciated if you could help me with it.
    Thankyou so much in advance

    • yes, you can apply permethrin on scalp and Ivermectin should be taken once after 5 to 6 days.

    • To add a bit to the discussion, I also have a problem with the mites on my scalp. I use allethrin spray on my scalp and next morning I use SELSUN shampoo. I have found that this must be repeated at lease once after a few days when the remaining eggs hatch. Also, the pillow and pillowcases must be thoroughly disinfected or the problem will come back. If you are not sure how to do this, I suggest you buy a new pillow and pillowcase! The good news is that this approach is highly effective (at least for me). Please refer to my earlier posts on the use of allethrin spray for further details.

      • Please advise me about the use of allethrin spray for the scalp. My scabies started behind my ears and back of my neck with a crawling feeling advancing to the scalp. I would be interested in a spray to the scalp as the permethrin cream is so hard to apply. Can you buy that here in the states and how might one apply that to the scalp?

  9. I have scabies under my armpit I have treated once As the doctors told me to rub this cream on.I looks better then what it did but it stings all the can I stop all the pain as it affects my work

  10. So I found out I had scabies a little over a month ago. My 3 kids ended up with it too. After a few treatments my kids were good, but I am still getting new bumps. I tried tea tree oil and that got rid of some but new ones still showed up. I did another treatment a week ago and I blew up the next day. two spots went away but now I have like 7 new ones. I have bathed in bleach water and washed with sulfur zinc oxide soap and nothing, my spots seem to be getting bigger. I don’t itch at all at night and kinda itch during the day. Im not sure if its still the scabies or not. my kids are not showing any more signs but I also have been wearing long sleeves and pants to keep the skin to skin as minimal as possible. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Hi April. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with this.

      It’s possible that your bumps could be post scabies. But it’s also very possible that you could have been reinfected from your environment or your initial treatments may have not been entirely effective at clearing out the mites.

      If you do in fact still have scabies I would recommend using permethrin and/or ivermectin once more. Bleach baths and tea tree oil won’t be able to kill all of the mites and their eggs.

      Also while you are unsure do your best to keep physical distance from other people and avoid touching things that they use.

  11. Since 02-10-15 my children and I have been had scabies. We have tried the ivermectin 2 times already and I’m so giving up. Because we getting itchy all over our itchiness had lighty gone away but they are back ` mites`. I just dont know what else to do. Please someone help.. Oh I’ve have been doing all of the things mentioned in order to clear these mites and no they are back.

    • I’m so sorry about this Laura. The thing about scabies is that you can’t give up! This is not something that you can live a happy life with, or even a functional one.

      I recommend trying to combine ivermectin and permethrin once more and doing everything possible to avoid the potential re-infestation that can occur during treatment.

      • Jennifer B. says:

        When treating yourself for the first time. Do you recommend taking both ivermectin and also using the permethrin cream right away? Or should I take the ivermectin and see how it goes? 2 and a half years ago, I had a battle with bird mites. They used to bite me so hard, and the dr. wouldn’t help me then. So I am not looking forward to all the work that is ahead of me. This time I thought it was just a rash, but by the time I got to the dr yesterday, I was sure it was scabies. Of coarse the dr said it was just a rash, steroid cream and antihistamines. After reading all the posts it’s just going to be worse in 2 more weeks if I only did what the dr told me to do. I am definitely taking matters into my own hands. Thank you so much for this website and constant replies.

        • Hi Jennifer. Yes, I recommend taking both ivermectin and permethrin simultaneously. And most importantly, remove the scabies from your environment to avoid any chance of re-infestation.

  12. I found out i had these and got treated. I bleach my house everyday. After treatment washed bedding in hot water. Have been washing bedding everyday. Second treatment yesterday. Still noticing new bumps mainly on hands arms. This is making me crazy. Will lysol help on the furniture. Help

    • Yes Susan Lysol on furniture will help. I recommend avoiding furniture with a lot of fabric while you are treating the condition. Stick to easier to clean surfaces like wood, plastic, leather etc.

  13. How much ivermectin should I take? Yes I have seen it for horses. But just not sure how much. I am on my 3 dose of permethrin. When you have post, do you still itch just as bad? I got them from my grandchild, his are gone and mine are horrible. And I can’t see him again until they are gone. Please help. Frustrated and really tired.

  14. if they ARE NOT IN YOUR SKIN THEY WILL DIE IN 4 DAYS …just don’t touch your clothes for 4 days …or put them in the dryer for 20 min…

    • I’m under the impression that they can live longer than 4 days. Consider that they might have fallen off your skin attached to some dead skin flakes. These mites are small and they could subsist for a good deal of time if they are on a couch munching on some dead skin.

      • I have had the crusted scabies for almost a year now. I am a senior woman, 78 tears old. It was my first time, and I had them maybe two months before the itching in my scalp and neck started. I had noticed more than normal hair loss when brushing My daughter sent me ! % permethium, but it was either too late or not strong enough. I thought it was head lice. I got some Scabisan, 5% permethion (here in Baja), but by then my skin was crusting. More research and saw I needed Invermectrin. Went to a doctor, who just laughed and gave me an allergy pill prescription and set up some blood and urine tests. I went to another doctor- same clinic– and he took one look at me and said you need Invermectrin. and the Scabisan, and wash clothing and bedding every day. And another dose of Invermectrin one week later. In the meantime, my left knee turned beet red and swelled like a baseball, and my leg and ankles swelled. The crusts had protected the mites and nits, but the Invermectrin killed them, but leaving all the dead nits and fecal junk.

        Because of the intensity of this, the doctor prescribed a second series, a little higher in strength. My body is marked all over with where I have picked.
        My legs and ankle, which I thought was just a swelling, turned out to be the resting place of colonies of dead scabies. I found by gently but firmly pressuring the white dots on the pores, (with a blunt Revlon tweezer) I would bring up continuous material, like a fibrous matter. The top white spot would show a resistance, and sometimes a popping feeling. It was like excavating an old cemetery. Certain parts of my body, where infestation was worst, have an awful waxy substance. It looks transparent, but when I scrape it off with my nails, it is very gray and dirty looking. I have been working on this ankle and lower leg for a few months now, so it is not swollen now. And most white dots are gone, but wax persists. I did not think they got to my hands, but they did, showing up after they were dead. And believe me, dead nits HURT I still itch, but not like from inside and I CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT. which IS A BLESSING.

        I have waxy scabs on my scalp, and when I scrape them off, they immediately rewax. How do I end this siege?
        What hurts and itches too, is the inside area of my elbow. The skin , pores, there is so tight, and now the dead nits are starting to emerge.

        Help me, please.

        • Help me for f?ck sake, ive left this thing go too long eh god knows how long they have been chowing down inside of me but im so freaked n paranoid now that ive been digging them out of my hands with a knife even, and shit some of them are huge huh….will these chemicals get rid of this chronic pain n masses of them , i feel so dirty hey n embarrassed yeah.

          • Castile soap is the miracle says:

            Please try Castile soap asap. I had a very different experience than the admin of this post with the “stardard” cures. Castle soap dissolves their ectoskeletons as well as their excretions to cement their eggs under your skin. I had some really deep burrows as I had been infested for years. This soap saved me. Wash with it, scrub your skin all over to kill the males. Then rub it directly onto bites and burrows and leave it on,. I did this 5-6 times a day, maybe more. It never irritated my skin, and it really got down in there and broke up the females, eggs, and their nasty nests. A small new bite was gone in a day. A deep burrow took more time, but there was relief immediately. Some blood as it was all dissolved, but it eventually cleared and healed. This soap can be used on children, on sensitive areas, on your scalp, on your dog. It can also be used in the wash.
            I wound up soaking gmy bedding and clothing in salt water, 2lbs. per load, 30 or more min. And then
            washing. THAT worked too. Heat doesn’t effect them at all in my experience.
            I carried this soap with me everywhere, dabbing anytime I felt that awful persistant itch. It worked. AND, it also works on old healed over areas, just keep rubbing it in and that old hard stuff will eventually dissolve. Good luck to everyone, this is easy, effective and inexpensive. Please try it.

  15. Thank you for your very informative article.
    Been suffering from scabies for a month.
    Please guide me regarding wash clothes and linens
    Thank you

  16. Hi,
    My name is harriet macneil and I wanted to know how I would have gotten scabies when i live alone,i don’t let anyone touch me or hug me,I do have res cross worker come in so can they have brought them into my home?That’s the only way I can think of..I don’t even use restrooms when i am out,just at my doctors..please help me!

    • Hello Harriet. Yes it’s possible that the red cross workers could have brought them into your house. I recommend you read a good deal about scabies to be sure that that’s what you have.

  17. I have never had scabies in my life but about a month ago i got the red bumps and everyone said it was hives cuz it would come and go and the itchiness got worse about a week ago i have 3 kids and thank god they havent got them my husband went to the doctor and was diagnosed with scabies i didn’t think thats what it was we both use the cream and we treat the kids even tho they have never had any sign of it i went go the doctor and he said to get the cream again so I i have clean disinfect my house matters and everything i am still itchy and i am getting new bump I am stressed out and i really dont want my kids to get this

  18. Would neem oil get rid of scabies if you keep putting it on each day for atleast a month?

    • highly doubtful.

      • Kazuhl Simms says:

        Hi, I live with my sister and nephew that has caught scabies, I took my nephew to the dermatologist to get checked out and get the right treatment for them. So i have access to the permethrin cream and i take very hot showers with a rag full of straight bleach. I apply the cream on everyday after i get out of the shower. I was wanting to know how will i tell that they are gone or going away? I ususally scrub my body with straight bleach, let it sit for ten minutes before getting in the shower to wash it off. I then use the cream and stay nude until it soaks into my skin. Will you tell me what im doing wrong or if its a good way to rid myself of these disgusting little living bugs under my skin?

