Hi Hayley.

So Scabies can be reallllly miserable, I think you already know. It’s WAY worse than lice. I really advise you to go 100% in treating it right away or it becomes a lot harder to manage.

If you have health insurance it would be easiest to go to the doctor and ask for a prescription for Ivermectin (it comes in a pill form that you swallow) and Permethrin (a cream that you cover your body with, and i mean your whole body).

The ivermectin kills the bugs as they feed and the permethrin kills them on the surface of the skin. I’d also recommend taking long baths with epsom salts as it helps your skin and helps eradicating them.

If you don’t have health insurance (my dilema) then you’ll need to find alternative routes to get the medications. Luckily Amazon is a?savior?and has options that are relatively cheap.

For ivermectin I am getting this.

For Permethrin I am getting this.

That will cover you for treating yourself, but you should definitely be very conscious of keeping them out of your environment. Even if you successfully cure it all right away you could still get reinfected if they are still on your clothes or bedding.

Clean any clothes/material that you have touched on HIGH heat in your washer and dryer. Also iron them after wash if you have one.

Use a?disinfectant?spray too on anything you touch.


That’s my advice for you Hayley. I know this totally sucks and it’s not like we have the time/energy to do this but it’s really the only option. Living with scabies is way harder than going through all of this stuff to get rid of them.

I am so sorry you got them but I hope this has helped.

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