A Simple 3 Step Guide to Treating and Curing Scabies

As a many of you have found out, scabies can be hard to kill.

They’re a resilient bunch and it’s very hard to tell if you’ve actually killed them all or not. 

I dealt with scabies for quite a few months and experienced a ton of confusion around treatment and determining whether I had eradicated them or not.

In the end what worked for me was to combine ivermectin and permethrin in conjunction with thoroughly cleaning my environment. I also found it incredibly important to do my best to avoid other infected (or potentially infected) people and help them get treatment.

So without further ado, here are my 3 steps to curing scabies. 

Step #1: Invest in some Ivermectin and/or Permethrin.

Ivermectin should be one of your go to treatment options. 

When ingested it spreads to the skin where it is consumed by the mites and effectively kills them in their burrows. It has a very low level of human toxicity and boasts high success rates. 

Ivermectin’s ability to spread to ALL parts of the skin is very important. If you simply try to cure scabies with only topical applications there is a good chance you will not cover your skin thoroughly enough. If this happens the mites will be able to move to other parts of the skin and repopulate, as well as move deeper into the skin to avoid your applications.

Ivermectin stops this risk from happening.

You have two options for obtaining Ivermectin:

Option 1#) If you were diagnosed by your doctor ask for a prescription for Ivermectin (branded as Stromectol). It will cost about $70 for two doses. 

Option 2#) Buy it over the counter.

So you can go to your doctor, get a prescription and pick up ivermectin at the pharmacy but there’s a (cheaper) alternative. Aside from treating humans ivermectin is also used to treat animals for parasites, worms and mange, so you can buy it online or at a local feed store. (link above, option 2#)

Because of this you can pick up ivermectin without a prescription and for very cheap; only it is marketed for animals.

Please note that while you are using essentially the same medication that the doctor would prescribe, the specific product is sold as a treatment for animals, so if in the rare case that you have an allergic reaction to ivermectin you are on your own, liability wise. 

Also: you must be cautious when choosing which ivermectin product to buy over the counter. You want to buy the brand without added ingredients, specifically avoiding those with additives for eradicating heart worms. Again, member to not pick up ivermectin with added ingredients for heart worms.

Here is what I consider to be the best over the counter Ivermectin option:

Durvet Ivermectin Paste -This is a paste that is also consumed orally like Stromectol and Noromec. The tube comes with mark for dosing, each mark meant to treat 250lbs of weight. So, if you are 250lb, take one mark worth of the bottle. If you 150, estimate to that amount.

Here is a link to a great and very thorough guide to using Ivermectin. The author has contracted scabies multiple times while working with the homeless and has cured herself with Ivermectin every time. Her guide addresses frequency of use and correct dosage amounts. 

IMPORTANT: Do not hold Lifewithoutscabies accountable for your application of any non-human medications. This is not medical advice. Use at your own risk! I repeat, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Although Ivermectin is very low in human toxicity (you could likely take more than the recommended dose) it carries with it some potential risks. Do your own research before deciding to use this treatment!

Pick up some 5% Permethrin Cream

I highly recommend you use Permethrin in addition to oral Ivermectin. Along with proper house cleaning this is your best bet to cure yourself on the first attempt.

Currently you cannot buy medicated 5% permethrin cream online via Amazon (you used to be able to, but not longer). The best place online to purchase 5% permethrin is eBay. You can find it listed here.

You want the 5% cream tubes that you can get through your doctor and pharmacist, or you can buy it online. The Permethrin product I recommend is over the counter and the exact same product that the doctors will prescribe. 

Either ask your doctor about Permethrin cream or if you don’t have health insurance and are looking to pick up some Permethrin without the doctors visit, consult our post on how to buy 5% Permethrin cream over the counter.

Step #2: Remove scabies from your immediate environment

Ivermectin and Permethrin will kill off all of the live scabies and eggs on your body, but scabies can live off of your body for days and infect you later on, so you want to take care of the places you frequent.