  19. My story is much like the rest I have had scabies for 19 months I have tried everything ! Bleach bathes u name it I used it I have hepc c getting ready to take the cure do u think that could kill them ? I have not seen my grand babies for 19 months can they get in your intestines ? Because it looks like they are to me I have to big bumps on my head yes I have them in my scalp I have crusted ones I have gone to at lest 8 doctores some doc said it was in my head and now that’s all I get from the other docs what can I do I feel so sick can anyone help me I feel so weak I keep putting vasalin it does help to keep the numbers down I feel like I’m dieting I do my head hurts so much know one will help me I will go any where I mean that are there not a scabies doc who speailist in knowing about scabies I need help I’m 65years I belive its insid of my body two I don’t want to die over some mite what a terrible way to die I have been on the edge I cry every day every day !! My head feels like it’s on fire has anyone else got big !! Bumps in ther head I then have to put stuff on my head try to work the bumps they are full of scabies know one believes me or even looks at my head I did get appt with a chines doc do u think they have diffrent meds that can work ? It’s so hard I’m so lonely as well I will never be the same I pray to god for him to help me ? Can u help me do u think chineses meds can work ? Thank u for listening. It’s my first post ever !! May God keep u safe I feel for all who are fighting this it horribel at lest I have my dog it’s all I have to love God bless all of you people that are suffering this mite thing. Thank u for listening miss janis

    • Have you tried really hot baths with 2 lbs of sea salt for 3-4 days straight? That really helped me. The water temp was 107 or 108 degrees F.

  20. I contracted scabies from a relatives house after staying there for a couple of weeks. I then battled for over 2 months to get rid of them and the battle still continues. I got 10% permethrin cream and mixed with with lotion 50/50. Did a treatment about 3 times. Did nothing.. I then took hot baths with 2lbs salt and that did wonders!. But the baths were really hot like 108 degrees and I soaked for 30 mins. On infected areas, I would microwave some water, dip a rag in it and applied it to the affected area for as long as I could tolerate, that was good instant relief. I did that at least twice a day until they were gone. I got reinfected twice, one with a jacket at work that I hadn’t worn in two days and the second time from I think a blanket. They say that they don’t live more than 3 days off skin and that is total bull! I didn’t wear the jacket in 2 weeks but just 10 mins after putting it on I started itching like crazy. Then it was back to the hot baths. You have to take the baths like 3 or 4 days in a row and dry all your cloths you wash twice. The heat will kill them.

  21. Deborah Robinson says:

    I was trying to order the soap everything and the spray can’t get my order without a promotion code can you please give me a call. Thank you

  22. Thank you so much for creating this website. I was diagnosed with scabies 10 days ago. Because of the information I read on here about effective and ineffective treatments and how to proceed as far environmental factors and cleaning, I am happy to say that I am already seeing results. 2 doses of permethrin, constant cleaning, sulfer soap, and topical anti itch ointment. All of my bumps are gone. No new bumps in 5 days. The itching I have now appears to be because the affected areas are so dry. My doctor said I picked up scabies from working in my yard. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  23. Anne-marie says:

    I broke out in an itchy rash over my chest and back 2 weeks ago. Think I might have got it from outpatients clinic cos I haven’t been hugging anyone. I’ve never heard of getting scabies from working in your yard but is that a possibility? I work outside a lot, handling mulch, soil and compost. Have used permethrin twice, been to docs twice. They basically tell me its no use to do a Scabies test because the result is often negative? – The permethrin alleviated the symptoms but the itching returned. I’m keeping it under control with vinegar and neem oil baths, washing clothes and bedding, and bagging up my clothes after I wear them. I think re-infection is the big problem. Like Technus said, I think they can live on clothes a long time. Strangely no-one else in my family seems to be getting them, yet. This whole saga is costing me heaps of money as we live on tank water and its very dry now so I have to take everything to the laundromat every day. Doing big wash loads and drying loads is very expensive plus all the products I have bought. I also have a lot of anxiety about it because I wonder if I’ll ever get rid of it.

  24. Elaine Ayers says:

    I no longer see the comment I took the time to send you concerning your flawed measurement ratio for mixing 5% permethrin cream. Please rethink your calculations and update your site accordingly. Please consider, people are putting this application on themselves AND their children. The correct ratio for 5% is; 1 part permethrin 10 to 199 parts carrier.Thank you, and I will continue to check for you to update your site.

    • Sorry I hadn’t had a chance yet to review your last comment. It’s approved now. I see what you are saying and yes you might be right.
      From what I understand the 10% permethrin solution is made up of 90% inert/non permethrin product, correct?
      So when you mix the 10% solution half and half, 50/50 with a non-permethrin based lotion you are diluting the 10% permethrin solution by half.
      The resulting lotion will have just 5% of concentrated permethrin.
      I don’t see how this recommendation could result in a mixture that is 50% concentrated permethrin. For that to be true the permethrin product would need to be 100% permethrin! But we aren’t using 100% permethrin to mix with, we are using 10%.
      So yes 100% permethrin halved would equal 50% permethrin lotion. But since we are using 10% permethrin lotion halving it results in a 5% concentrated product.
      I hope that makes sense. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  25. Thank you for this website. I was recently told by my doctor that the extremely itchy red bumps on top of my hands, arms, belly and upper legs were scabies. Unfortunately, I was not prescribed with permethrin or ivermectin. My doctor just prescribed me prednesone for the itch. Reading all of this information, I see I’ll need either the lotion or the oral medicine. Odd thing though is that no one else in my family of four seems to have anything. It’s just me. I’m so confused. I’m also so alarmed at having contracted something like this. I can’t imagine where I might have got it. It’s so disconcerting. More than the itching, I’m mentally disturbed by all of this. The thought of these mites eating and laying eggs under my skin is making me nauseous. My family doesn’t think what I have is scabies bc none of them have symptoms like I do. I’m currently away out of town, but I’ll be back in a couple of days. The first thing I’ll do will be to get back to my doctor and demand he give me proper medication. Once I do the permethrin by applying it from neck down, is it okay to wear clothes on top of the lotion? Also, I’m not sure if I can afford to buy a new bed just yet as my current mattress is less than a year old. Can I spray it down with Lysol? I don’t have carpet anywhere in my house, it’s all hardwood even in bedrooms, so I’m happy that at least that will make cleaning easier from these horrors. Do I need to put some plastic sheet on my bed? And put my pillows in plastic? Please help. I’m in such a hopeless dark place right now. I need some hope. I don’t want to think I’ll be living with this forever for the rest of my life. :((

    • Thanks for your comment AJ.

      First of all, I know you are in a dark place. I have been there and it is terrible! But know… there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

      You should absolutely ask from your doctor what you need. Demand it if you need to.

      As far as the bed goes just use a plastic cover OR change your sheets after everytime you touch them.

      Also, it’s safe to wear your clothing over your permethrin application. Just make sure everything gets washed HOT and thorough after it’s been worn!

      Best of luck to you my friend.

  26. hi, m infected fromlast 7 months
    initally it was only on the abdominal region n then spread over legs n now in shoulders, back side etc
    its ichy specially in the nights wen i changes cloths
    uses comb for rubbing thighs etc like crazy

  27. Hello everyone my son got infested with scabies from his uncle and now my husband and I and our small daughter has it also I am going crazy I have taken my son the doc and have gotten the permethrin I am hoping it is enough at least for our first layer I am so scared reading all these other comments.. I have tons of clothes and we share a bed with our son i hate these things it’s driving me insane just thinking about these nasty bugs 🙁

  28. my name is derick i am 25 and have been with this scabies for long now and i am having difficulty on curing this disease for many years now but to no avail so i searched on the internet on how to get rid of my scabies quickly because, this disease disgraced me alot so i came accross a post of a woman who post on how she was cured from scabies, so i read through her testimony and i saw an email of a woman who helped her so i took the email and contacted the herbal female doctor and she told me that before she can commence on the herbal remedy that i would need to buy some items in which she would use to prepare the herbal remedy potion, and she demand just $500 to buy the items for the cure so the next day i got the money and sent it to her, after she got the money she bought the items and prepared the cure so later that ssame day she called me to forward up my home address so that she can deliver the potion to me and i did and the potion got delivered to me, and also i applied the potion on my skin and within the next 24hrs i was whole again and i go for a medical test and i found out that i am healed.. so if in any case anybody having similar problems like mine just email the herbal doctor on her email at: [Email removed] she will be waiting to help you okay

    thanks again

  29. Regarding stuffed animals or dry clean only blankets, would it work to just store them in plastic for months or will that not kill the scabies ?

    • Stored for months, they will die.

    • Actually stored for a week in a sealed sterilized plastic container and they die.
      Scabies can only live a short time without human flesh! [I know, ick!]

      Stuffed Animals are notorious for MITES.
      Scabies Mites can and could be part of their population, if any of the workers IN CHINA are infested with Norwegian Scabies, as were the WIGS I purchased FROM KOREA thru QVC!

      The majority of the stuffed toys do originate in CHINA these days!
      Only a few companies still here in the good ole USA!

      We really do need to make America strong again!

      Mites are everywhere in our environment, some of them more voracious than others!

      It’s always a good precaution to toss your stuffed toys in the dryer, providing there’s nothing hot-fixed on them. The heat will release those items.
      So, either when you get them or periodically, just to ensure your children or pets safety / health, heat them up on HIGH for about 30 – 40 minutes or stick them in a sterilized storage container.

      Yep, even your PET TOYS!

      Doctors charge a buncho’o’dollars for stuff you can prevent!

