The very first thing to do when you get Scabies.

Before you panic,

Before you tear your clothes off and hop in the shower,

Before you start cursing at the person who gave it to you,

Before you start researching the hell out of these weird bugs online (whoops, looks like you already are),

… Before you do anything, CUT YOUR NAILS!

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It is so simple and it can make a real difference in how fast and how far the mites spread.


Because every time you scratch yourself with long nails you are likely to pick up mites, potentially hundreds, from infected parts of your skin. Then, as you continue to scratch or touch things in your environment you will be spreading those mites all over the place.

So please, cut those nails!

That is all. Please refer to the other posts on this website to get a handle on your infestation before it gets worse.

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The very first thing to do when you get Scabies. by


  1. Carrol Flood says:

    OMG! Is there a specific scraping test to determine which kind of mites or to confirm diagnosis of scabies. Maybe this is bird or bat mites instead of scabies? I’ve been to several Doctors…each prescribes a different medicine or cream (I’m on my 5th round of Ivermectin!)….not many ‘cure’ me for long, and no one has done a scraping to truly identify the cause. I live in a major city in Mexico, with state-of-the-art laboratories. I can go to a lab and order a specific test myself…if I knew what to ask for. This itch is driving me mad!

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