  • Your house
  • Your car
  • Your office
  • Your clothes
  • Your pets
  • Anything else you come into contact with

If you don’t take care of these things then your initial eradication might not save you, since you could just get reinfected days later. Some household items to clean your environment include:

Treat your clothes and environment with these items frequently and thoroughly until your infestation is resolved. 

Another option I would recommend is that you take a short vacation from your environment and treat yourself in another location. Scabies are said to be able to live roughly 4 to 14 days off of a human host. So if you can take two weeks away from home that would mean you don’t have to treat all of your stuff.

Step #3) Keep away from Scabies in your extended environment

First, get to know this list of places post very thoroughly. It lays out 13 places you are most likely to contract and share scabies.

Even after you’ve killed off all of the mites in your skin, in your families skin and in your environment you still have to be on the lookout.

Hopefully you have found out where your infestation came from. If not, then you could come in contact with that person or place again and start the nightmare all over again (albeit better prepared this time), but still, you don’t want that.

In addition to where you got infected from in the first place, you have to be aware of people that YOU could have possibly infected.

Friends and family that you came in contact with or even just shared a car/room with for awhile could easily have picked up your mites. All it takes is a house mate or friend to share a towel with you and boom there is a decent chance they were infected.

So be a responsible person/friend and make sure your friends get treated. Even if you warn them though, they might not follow through or do the treatment very extensively. At this point it is out of your hands, and you owe it to yourself to keep away from them until they get their shit figured out. It sucks, but there aren’t really any other options if you want to avoid becoming reinfected.

So with these three tips you should resolve any scabies infestation. I hope it all works out for you!

Some additional Words of Advice

Avoid scratching your skin incessently

It buries mites and their debris deeper in the skin, making for a longer, more itchy post-mite recovery period while your body works to reject all if this waste.

It can also spread the mites throughout any environment that you scratch in. When you scratch dead skin is introduced into the air, and loose mites will travel along with that dead skin.

Not only can scabies live without food for days off of your body, but with that dead skin to cling to and feed off of their survivability increases tenfold.

Avoid hot showers.

Hot showers dry out your skin and make it harder for your body to heal over the damaged skin to regrow and the fight infection.

Take cold showers if you can handle it. You will itch less, your skin will thank you and your recovery will hasten. If you can’t bear cold showers, opt for luke warm water and end your shower with a few seconds of cold to close up your pores.

Do what you can to keep your spirits up.

Your immune system and overall health will function best if you are at ease and avoid the temptation to dwell in thought all day.

Keep yourself occupied and don’t get too down on the situation. Thinking about how shitty this condition is all day will get you stuck in a rut. Remember, your body wants your love and contentment to heal.

Go do something fun and engaging to keep yourself occupied. Just don’t spread the mites!


We’ve come to the end of the guide. I really hope all of this has helped you out. I know it’s a bit overwhelming, but take action and you’ve got this!

Good luck and I wish you the best.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein should not be construed as a health-care diagnosis, treatment regimen or any other prescribed health-care advice or instruction. The information is provided with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in the practice of medicine or any other health-care profession and does not enter into a health-care practitioner/patient relationship with its readers. The publisher does not advise or recommend to its readers treatment or action with regard to matters relating to their health or well-being other than to suggest that readers consult appropriate health-care professionals in such matters. No action should be taken based solely on the content of this publication. The information and opinions provided herein are believed to be accurate and sound at the time of publication, based on the best judgment available to the authors. However, readers who rely on information in this publication to replace the advice of health-care professionals, or who fail to consult with health-care professionals, assume all risks of such conduct. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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  1. Great post! Thx.

  2. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. I never would’ve thought I would ever in a million years end up with scabies. I still haven’t been able to figure out the source as all the people I’ve come in close contact with say they haven’t ever had it. Thank you for all the great suggestions in erradicating this, I feel I have a little more knowledge to use in myarsenal. My care provider did not have much further insight or advice for me, so I’m glad to have this website as a source!