      If you notice your child with ear problems and you have no pets, it’s a good bet that they have mites in their ears and they came from the toys!

      I’m just sayin’

      Thanks again Admin; I love your site! FM

  30. john sztucki says:

    yes i got them beginning of december,took few days to realise that it was scabies, got one 30mg dose of permethrin from doctor that cleared it up but few days later they back,been washing with 2% sulphur soap and dettol medicated soap every day and using tea tree oil added to massage oil, clears them but only for few hours, have now realised the eggs features so have ordered more permethrin and some 10% sulphur soap and since finding this site will also get some ivermectin so until get it will continue with the short term alleviations, have also been catching the surface crawl ones with sticky duct tape,feel a bit better when catch a few even tho it long term ineffective

  31. I got a extreme itch back in October. Long story short. The itch was only on my shoulders down to my hands. And from three quarters up my leg to my feet. (And still is.) I searched on line to learn about itches. I topically tried tea tree oil, turpentine, cloves, shea butter and cocoa butter. I was pretty much shooting in the dark. None of this did a thing. Some how I learned about scabies on line. I read about one lady in California who worked with the homeless people and had prior experience with horses. She got scabies from the homeless people. After some trial and error she learned to inject herself with ivomectin 2 cc per 150 lbs. She said it killed them in a matter of a couple hrs. I never really heard of scabies before. I got some ivomectin and gave myself an injection. It is not do a thing. By the time I got to the dr I had a lot of sores from scratching. He figured I had scabies. He prescribed Nix and cortizone and it did not do a thing either. I went to see a skin specialist and he said he saw no evidence of scabies. He said he as 27 yrs of experience with scabies and all kinds of skin problems. He assured me he knows scabies when he sees scabies. He did not know what it was. He prescribed cortizone. In desperation I mixed Nix and ivomectin with body lotion with ground loves and calamine and applied it and had relief in about half an hour. Relief lasts for about 12 hours and I reapply. I do this for a couple of weeks and the problem goes away. I go without putting anything on for a few days and it comes back. This routine has been going on till today. I have not applied the concoction for about a week and it is coming back tonight with a vengeance. I will apply it again as soon as I have a shower before bedtime. If the skin dr said it is not scabies, what is it? Earlier today I felt invisible things crawling on my arms and tickling my arm hair. The itch is now starting to get annoying. What is it?

  32. I started itching on my legs about 2 -2 1/2 months ago. Then the bumps appeared. They spread up my legs, to the back of my knees and my upper inside thigh, as well as stomach, ankles, and feet. I was washing with alcohol, hydrocortazone and calamine lotion, nothing helped. Once they came on my groin area, I went to the doctor. I told him what was happening, and rubbing alcohol was the only temporary relief I got. The burning in the sensitive area was better than the intense itching, believe me. I’ve gone threw the pills on day 1 & 2, 7 & 8, and day 15, (today) and the lotion on day 1 and day 7, but I’m still itching. No new bumps are really noticeable. I’ve done the bed linen wash and dry, 125 degree water and dryer, pillows, coats, jackets, clothes, every thing I can think of. I’ve vacuumed the carpet and couch, and sprayed everything with Lysol and the over the counter lice spray, all several times. After reading all the horror stories, I hope they are dead. The itch is just totally unbearable, hence the rubbing alcohol. My question is, what is normal time for the itching to stop???? It’s nowhere near as bad as it was, but still not very plea sent to deal with. Thank you so much.

    • On average intense itching post infection can last 7-14 days. But residual itchiness of the skin can last for months.

  33. I went to the Dr in Dec he said I had a rash and gave me prestodone and send me on my wa . I went back to the Dr Sat and they said I had scabies I’m so grosses out. They are on my hands, stomach, groin is the worst 🙁 legs, back and but . Since I uses the cream and washed it off today but I feel a few bumps have since came up. I also treated my daughter and bf. Bc they each has 2 bumps. What should I do? Should I go back to the Dr?

    • If you need more cream for a second treatment, then yes go to the doctor or purchase some online. Be sure to keep your environment clean as well to avoid re-infestation.

      • Admin…
        I bought my first ivermectin and a farm supply store today..already taken my dosage and rubbed my skin down with the other…Thank you for sharing all of this knowledge with us..without this most of us would still be searching the Internet trying to get some relief..I have been using hot water and 20 mule team borax along with my regulag washing detergent…I am getting some clothing out to be separated from everything else and this will be what I will wear and wash for the time I am on these meds…
        I think I caught mine during a hospital stay.

  34. I think I started all of this , I think I effected everyone in Oakland I know everyone and when I hug them or touch them they got it , I took the treatment myself but I was so embarrassed I never told my friend till this day she has scabies her family my family everybodu I love idk what to do

  35. Where do you buy the oral treatment ivermectin

    • FEONA mARXX says:

      Try Santa Cruz Veterinary Supply on-line
      You want the Bovine Liquid type, it tastes terrible but works better than the
      Equine Paste – be careful, too much and it will affect your vision.
      There’s tables on-line for how much to take for your weight and height.
      Just Google it.
      Some WalMarts even carry Equine Paste – and you can find the paste on eBay as well.
      If you’re going to use the Equine Paste, be sure it’s just Ivermectin and not combined with some other antiparasitic.
      Good Luck! – Feona

  36. hELP ME PLEASE says:

    what is the best and most effective treatment to get rid of scabies? How do I kill them and their eggs? Do scabies cause hair loss?

    • Read what ADMIN has to say. ADMIN has some darn good knowledge!

      You can use alternative methods, but the Prem and Iver are the best.
      Just make sure the Prem is strong enuf!

      And that you take the correct amount of Iver . . .
      too much and you’re going to suffer visually for a while. . .

      Iver kills the eggs! and it can be applied topically

      Those lil’effers are very contagious!

      Wear HDPE gloves! – or some sort of protective glove.
      and THINK!

      If you have them on your hands, you’re gonna get them somewhere else without treating your hands and putting protective gloves on your hands!

      If you have to use a keyboard, cut the fingertips off of the gloves.
      Worked for me!

      If they’re on your waist, treat it and wrap yourself in plastic of some sort; i.e. plastic wrap, trash bag, whatever – keep them off of your clothing.

      If you can’t do that, be sure to wear gloves to take down or unzip your clothing to use the loo.

      If you have a pet, you’re gonna be in a big circle jerk – trust me, I went thru that! Lost my pet due to renal failure from the toxins! I hope you’re more fortunate!

      People; you can kill these CSer’s, it takes perseverance and persistence –
      when you think you have succeeded, keep treating them for at least another week!

      The scabs will go away and any scarring will diminish with time.

      Thanks for reading this!
      Keep up the good work ADMIN! / FM

  37. I have depression, I cry myself every night to the point it’s the only way I could get myself to sleep. This is the worst thing someone could ever go through idk what to do anymore I just want to cut my skin off 🙁 I wonder if the eggs would stay in my body forever?? The thought just doesn’t stop I’m so scareddddddddd I wash my self with alcohol but it makes my skin so dry, I got the cream I use it everyday!!!! But I still see more bumps even towards my vagina & butt it’s scary and sad! I don’t think I’ll ever be happy again? I have ocd as well so I’m going crazy, I visit the er constantly they think I’m crazy now, I’m wondering if I use the cream should I wash my sheets before or after bc if I’m still itchy it still means I have it so what’s really the point anymore ugh:( tmm I start the pill for it I hope it ends soon bc I can’t live like this anymore!!!

  38. I wonder where does this come from?? I’ve also been traveling a lot could it be that ?? Unattended luggage?? & should I just leave everything in the washer or could it get worst like reproduce in there?

  39. I also spray everything with 99% alcohol I feel so sad I just lay on my bed all day I fear if I move around the house I could spread these nasty bugs 🙁 I shouldn’t go to my living room right or to school I might get people infected as well

  40. I always feel burning sensations does that mean they r biting into me 🙁 ??? Ugh I’m so paranoid I can’t anymore I can’t

  41. So for every bump there’s an egg?????? 🤔😦😓😓😓😓🤐😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓🤕🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒😢😢

  42. So anything I touch will be infected omg I need to wear gloves than

  43. Shoes in a box?? Would they die too

  44. Can my cats get scabies if they are indoor cats? If so how do you treat them?

  45. I’m totally confused on howhow to get rid of them on couches this is so complicating, uncomfortable, and ridiculous

  46. Hi, what are the post effects for scabies. My girl friend and i contracted this awful diseases and for the last week we have been sleeping on the floor in our living room while treating ourselves with the permethrin cream. We stay away from our couch and bed and both have been filled with the DE stuff you recommended. The floor we sleep on is clean twice daily, morning and night before going to sleep. So far we only wear two sets of clothing, which is always washed or placed at high heat for 30 minutes before putting on. We are starting our second dose of the cream tomorrow. However we still have signs of bumps but no longer that intense itching, just random itching which we though might be from the dry skin. We also don’t touch each other. My next doctor appointment is the 02/11 and I’m thinking of asking him to prescribe something oral like that ivermectin some of you keep talking, does that seem to work better? And what is the northbroom product one of the girls were talking about. Please help!! We want to succeed in beating this and getting our lives back! Thank you in advance!

  47. Omar lafLeur says:

    Thanks so much for this super informative website. I now feel equipped to handle this ridiculous infestation. Take care!

  48. Don’t take prednisone, cortisone or use steroids of any kind. That will put the bugs on steroids and make them spread on your body like crazy. Thats what happened to me. I have also read to not use antihistamine either. Im wondering how often should I use the permithian. I bought some on line to mix with lotion and Im going to also take the Ivermectin paste that I bought online for horses too. Im also doing a kidney flush and colon cleanses often with water enemas ( gross I know but if your colon and system is not clean you are toxic and the bugs like that. ) After my kidney cleanse by Andrew Moritz Im going to do his amazing Liver and Gallbladder flush. I will do this a number of times. Andrew Moritz says most people have a clogged liver and gallbladder and its the cause of all disease. He says to not do parasite cleanses just do the Liver and Gallbladder flush and your body will start taking care of parasites on its own. Also , I am eating a candida diet. The bugs love sugar bread yeast and bad food.

  49. Hi Admin. I was diagnosed a week ago. Used the 5% permethrin and washing bedding everyday in second bedroom. But then I slept in first bedroom after a week thinking they’d be dead. I’m itchin all over again in my hair, nose eyeballs, vagina, anus. Even if cream kills adults and young, wouldn’t there be eggs hatching everyday? Who’s to say what stage eggs have been layed. It’s not like they are alL on the same schedule. A different big may lay an egg each day. Meaning eggs can hatch everyday…Waiting 7 days ? Do you get my point ?

  50. My daughter (who was 2 months at the time) got a rash in October last year. We went to our pediatrician and dermatologist, but they weren’t able identify the problem for months, so it kept getting worse. Eventually in December, I started itching and getting little red spots, so the dermatologist did a skin scrape and saw that it was scabies. We’ve done three treatments of permethrin so far (the last treatment was 5 weeks ago) as a family, and my itchiness is completely gone with no new spots. My baby, who is now 6 months old, looks MUCH better. Her full body rash is completely healed, except she keeps getting random “blisters” that flare up. She had a new one on her neck last week that flared up and now it is fading. Now she has one on her chest that is flaring up. It looks similar to her old rash, but the old rash spread pretty rapidly and never faded. Are the mites still there?

    I just assumed that since I hold her all day, that I would know if she got reinfested because I would itch too. It’s hard to know if she has any other symptoms like extreme itchiness because she’s so young. That also made it extremely difficult to do the treatments and clean my house and laundry- while taking care of a toddler and an infant.

    Any advice? Should I treat again or wait to see if her spots get worse/spread again?

    • Curious, did u treat again? Seems like continued allergy to the Meds and mites. How many weeks till it spread to family when u first had it? My granddaughter has a secondary rash that’s terrible but being treated. Wonder how long she will have the rash?

    • EBANKS – did your doctor have to send off the skin scrape to an outside lab to confirm that scabies was the culprit or were you able to find out immediately that it was scabies? Thank you so much for posting this.

  51. Help I screamed what is this driving me nuts? Yes it is from touching a person with norwigene crusted scabies. No you can not cure by yourself. You must go to the dr. He gave me sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim 800 mg after ten days another dose. I washed them out and left neem shampoo on twenty minutes, took shower three times a day. Washed and dryer clothes as I wore them. Keep clean in plastic bags. Living in Alaska froze bedding, vacuume, vacuumed rugs. At first I put baking soda on rugs and vacuumed up. Washed down anything touched with bleached cloth. Bathroom, toliet, everything. Never use a towel to hang but to wash and dry immediately. Nothing sits out not cleaned with bleach,or washed and dried, or froze. Door handles etc. anywhere you touch. Used script. Hydrous Pam 25 mg for intense itching three times a day. Clobetasol propionate o.o5 percent. Neem shampoo nod pills. Ordered off net.
    At first it is horrible I’ve been cleaning for three months. These things cling to the clothes you wear. Take off and wash and dry immediately, use epson salts, and vinegar to add to laundry soap. Hot wat, hot dryer. It kills them. Shea butter to help skin heal. Important part. Paper tape your body Change every time your take shower. If don’t tape with paper tape as it stops the spreading and closes infection. Takes weeks to over come. Some heal quickly. Don’t put or itch itch raw nails. Fingernails spread infections. Scrub with a brush and good soap. All the time. Carry alochol and wipes if you go out so you can not pick up anything anywhere while you are combating them. Pillows carry them. Have several sets to change nightly and out I’m dryer. Never sleep on or in bedding without fresh linens. Don’t sit n bed in clothes. Never go to bed in anything but clean afresh bed clothes. It’s important for you to do. Change vacuume bag do not leave where you are exposed. Outside if nothing lose. Wear rubber gloves, to clean out sink and toilet. Light switches. Anything you touch until you stop developing new ones. It’s been constant cleaning since I got these which going on four months. Dog has not got mange was we have clean beddinge every nite. Clean car before you start cleaning. Seats, wheel all interior. I know it takes all I can do every day to keep up. If you don’t they will never get to go away. You can not give up. Bleach, peroxide, vinegar, all stop them short term. But Go to your Dr. You can not do this alone. My family did not get these or anyone else. But I am seventy, and do not work or go anywhere except to wear gloves at store. Sweaters, long pants. No exposed skin. Keeping clean with hot baths or showers is important with additives. God blessing and best of luck. Susan

  52. I have recently been diagnosed with this awful and disgusting parasite that I contracted from some uncleanly family members. I am nine months pregnant and 6 days over due, I’m so scared to even think about holding my newborn child. How would I even treat a newborn if he or she got it! Would my baby get infected? Please help!

  53. I am highly sensitive to chemicals and do not want to use permethrin for that reason. Can scabies be treated with sulfur solutions? I am not sensitive to sulfur ointments. I have seen many websites that offer products including Dr. Scabies and products by Braunfels Labs. How do products like Kleen Green and Kleen Free work in the laundry? I really do not want to expose myself to harsh chemicals and would like a natural alternative for myself and my environment, including my bed. I’ve read here about using products like bleach and Lysol, but that would make me very ill. Any help, please?

  54. Well it’s me again. As careful as I was it was not enough. Somehow I touched my face and now my face has huge sites. Went back on the sulfur and anti but I recently read that using a dryer on skin and cleaning with perioxde and taping
    Helps. Also the stuff for arthritis that is hot someone that heat helps rid them. I will be using a sun lamp with goggles to try to get this stuff in check. I Hate this and I worn out with the cleaning daily til I drop over. But must continue. Be careful of people with open sores that are not with a bandage on them exposed. I live in a. New building with an idiot that exposed all of us to this. But I was the one that has them. Brand new building and we are with one person whom is careless. However, we all keep trying. These things can bepicked up anyplace. So we just have to keep dealing with it. Been to Drs.four times, and new today this face. Trying to not touch your face you have to think about it to. Take off clothes, wash and dry and not fold, can’t use the, for four days as you can spread
    These to clean clothes. Looks like heck all stacked on machines. But you dare not touch anything. Living in Alaska I can freeze everything every day. Never go to bed in street clothes. Now I’ve done so long I probably will continue to do for long time. Don’t touch towels but once either wash or put in dryer . I’m down to one towel I can I d. I will not give up. So please don’t you. Being old is not where I have to go to’s pretty hard with a family and working. Tape , paper tape. Take everything off, old tape flush down toliet, wash hands take shower and use hair dryer, use neem ointment, fresh tape. That way nothing stays on clothing. Put on fresh clothing. Your hands are the reason we are spreading do not touch anything to itch. Using a cloth never on skin raw it spreads them and causes infection. We will get over this I promise!

  55. Maria Trevino says:

    My son was in contact with someone who has them and now we both have them, the permethrin burns his skin what else can he use.

  56. My Granddaugher who is 1 1/2 has a terrible case with the second infection that she is being treated with antibotics and steroids. She and her mom as well as boyfriend have all been treated 2 times with 5 % permethin and the baby with ivermectin as well. All aunts and both sets of Grandparents have been treated once. All Grandparents and aunts have no symptoms and it has been 2 1/2 weeks since treatmentof baby/mom but 6 weeks since the first signs on baby, mom showed signs 2 weeks after baby and boyfriend about 1 week after mom. You think it has stopped spreading?

  57. We are using a mix of Diatomaceous Earth, clove, neem, and mustard oil each night and symptoms seem to be fading out for my kids and I. Also wet borax topically during the day to control any itch.
    Has anyone else here tried diatomaceous earth?
    My other question is can mites crawl through fabric?

    • I believe they can make their way through fabric. Remember, fabric is quite porous and these mites are very small.

  58. I have been trying to get rid of these bugs from hell for over a month now to no avail. I’m thinking about ordering that scabies kit from Natursil. It looks as though it has all the top recommended products in it for eradicating these parasites. And they offer a money back guarantee. I’m on a limited income and would have to ask my retired parents for the money for this kit. So I pretty much have only one shot at getting rid of these things. Does anyone know if this kit works? I don’t want to have to live with these things forever. Please help.

  59. I’ve had scabies for about a month now, my boyfriends little brother gave them to me. He sometimes stays at our house. He was treated a month ago and no one thought to tell myself or my boyfriend that he had scabies and was staying at our house before he even know. I noticed I had a couple bites on me that looked like spider bites. They were red and itched so badly! So I was just applying benadryl on them and I noticed about 3 weeks later my hands started to break out in an itchy rash, everyone told me it was from stress or an allergic reaction, but it started to spread more and itch so much worse. I started doing research and came across this page, so I told my mom I think I have scabies, she told me I was crazy that I don’t have that. Well I go to the doctor 2 days later and yes it’s scabies! So I’m freaking out cleaning my house, bedding, all my clothes and towels. My boyfriend and I are doing our first round of permithrin cream tonight and we were both prescribed the pills to take. I’m so worried that I won’t be able to get rid of this because I’m not treating my home right, but I’m literally taking every step to do it right. I’ve vacuumed our couches, chairs, bed, and wood floors. I’ve disinfected everything in our house. I bought a mattress cover and I covered our couch and chair in plastic and topped it with a sheet so I can just wash it all the next day, and I plan to do all this for 2 weeks. I’m scared I’ll get this again because his mom and other siblings have it and they aren’t treating it, even though I’ve told them to do so or we will get it again. It’s no problem for me to stay away from them but it’s my boyfriends family and he has told me he just won’t go in the house, but I’m still concerned. I’m also worried about my car being infested, so I’m going to vacuum it and disinfect it. I’ve never had this before and I’m scared this will be my life for the next year because we won’t be able to kick it. I’m so depressed and I cry every day. All I can think about and talk about is scabies. Can anyone give me any advise on how to handle his family not treating it? I’m not sure they understand just how contagious and devastating this is. I also bought some tea tree oil to mix with lotion to use on my skin for awhile. I’ll be very upset if all this money and time I’m putting into treating ourselves and our house is a waste of time because they won’t get treated and we will get it all over again.