  3. Thank you so much all your posts are very informative and real …I love how you put everything together. ..greatly appreciated..

  4. Angelica Fleming says:

    Thank you very much for your information. I currently have scabies and my boyfriend and I are coming up on the one year anniversary for the initial infection. We have tried so many ways and so many times to get rid of this.. we live together, so that makes it harder… Just got another prescription for permethrin tonight so hopefully this time will be it. I am going to go above and beyond/ ridiculous status to get rid of this tomorrow when I clean everything. I am praying this will work, this is the worst situation that I have ever been faced with, but I refuse to give up and will continue trying for years if that’s what it takes… I am now 10 weeks pregnant as well…. so here’s to giving it everything that I’ve got for the next 6-7 months until this baby is born. <3
    Thanks again.

  5. My husband has had these pestilences for around 6 months. Dermatologist would not take a skin scraping, but 2 deep biopsies, instead. She refused a skin scraping, and I had to offer a name for the rash–Scabies, maybe? “Well, yeah–I mean, we can call it scabies. Yeah, it is scabies.” Wow! I feel really secure! And after her permethrin cream, which my husband could not use, I felt even more insecure. They had me to use his cream while they put him on a permethrin pill. Neither worked for either of us! She also prescribed a cream for the itch, and it works if you glob it on about every 30 minutes! It gets so you cannot sit in a chair without ending up on the floor!

    We tried all of the oils and spices, but to no avail except EXTREME burning. I found Dr. Scabies, which I first ordered for my husband, because he was one big, red rash. It began working immediately for him, however very slow, and very expensive! Still, I kept him on the regiment, and began environmental cleaning the best I knew how. It has been a trial and error for me, but I am learning–still! For us, this all began back in Sept., 2015.

    I then ran across a product called, Naturalsil for Scabies, and since I had used Naturasil for another condition years ago, I liked them and had confidence they would at least be a good product. I ordered it for myself while my husband would use the Dr. Scabies, and we would compare which was the best. Unfortunately, as soon as it arrived, my husband took the Naturasil and began its use, leaving me with only the week of Dr. Scabies he had left. During those days, I could see that the Naturasil appeared to work better on him than the Dr. Scabies had, though Dr. Scabies was all I had to use until we could receive another order of Naturasil. The Naturasil is about 1/2 the price of the Dr. Scabies, and I think it is a better product, and it is all made in the USA, I believe. With my order, I received the Benzarid, which has been a blessing! I would encourage anyone to get it. It really does make a difference in the mites, and that makes cleaning so much easier!

    As for the Naturasil, it is good, but we have been using it for about 4-5 weeks, and I have again ordered more! I think it is simply keeping them at bay, but we cannot live like this. We cannot go around anyone, and I am worn out mopping and laundering! It is clean, bathe, salve, eat, rest, clean, launder, bathe, salve, and go to bed! Day in and day out!

    I read about ivermectin on several occasions, even on some of the Natural Treatment reviews, so we decided to try it. Today we purchased the horse paste, just like the one recommended on your site, and used it. The measurement was a little tricky, but got it close enough. My husband went to work in the yard, and I continued my regimen in the house, then laid down for a rest and nap. I awoke with so much itching, and I could feel those critters ‘crawling’ on my skin! That is awful. It reminds me of walking through a cob web on a windy day, and I cannot get the web off! This is what they feel like. So, I hit the bathing water with essential oils, and it all burned so badly. Once out of the water, I saw not only new spots on my upper body, but REALLY LARGE, red spots! One is about 1 inch across, and about 6 inches long, curving sort of close to my neck! This all happened while I slept, about 2 hours after taking the ivermectin! Is this normal? What happened? I am wondering if I can put some of the paste on these spots? I really don’t know what to do! Does ANYONE have any suggestions?