  60. Omg didn’t no what this was till I look up on this line it is very helpful these byte or mite watevr it is it is very very itchy and my body burns evry time I scratch an I’m prone getting colds or coughing wen in cool or in cold to munch this is very helpful so instead sleeping cold air I just put vicks vapo rub to cool down the itching an bites that is very irritating so vicks vapo rub very great does wonder almost back to normal thankz hole bunch,,,,,

  61. Christopher Murphy says:

    Has anyone tried Dr Hulda Clark zapper. She claims to be able to get rid of all parasites using zapper and herbs. I have used similiar zapper from Don Croft but with fixed frequency and it worked well for chronic tiredness. I also used the herbs reccomended by Hulda Clark.

  62. Help!
    I’ve had it for over 7 months,been misdiagnosed mon after month,and finally,once I got the correct diagnose,been reinfected 5 times already. I live in Spain,there is no ivermectine for humans here,I do the treatment with permethrin cream and after 4 or 5 days it comes back,I threw away the sofa and the bed,bought new ones and new clothes for 15 days,and still it comes back.
    I have two cats,I gave them a treatment for cat scabies twice and it still comes black.I only do the cleaning of the house on the day I put on the cream,so after reading this I guess I need to do it everyday,but what about my cats? The don’t scratch and I guess the cat scabies treatment isn’t effective for my scabies? What am I missing? Is it the cats? What can I give them?
    Going crazy here!

  63. Can someone please tell me if it’s normal to get a new burrow after treating with permethrin cream? I treated a week ago, I’m doing it again tonight, and 2 days ago I noticed I had a new burrow. I know it’s normal to get bumps after treating with the permethrin cream, but a burrow? Idk. I did the cream and the ivermectin pills, I’ve also been using clove oil every day to help. I’ve also been treating our house all week and I plan to do it until all the bumps go away and I don’t get anymore. Please help!

  64. Sandy kemp says:

    Help please – I have had this for two weeks – I did permethrin last night and after reading this page, just did ivermectin paste I had on had as I have horses. I will repeat in 7 days. I am getting cedarcide and fogger which I saw recommended to try and kill mites in the house. I am really upset as you all know – when can I safely hold my granddaughter again? I don’t yet have anything on my hands but I don’t know how long I have to not touch people?

  65. I first came across this website August 2015, It’s April 2016 and I’m here again with this problem. Just got back from the dermatologist (I don’t have INS. paid 170 cash) just to get a prescription of permethrin. I think my mom and brother have scabies I’ve tried explaining to them what it is, but they think I’m crazy. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. But these pinkish bumps. Ughh… Can someone please tell me if I treat myself will I get re infested in my brother and mom don’t use the cream? I have two dogs, what medication do I use for them?

  66. Monique says:

    Can someone recommend any suggestions on how to treat your dogs for scabies? I’ve been dealing with these bumps for months. I finally begged the dermatologist to give me a prescription for Permethrin, but I think I should also treat my dogs even if they don’t show symptoms. BTW, this is the second time I see a dermatologist he also prescribed me meds for Tourette syndrome. WTF! I’m not crazy. None of us are, but yet again these docs think are insane

  67. Great website. After trying all of the recommended methods, many of which worked for a while, after which the scabies would come back because they were out in our yard, and we would pick them up while working in the yard, we finally found the following method that gets rid of them almost instantly. We simply start the hot water running in our bathtub, and then scrub the affected area with a stiff brush while holding the affected part under the hot water. Scrubbing with a stiff brush dislodged the little bastards, which are then killed by the steaming hot water. Works every time, and only takes about a minute.

  68. I’ve had scabies on and off for atleast seven years.
    “Seven year itch”
    I’ve tried that shit that starts with a p, didn’t work. Neither did tea tree oil or borax. They are everywhere,taint, butt crack,head, face. I feel several now but the main infected is my abdomen. It is bad and they seem to be more active when you take medication. It’s uncomfortable to wear pants because my belt and pants rub up against it. Idk how I’ve gone this long.

  69. hi, i have used ivermax doses and pills, permethrin creams at least 4 or 5 times. wash all bed covers everyday in hot water with borax and laundry soap. spray with permethrin spray evreywhere, spray lysol. clean carpet, vacuum twice daily. i believe i have cured myself a couple times and now they are back with a vengence and nothing touches these things…….i take bleach baths, borax and peroxide baths. i use sulfar soap and shampoo. nothing is working anymore. i still feel them crawling on me.. please if im doing something wrong please tell me so i can get on the right track. thank you

  70. Permethrin on is .5% (not .05% as stated above) and sells for $16 as already stated but I checked online and Home Depot carries it as well for $15.97 for same size and strength. Since I don’t know how many I’ll need, this is a great option so I can return any unopened containers.

  71. Destiny Glover says:

    Ok I was prescribed Permethrin cream on Saturday and then on Tuesday I realized I had new burrows and it still itched. I went back they prescribed Ivermectin and then prescribed another cream lindane I believe. Well my pharmacy can’t get the cream. Will the pill be enough to get rid of the itch or should I buy permethrin again?

  72. Please help me this is driving me insain ,I brought the spray and sprayed my room ,iv used both prescribed medications of creams and I can c them going down but new spots here and there ,I’m licitly thinking of taking the horse stuff please tell me which one and how much and I will by it today!

  73. How do you know if your scabbies is crusted? Also does it mean you have more mites if it is crusted?

    • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

      It means they’ve built a storehouse of eggs in those callous-like bunkers, which is what I call them. Compound W is perfect for dismantling the bunkers.

  74. Currently have had scabbies for on and off 6 years. Currently battling the worse case of my life my hand looks like someone burnt it. I ordered 2 bottles of permethrin. Used half of the tube planning on using the other half in 3 days today is day 2 of those 3 days. My skin looks like I have chicken pocks! Has this happened to anyone is this them dying? I only had them severely on my hands and now I’m getting huge red bumps everywhere but my face

  75. Hey i got scabies on a cruise at the start of April that was only 3 nights, so on that first night i scratched all over my legs so much, i had a shower and it itched so much more, I thought it was hives and this Monday my dr just checked me and my genitals and it was scabies. I’ve now today applied Lyclear 5% (permethrin) cream after a shower with some green/yellow smelly liquid stuff that stops itching or something but I’m currently in bed with new sheets and stuff, I’ve vacuumed and everything. I’m 16 and I’ll be doing work placement soon so I NEED to get rid of this because all this time I’ve been scratching like crazy.

    I’ve been to my girlfriends and surely have given her it because of constant touching, sexual contact, and all that. And i feel so bad because she’s also got eczema for life. I’ve been prescribed antibiotics and i think they work like Ivermectin? Anyway, there are only 10 capsules and i must take one every day with a meal then shower and put the anti itch soap on and after washing myself and drying, apply the lyclear.

    I have burrows on my balls but they puff out and have little black dots on the top, are they scabs or what??

    Also help me 🙁 this is so bullshit and i just want this to stop.

    • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

      do you have access to an eyeloop (60X)? if you read my posts below you’ll know I recommend Permethrin & Compound W. The generic CW may be cheaper but it is really nasty stuff–worse than airplane glue. Spend the extra dollars on the original CW. Good luck, my man.

  76. Thank you Very Much for keeping this site and topic up and running, I am currently undergoing a scabies infestation. I went to the dermatologist today and according to her I have a small infection, but it seems like a large one to me. (wrists, breastline and waist line plus lots of sleepless nights) anyways, I wanted to add that i purchased over the counter without a prescription 50% permethrin spray (it is intended for in-home lice treatment and clearly states on the bottle, not for use on humans) but some may find it helpful to the car or home to prevent re-infestation. it came in a kit at the local drug store pharmacy for about $10.00

  77. Lynnette Stevens says:

    I got rid of scabies in 1 week. 1st I used the permetrin cream from the Dr 3 nights in a row which just seemed to make it spread. The 2nd night I added a salt and vinegar bath which made it burn and very irritated. The 3rd night I tried just a salt bath. Then another salt and vinegar bath. While it seemed to stop spreading, I got no relief. Then I found Chlorine may be the key and went swimming for 1-1 1/2 hours in a chlorinated pool. My son and I both had it and by the time we got out of the pool we already saw less irritation on our skin and felt less itchy. Within a couple days we can barely see the bumps and the itching is nearly gone! Chlorine works!!!

  78. If you turn the temp in your house down to 50 (at 50 mites are supposed to be killed) will that help control the ones around the house, as I am sure there are.

  79. omg! my son needs help! everything has been happening to him back to back.. been getting bullied,then this!….he has been itching for nearly a month! he tends to flair up at school. his primary care doctor said it was dermatitis. i dont have the money to even think of buying all of this stuff! someone told me to use ammonia to help with the itching. the dr. gave him prednisone. i just sprayed my car down with”cvs” lice bedbug & might spray. i accidentally sprayed him with it thinking it was the itch relief spray i had.smh.but i think it nearly helped lol.i give him benadryl at night to help with itching and going to sleep and allegra in the morning to help with the itching. there was so many things on this site that i hope can help me… can some one give me the top 3 things? please email me at [email protected]….i really need help!

  80. Bishop Felix says:

    Please am a student and am having scabies, i contacted it in the school where am leaving but I’ve vacated the place..also i have taken so many drugs and ointment but no way…pls can u help me out in handling this though disease?

  81. I’ve been battling scabies for almost 2 years now.
    This last time, I REALLY thought I was free. My skin on my legs looked clear, and my leghair was growing back from a previous chemical burn on my legs that I had received from lying in a heavy-bleach bath.
    It felt so good to be able to wear shorts in public again.

    I had previously been taking ivermectin (horse paste) off-and-on, seeming to no long-term avail. So I took a HUGE dose (almost the entire 1000lb. tube), and then did the same about 7 days later, while continuing a 1-cup bleach bath regimen for 39 minutes daily.

    This worked very well, finally. The good results lasted for about 3 weeks.
    Then I noticed a bump here, a bump there, and out of nowhere the same persistent spot on my shin flared up with about 8 bumps. Then my other leg did the same.
    Now I’m back to throwing everything in the wash, taking large doses of ivermectin, and I’m going out to look for ‘mite spray’ to spray all over my bed and pillowcases.
    This seems to be never ending, which is very disappointing as I finally thought I had beat them. Sigh.
    I’m making an appointment with my doctor, who I haven’t seen since last year when I originally started having problems with my insurance covering my scabies treatments, and decided to do everything myself.
    I’m much more knowledgeable now, and I’m going to tell her we need to find a solution that I haven’t already tried. I’m not wasting time using prem lotion and sitting and twiddling my thumbs while the situation escalates to the entire lower half of my body, as it did before under her care.
    I successfully beat them down to just my legs, and even then it’s very sporadic. I feel like I have them on the run and beaten down, but I just CANT QUITE get completely rid of them without them coming back!!!

    My main question:
    How do I know if my cat has the scabies?
    And if she does, how do I treat her? Do I try to figure out a way to give her a dose of ivermectin??

    Thank you for all your help.
    Sometimes in bed at night I vow to fight these scabies with every ounce of strength I have. But sometimes I feel like giving up. They are so persistent.

  82. Funnygirl says:

    Dear people

    I am struggling with this too. It is under control but not gone afte 3 ivermectin and 3 permethrin. These medications seem to not totally kill the bug and they hide out to come back again. here in europe they swear that after. A creme it is gone and not hard to treat OMG.
    So the only thing I swear by now is
    1: spraying 1/4clothes with bug spray before washing and leave it in bag for 2 days the. Wash together first low temperature then high if possible.
    Vaccuum your other clothes in bags.
    2: COLOSTRUM internally and externally it
    heals the skin lesions faster and the scabies. Seem to also hate this.
    3 :make a cleaning regime do not spend to much money on this buy vinegar, borax and salt
    5 :throw away clutter
    6 Make a wristband of COPPER foil , this literally helps against itching I think it stops them from reproducing.
    7 Bug bomb your apartment once in a whike
    8 sticky rollers keep for your bed and clothes and yourselves
    9: echinacea and cats claw tincture help against allergic reaction to the bites
    10: use your hairdryer with a cheap sticky body lotion
    11: homepathic pills called PSORINUM
    12: Use essential oils in your hair and mix that topical permethrin with tea tree oil
    13 a zapper and a magnet possibly help

    • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

      You wasted your money on a lot of stuff that I’m sure didnt work. Try Compound W, either by itself or with Permethrin. Apply Permethrin first and then the CW. This solution works!!!

  83. Funnygirl says:

    We all know that per,ethrin alone does not help anymore against these bugs. If you use this creme MIX with tea tree oil for the instant kill effect and and dust yourself after this with diatomacious earth powder!

  84. Funnygirl says:

    Manuka oil does not work for the body but the facial creme with manuka oil works very well!
    Eyes: many times cleaning with HB death sea minerals toning with aloe vera vit A chamomille

    I learned that harsh chemicals on daily basis make it only worse because the more you strip the skin from defense barriers the easier they can infest you once again.

    • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

      That’s total b.s. –you need to strip the skin away to get at them. The Compound W and the Permethrin and work in unison to kill them. Compound W is 17% salicylic acid and it will cut thru their defenses to kill them. They use your skin for food & shelter. I’ve scratched myself ray and then put Permethrin on–the perfect time to put it on too.

  85. Zip up your matrass in a plastic cover or throw away cover, very important
    If you have a dog, you can make him wear a tick repellant band or so
    And use stronghold pipet like recommanded by the vet. Clean his cushen every day and you can spray it with a natural repellent.

  86. Aracely says:

    What do u use for wasshing clothes?

  87. Great tips! But what do I wash my clothes in?

  88. I have read and reread every article. The advice seems solid and practical. I am still working out the details….I have high quality zip up “dust mite proof” but still breathable mattress and pillow case protectors. Since the scabies mite is larger, it seems like these would be sufficient. I bought some “waterproof” covers thinking they were plastic, and I now realize that they are polyester and polyethylene. How important is plastic? Why is this important if the bugs can’t get through a finely woven fabric intended to stop dust mites?

    • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

      I seriously doubt the finely woven fabric will impede the scabies. They are very tiny. I have a 60x eyeloop and even with that it’s pretty hard to find the suckers.

  89. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    I’m treating scabies right now. Probably got it from a haircut, but really not sure. Permethrin is what I’m using but I had to use several tubes cuz my scalp was embedded pretty bad. I tried a lot of home remedies but one thing I tried seems to work really well–good ol’ alcohol. I used rum but ask your scabies what they prefer. If you have vodka, they probably will like that too. But they won’t like it long. I applied it fairly liberally to a new cloth I’d purchased (new underwear, lol) and then wiped all my hair and scalp as much as I thought necessary, about 20 seconds is about all I did. This is to do a mass killing of them and the eggs , which are more plentiful. The alcohol should be killing the eggs effectively because I noticed instant relief the first time I did this , in spite of using Permethrin for weeks. Alcohol may be even better than using Permethrin. Use quality alchohol, like rum , vodka , or whisky. I don’t recommend rubbing alcohol or any other type. Everclear? Knock yourself out but don’t light up afterwards. Spray your mattress with the alcohol too. I also thought of using Borax (the detergent ) as a shampoo as Borax has been cited as effective at killing bed bugs, which are mites just as are scabies. Those are my suggestions, and I think they are damn good ones. Don’t give up the fight. Keep at it !!! LOL

  90. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    STOP THE PRESSES!! I got an original treatment for Scabies that really, really works. Okay? What is it? This is only for really hard to get rid of areas too. The answer is…..(drum roll)….Compound W !!! That’s right. I put it on what I call their bunkers. Even Permethrin did nothing to the callous like areas on my scalp. So I tried Compound W as I was treating a wart on my scalp. It works really fast too. If it stings a little that just means it’s working. I was using Permethrin, as stated above, plus I was using Borax (sodium borate) and hydrogen peroxide (mixture). I also added some drops of Tea Tree Oil and even a teaspoon of rum. Which of these was the most effective? Certainly not the Permethrin as I had been using that for weeks and used several tubes. Yes, it did pretty well but it was not the knock out blow I needed. The Compound W is the closer, my friends. Try it. You Like It. ha ha.

  91. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    Please Reply to my posts on the Compound W. But as for the Permethrin, I am still using it right after a bath. It’s good stuff. But , I will use the Compound W as the artillery. Resistance is futile– I am on the winning side now. Ha ha haaaaaaa.

  92. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    To Admin: Could you allow us to Edit and Delete what we write? Anyway, thanks for putting up such a valuable and useful site, esp. for those who are afflicted.

  93. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    UPDATE: It’s been less than a week I’ve been treating my scabies with the Compound W and I am nearly cured !!! All of the bunkers are destroyed, or nearly so. No real itching , pain , or discomfort at this point. I also added some liquid Permethrin that a neighbor had for his garden or whatever. I just added two eye-droppers full. It mixed together well. I felt no discomfort using it, other than mild stinging for any open wound (from scratching). By this weekend, or before, I expect total eradication of the suckers. Please , if you have scabies, try Compound W.

  94. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    Update2: I think mixing the two (Permethrin & CW) may only dilute them both. Probably best to put them on in their purest form.

  95. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    Update3: Also, I use St. Ives Blemish Control with 2% salisylic acid to scrub off the dead layers of skin, which I do at night before beddy bye. That’s pretty much it. No charge either. Cheers!

  96. Timothy L. Spriggs says:

    Update4: I did try heating up a concoction I found on here, or somewhere anyway. The one with 5 ingredients: borax, salicylic acid, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, for the salicylic acid I used two inredients: St. Ives blemish control w/ apricot & Wal-Marts generic wart remover, to make sure there’s enough salicylic acid. And only a dash of the wart remover, as it is quite potent. So you put appropriate amounts in a small saucepan and heat on low (elec. stove setting #3), The heat prompts a chemical reaction which is what you want. The mixture should look like runny white gravy and just about the same consistency. You apply the warm mixture to a paper towel and apply to your skin. If it doesnt feel warm when you apply it , youre mixture isnt hot enough. Don’t be afraid to see it bubbling in the saucepan. It will cool quickly once you dab a folded paper towel to it. Results were quite good. Only one area on my scalp to go, which feels a little painful to the touch. I think that means I’m doing something right. I had my doubts about going to all the trouble doing this but it worked very well. That’s why I included it. I wish you all good health and happiness. Peace.

  97. schifference says:

    All this “Oh thank you for the website” is BS.

    It appears that scabies is a very serious problem.