    I always try to spray myself down good before I do laundry, as I can always tell that I pick up some while handling those dirty clothes and linens. My sheets have been washed so much in such hot water, they are slick! If we EVER get over this, those linens will have to go!

    For now, I need help. I need any experience anyone has to offer. Even good ideas may be helpful. Also, am I supposed to take another dose of ivermectin in 7 days?

    I will appreciate ANY help any one can give me. Going into the 7th month from my husband’s onset is just about more than I can stand, now. I am too old to give up my life. I want to take these years and live and be with friends and living while I still can. This won’t be for many more years, so I really can’t afford to loose these months, which I am afraid can turn into years!

    Thanks for your ears, folks!

    • MichaelPescador Johnson says:

      thanks, (I feel I have been targeted a TI, dont know how my roommates dont have it, I am doing internal Invec, and now got 10% Martin’s using neem oil and have basically now DE the whole house and will also ingest some, off to the beach it seems to help, feel I am getting better then WHAM infected again tenacious little evil POSz but I will win, I think maybe some prayer works also as these things are part of some evil agenda, I am not surprised if they are in chemtrails and nanobot controlled these days, moved to El salvador in 1994, never ever really had any issues, occasional scorpion,water bugs{keep an iguana around, they like under a frig} and now this, bad enough the buzzing they are putting into people’s heads, cant wait to get back and out of this sick sad doped dumbed down amerika, ya’ll in trouble I will keep at this but it is tough I heard the DE is the best this they can’t be resistant to, God Bless

  6. WOW, great information. I had scabies a year or so ago and it was horrific. It took weeks to get rid of. I woke up this morning and saw two little itchy bumps….ugh. Last year I ignored those and they spread, not ignoring this year. The sheets and blankets are already in a hot washer. Now to get them off my body and under control in the house, since a two week vacation is beyond my pay.

  7. I had scabies once when I was in elementary school and it was the probably the most traumatic experience of my childhood. After months of not knowing, itching at night until I cried and bled, I honestly think I am the germaphobe I am today from this horrible pest. And just my luck, I’ve been having a rash for awhile which I originally thought was some kind of allergy, but just a few days ago a family member that I stayed with for the month of August gave a call to let me know he had it.

    I have a question.
    You said 4-14 days… you sure about that?
    Every other website I read says 3-4 days. I ask because in fact I am going to go to my boyfriends house for a week, where we will clean his apartment and our stuff life crazy, but I would like to come back to my apartment next week knowing they have died without a host.

    Also, is it a good idea for me to go to my boyfriends (he definitely has it too) and leave the clothes I don’t wear often (the clothes that just sit in my closet) there while I’m gone (assuming they die)?

    Also, I do my all my laundry in general at his boyfriends. For my sheets, could I put the sheets in a trash bag, transport them to my boyfriends, put them immediately into the wash, rid of the old trash bag, put the clean sheets into a new trash bag and seal it up until I go back to my place?

    • That sounds like a good plan but be careful of how you transport it, because my sister was heavily reinfected by a bag she carried. Lay down paper or plastic.

      Anything you store, wash with borax 20 mule laundry detergent and high heat dry extra. DO THIS FOR YOUR WHOLE CLOSET, it’s too easy to hear stories of a forgotten item and bam, reinfection. Bag in airtight bags. Leaving unwashed clothes in storage will only let them breed, wash first!

  8. I have been treating my scabies since 10/10/16. I know I contracted my mites by trying on clothes in Italy. No one else in my group of 14 was affected in the villa we all vacationed in. I have used Ivermectin and permethrin cream.
    My problem is I have tracts that are straight and look like a scratch and are red. The doctor said it was not scabies but how do you get straight scratches on your skin by your nipple and on your nipple? I know I did not scratch myself or was scratched by anything. My hands also have had areas that look almost like a paper cut but didn’t get a paper cut to my knowledge. Has anyone had tracts that looked like a scratch.

  9. Usama Khan says:

    For how many days should i use premethrine cream ?


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