    I just finished restoring a classic automobile. I am a novice but achieved professional results. I was able to find out what needed to be done and did it.

    If the goal of this site was to help people with scabies there would be a simplistic remedy.

    #1 Do this.

    #2 Do this

    #3 Do this

    An outline on how to eradicate this parasite. Anything less is just gibberish.

    I do not have scabies but know of a household that does.

    There should be a text book answer on how to solve the issue.

    I have been to many forums. A sticky for how to would be the answer.

    Beyond that, this site is nothing but talk.

    • Not sure how much of the site you’ve read, but this site does recommend a simple remedy…

      #1 Clean your environment (to avoid re-infestation after treatment)

      #2 Treat yourself with Ivermectin and/or Permethrin cream (ideally both)

      Of course the site has more info, but it all pertains to those two steps and how to do them properly.

      I hope your friends find relief!

      • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

        I’m finding that even with both permethrin and Ivermectin, it is still a slow , but steady, road to being cured. At one point I didnt think I would be cured. Which is a scary , scary thought. The wheels are in motion now (to quote a Seinfeld episode).

      • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

        “I can restore a car so now I know everything.”

        • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

          Here’s the best method of using the Permethrin and Ivermectin that I’ve come up with yet. At least , it’s another way. Remember the St. Ives apricot blemish control? You dab on the Permethrin and Ivermectin on your scalp and to top it off, rub in a dab of the St. Ives blemish control. It really seems to work the fastest from my experience. This way, you put it on exactly where you need it. I’m closer than ever to being cured.

  98. Drs and pharmacies should be mindful of what is REALLY involved. Basically my dr said, use this cream it will kill all mites and eggs, and one week later use it again for precaution, your family should be treated too. He said follow the directions the pharmacist will give you, which only said, clean bedding. Although I was so freaked out and I threw things away and washed everything I could and put everything else I possibly could into plastic bags, vacuumed like a nutcase. Really? I don’t think so NOW. I broke out the day before one week. I believe I too picked mine up from the gym as that is the only place I’ve been that no one else has been in my family or friend group. How is it that other family haven’t broken out? I had to convince their Drs to prescribe the cream, and one continued to fight with me about it, until he finally gave in. Nice to see from your website that it,s available online. Thank you. I have much MORE work to do and feel like another week of infestation has been able to occur because of very poor education and information (or maybe they just don’t want to scare you to death).

    • Timothy L. Spriggs says:

      Horsemen’s Feed & Supply offers Ivermectin.
      Horsemen’s Feed & Supply
      8812 2nd ST.
      Albuquerque, NM 87114
      505 797-8225

  99. Jazemin says:

    If I were to show you a picture of what I thought was scabies would you be ableto tell me? Please email me ASAP!!!

  100. Alex Rubio says:

    Hello Admin,

    it has been several weeks since I have gotten scabies from someone in my immediate family. We have been diagnosed and prescribed the Permethrin cream and we are now on our second tube each. I have been doing some digging on your site and found your link to Oral Ivermectin and have purchased some through Amazon as directed from your link. I just have some questions on how to apply as its not intended for humans. Do we apply it like its cream or is it safe to take orally, probably not right? Has anyone else used non-human prescribed Oral Ivermectin and how did you use it. Please I want my family cured of this parasite infestation. Thank you to any who responds:].

  101. I am out the other side of scabies and I found this site useful so just want to give my experience to offer hope:

    1) I had a very bad itch that was keeping me awake at night for a few weeks. There were no spots. In hindsight I am sorry that I did not go to the doctor at that stage. I still have no idea where I picked up scabies.

    2) I noticed a few red spots on my toes on a Monday. I just thought it was a rash from sand as I had been walking along the beach the day before

    3) by Tuesday my stomach, chest, between my thighs, one hand was covered in red spots and some burrows.

    4) Went to the GP that day. She was very supportive. Said she got it twice – once from a comforter in a good hotel and once from a patient from her stethascope. Told me to take the following day off work and prescribed me Lyclear dermal cream.

    5) She told me to aim for 80% of things I touched washed. She said ignore curtains. Focus on all clothes and bedding and towels that I touched in the previous 72 hours. She said not to forget about jackets as often they are hung elsewhere. She said hovering and mopping floors are important and if possible sleep in a different bed for the next few nights. She said to be thorough but not obsessive. She also said that a washing machine drowns the scabies so not to be too focused on temperature
    6) I found I needed 1.5 tubes of the lycear cream to cover my whole body. I felt better as soon as I washed it off. Psychosomatic I presume.

    7) I took a zirtec and continued to be itchy for a few days. I also got a sore throat and mouth ulcer I would say from the stress of the situation and my immune sytem being down. The following Saturday night I was out and could not sleep that night with itch. Thought they were back. Had to get up in the middle of the night and take a zirtek. I think somebody said here that alcohol makes the itch worse.

    8) A week later most of the marks have gone tg. One consoling thought while I was going through it is I read that there are only 14 or 15 mites in your body. I figured that is not a huge amount to have to kill

    Hope this helps

  102. hello i have a 14 month old granddaughter that has gotten scabbies and her mother and myself cant figure out where she has gotten them my question is how can we get rid of them cause she wont take any oral meds( like pills) ios there a liquid med to treat this and what do we do about the place where she lives how can we treat it where its not gonna cost a fortune???? somebody please tell me thanks ,Annette

  103. Thank you so much for sharing that, it really helped.

  104. I have a question, what about hair ties and Bobby pins? I bought the sulfur shampoo you recommended but wasn’t sure if putting them in the freezer would clean them off

  105. I can’t get my hands on a permethrin spray at the moment. 🙁

    Do you think diluting a 5% perm. lotion in water and putting it in a spray bottle will help?

  106. Sharing my experience too.
    I got scabies, probably from a hotel or an airbnb. I have a 15-month old and wife, who both didn’t get it. First day I discovered an itchy spot, then 4 more, than a LOT more around my waist, belly bum, under underwear. I was growing quite fast. Doc said to wait to give a proper diagnosis but I didn’t wait and convince the pharmacist I needed the cream.
    We all did the cream 5 days after I discovered it. I didn’t go away for the week after and so I did a second treatment. 2nd one helped more but it still didn’t go away.
    At the same time, I tried multiple natural treatments. A naturopath suggested a mix of oil which ended up being the best most effective treatment, which is:
    – 1 tsp of neem oil (the main one in which others are mixed in)
    – 20 drops of clove oil
    – 10 drops of aspic lavender oil
    – 10 drops of lemon eucalyptus oil
    Apply that 3 times a day straight on the scabs.
    I did some skin testing first and just apply it straight on the worst zones of my body, and left overnight.
    This is what worked best for me. I’m over it now and so happy.
    Naturopath also suggested some immune boosting capsules too, as your immune system gets drained by it. Which is true since I got a cold the 2nd or 3rd week.

  107. Just my opinion after reading a LOT of stuff on scabies, as far as clothes are concerned, you can make yourself a lot of extra work washing and washing them, if you’ve only worn something for a short time and it is not dirty, just hang it in a closet or put in a polythene bag for 3 or 4 days, before wearing it give it a steam over with a steam iron, that would be fine and no mites will have survived. Same applies to cushion covers, set your steam iron on high setting and steam away, it will kill the little blighters. Obviously synthetic fibres wont tolerate that treatment, but cotton/cotton mix will. Steaming is possibly the best way to treat cushion covers pillows and even your mattress, although if you use a mattress cover I doubt mites will have been able to penetrate down to the matress, they are pretty slow movers.

    • ALee marie says:

      Just got diagnosed with scabies, and I have a 3 MO daughter with them also. Does anyone know the best way to go about treating everything with her around? And with the treatment, is it ok to do the treatment and clean everything the next day? Also would be helpful to know if I can breastfeed while doing the treatment, I’m getting different answers everywhere I look. Thanks in advance

  108. Lolita Hoggle says:

    OK so I read everything but I took my son to the doctor he said it was scabies but he don’t have the bumps like in the picture his skin looks like nothing is wrong with it but it itches like something crazy and when he stratches it’s like big welps on him it’s even on the bottom of his feet and no one else around him has it so is it scabies or could it be something else ?????

  109. help me im so physically and emotionally exhausted over this…

  110. Scabiesfreeinmexico says:

    OK. I have posted twice how to buy Permethrin Cream. Both times you have deleted my post. It is clear that you must have an interest in the Lyclear Ad that you are pushing, rather than just wanting to see people get Free & Clear. I thought you forreal wanted to help. Now I see i should start my own website if I want to help. Too bad.

    • I just hadn’t approved the most recent batch of posts, wasn’t singling any of yours out.
      But I see you just want to promote your product. I might have included a link to your eBay listing but you got a little aggro:P

  111. I m a homeopathic Dr., permanent solution for all of u suffer from scabies
    Use Echinacea Q & calendula Q external application for 2 days….
    100’/. Result…

  112. I want to take a moment to thank you for starting this site. The medical community is just not ready to get onboard with how bad this really is. They are too quick to diagnose and treat what they have historically “known”, rather than understand that this is a true problem. I have been dealing with this for about a month, at first wondering if I was just having some rash on my lower body etc. That was until it starting spreading, and I knew it was something else. After reading diligently and looking at pictures, the self-diagnosis was certain. So naturally I tried the oils, creams etc.; trying the natural route. To no avail, of course, which led me next to Dr. Scabies. Again, I followed the regiment of soap, stand for 10 mins, then soak in the tub with the drops, then air dry, then do the cream….repeat twice a day. All along still seeing new marks every day. I found your site yesterday, went to the feed store today and bought the Ivermectin and took it. Bought the bottle of 10% Permethrin and mixed with lotion. Later today I’ll be applying it all over and leaving it on all night. Praying this does the trick, and I’ll be following up in a week with treatment #2; treatment 3 in 21 days most likely. Already washing everything and disinfecting as I type this out. Maybe the homeopathic stuff works over time, but I don’t have time. These suckers need to die! This has got to be one of the worst infections or medical things to deal with for families (notwithstanding cancer or major medical issues of course). I’ve had a kidney stone twice, and I’d take another one over this mess! Horrible.

    • James your story is pretty similar to mine and many others, it’s really a shame it has to take so much trial & error and time to get this figured out.
      It looks like you’re on the right path though now. Stick to that treatment regimen, guard against reinfection and you should be free of this little buggers before too long.

      • Thanks I appreciate it. I’ll be sticking to it for certain!

      • Last night I applied the lotion that I made from the 10% Permethrin and Aveeno. Not only was I able to get some sleep, I woke up with not near the definition I’m used to seeing in the rash areas. Obviously, I wouldn’t expect the bumps to disappear, but I notice an extreme difference. Also, the general itching overall is substantially lower. I know there will be some residual itch of course, but definitely noticeable.

        What are some good steps to take in-between treatments? I know that there are going to be some eggs that hatch, and thus I will be doing my second treatment in a week. But from now to then, what do you recommend for controlling some of the residual itching etc.?

  113. Based on clinical studies which can be read at benzyl benzoate is guaranteed at a solution of 12.5% topically. Combined with ivermectin is near 100% effective.

    • Further, a solution of 25% benzyl benzoate topically applied with twenty-four hours between applications on a bathed and dried body is 100% effective. Combining ivermectin and BB will be a guaranteed success. The cost of the application of benzyl benzoate is in the range of about 35 cents. It’s bizarre that big pharma doesn’t care to have you know about this effective treatment, and they are happy with giving ivermectin or other oral antiparisitic medications at a much bigger expense seeing as scabies have generally developed a tolerance to these medications and are between 40-50% success rate and at times lower than this.


    This is the particular study straight from the World Health Organization. These are the clinical findings.

  115. I’ve been dealing with this shit for almost 10 years. It goes away for some time then comes back. It all started in a house I lived in a long time ago growing up. I actually think the people who lived there with me still ahve it because everytime I see them or hug them I feel the crawling and itching on my skin immediately. Anyways it’s gone away for the most part for a couple years or more, but there’s always something. I’ll feel a crawl here and there every now and again. I have used so much premetherin, my skin may be damaged. Imprints are easily left and it looks as though it’s wearing thin. Most of the doctors don’t think I have scabies because there’s rarely ever anything in the physical, but every now and then a single bump will appear in the middle of my finger wepts which is where scabies start. I can feel them now crawling in my nose, eye lashes, forehead hair, and random biting feelngs with no marks and I can’t sleep, it distracts me in class. And I have tried washing all my stuff at the wash house with hot water amonnia and borax and bleach, but everytime I pu tclothes back on it’s like they’re there again. I have gotten rid of three beds now… and I don’t knwo what to do. They’re always attacking me, but I’ve never seen an actual bug. I have found what look like little red bug legs in my hair from time to time though. It’s devastating me, because even if I ever do fully get rid of them, I know my family members have them and are in denial because they suffer from mental illness and are in pretty bad shape. But here I am a working class person living a productive life, who is clean and wants to just feel normal and not as though I’m going psychotic. I also notice when I touched other people they sometimes itch, so whatever it is it gets around. I’ve tried sulfur, tee tree oil, bleach baths, borax and rubbing alcohol baths. It just seems like there are thousands of them, but I barely ever see bumps that are obviously scabies. I can’t even be in a relationship anymore, the last person I was with he told me the next day he had little bumps around the edge of his bottomm lip which are really tiny (not herpes or naything) and he didnt know where htey came from, and I have them as well… so I couldn’t argue but how the hell do I explain? I am gettin golder now and I already have a very stressful life and a lo tof depression this is very hard fo rme. I feel as though I am going to die and everything is infested no matter how much I clean it. Will they ever go? I’m freaked out. I could get a skin scrape, but I doubt the determologist will entertain it again. PLEASE HELP ME!

    • I promised myself I’d come back and write about what worked for me one day. The state of mind these critters can put a person in…ugh ….my heart goes out to all of you because I was there. My son brought them home from Thailand and looking back, I think he had crusted scabies. It seemed that we couldn’t get rid of them no matter what we tried. I won’t go into long detail of the stress, grief, and money spent but I will focus on what our solution was. Now, in Canada you cannot get Ivermectin so you are required to rely on Permithrin creme. If you live somewhere where you can get Ivermectin though, I encourage a prescription for this and permithrin for scabies.

      Anyways, I live in Canada and this wasn’t an option. I will start by noting that people who get scabies often will have a yeast imbalance and get malasezia
      yeast infections on their skin. The symptoms mimic scabies but generally the bumps are more spread out on your body and face. From what I’ve read, scabies love yeast so it is important to treat both conditions. Often people will break out in these yeast rashes on their face and body and they are equally itchy and create a creepy crawly feeling all over your body. They sell yeast creams at you local pharmacy. Acidophilus pills, plain yogurt, and a sugar free diet will also help get rid of yeast. Now for the scabies (please keep in mind I am only sharing what worked for me after dealing with this nightmare for a year and I am not a qualified Doctor):
      First, get your Permithrin treatments …I did several initially but changed the game in the end. Here is what I did:
      I got three treatments. I treated myself after cleaning the house and went over cleaning everything again after putting the treatment on. I treated again after three days and then again at 7 days. If I saw bumps come up between or after the 7 days, I spot treated only. I had read a man did this and it worked for him. so I tried it and it was piece one to the puzzle. You need to treat you face ears neck and scalp. I even treated in my nose. I read lots of cases where people didn’t and later when they did they were finally cured. If you have been doing repeated treatments over a long period of time, you need to stop and give your body a rest. I know it is hard but trust me in this. Also when you have scabies there will be stuff under your skin that will try to work its way out every now and then. Don’t think this is a reinfestation. It really seems like it but bite your lower lip and don’t treat your body if it is a long time after the fact. If it is fairly recent I would certainly spot treat but that was it. If you are having new lines/burrows then you definitely Need treatment. After the treatments were done I focused on the yeast treatment. If you have a crawly feeling it definitely could be the yeast…I read a really good article in this.

      Between the three treatments and to this day, I use head and shoulders shampoo and added tea tree oil to all soaps and shampoos ( I read about this and really I believe after the treatments the continued use kept them away). This was huge. The second piece to the puzzle. Know this though…one treatment of teatree won’t work. If by chance one critter lingers the teatree will get to it. You need to protect the body you treated in a preventative sort of way with teatree wash. The Aussies switched between this and Permithrin and there was definitely a method to their madness. The teatree will also help with any yeast. As for cleaning I bought 2 spray bottles from the dollar store and filled them 3/4 full of vinegar and added …you guessed it..yes teatree oil …at least 2-3 tablespoons. Our house to this day alway has this mixture…this is what I use to clean. I sprayed the house daily as well as the carpet in the basement. I also sprayed our beds …I leaned them against the wall and sprayed them down with the vinegar and teatree everywhere. Let them air out and put a dollar store plastic mattress cover on the bed once they have. I sprayed around the bed and wiped the cover daily. I also washed my sheets daily. Whatever you do…don’t leave piles of dirty laundry laying around. All dirty clothes need to go into a black garbage bag as soon as you take them off. I washed all clothes with with arm and hammer laundry detergent from Walmart in hot water and it seemed to do the trick. For the first few weeks I would run long dryer cycles with high heat. Also I wore dollar store and Walmart dispensable gloves when cleaning or pulling laundry out of garbage bags. I washed my floors with vinegar and teatree daily until 2 months passed. I now wash them every week and a half. The 2 months may not have been required but it really gave me peace of mind as I lived in fear they would come back. Teatree and vinegar really are your item for cleaning…vinegar is so cheap and teatree in a bulk bottle from Costco is 15 dollars. I really think the combo of all of these things worked but I had to keep at it with the cleaning. I also washed my fabric coach by hand with just vinegar because I was worried the teatree would stain. This also helped and really cleaned the couch well. Regarding people who think scabies don’t live long off the body…I think they live longer than believed because of dead skin. Also, they float on dust apparently. Change your furnace filter regularly. Oh also I wiped all handles taps toilets and tubs daily. It just takes one. It is a good idea to buy dollar store flip flops for everyone to wear around the house that can be washed. I read that you should wear longs sleeve shirts and long pants and socks to bed to prevent them from attaching to and spreading…we all did this too. Ok I know this is all over the place but I wanted to throw what worked for us out there. I used the vinegar and teatree in out vehicle and at work as well…daily. Hang in there people…there will be a light at the end of the tunnel….just keep at it.

      Oh and one last note. I did put a mask on and sprinkle diatomaceous earth (from Canadian Tire) around the house and did a spray Permithrin for horses from Peavy Mart on the basement carpet once. This was before the vinegar and teatree oil. I am not sure they were necessary but did do this before the above. Good luck!

  116. It seems My roommate has them really bad however I don’t and neither of our dogs do. Has anyone else come across this?

  117. Can i use the flea bedding spray on my bed? Also the martins liquid is it only 4 floors or can i use it in bed?

  118. Oh and I forgot…I also ordered 2 tubes of proactive ‘s Refining Mask (it has sulphur in it). I and used this After treating spots with permethrin at the location. I can say that in the previous year I noticed this mask had some success on the bumps….which is why I incorporated it.

  119. Here is the story of the woman with the skin yeast.
    Her story is what made me realize I also had yeast bumps.

    Also there is another type of mite that lives on eye lashes that is fairly common. Search Demodex.


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