Healing after scabies


There is still work to be done after you have cured yourself of scabies.?

Your skin has no doubt seen better days, and it still has to undergo a great deal of healing before it can once again be healthy and vibrant.?This is especially true if the treatments you used caused additional irritation to the skin.

There is likely also a need for mental detox – going through a scabies infestation takes a great toll on the mind. Anyone who says otherwise has never experienced a true infestation.

There develops a constant state of fear about spreading the condition.?With scabies we must remove ourselves from activities and relationships that we normally relish in.?We can’t just go get a hug from our friends or family for support – we can’t even share a couch with them. Unless there’s another infested person in our life, we must deal with this severe discomfort on our own.?

And then there are the body image issues.?

A bad case of scabies makes the skin look appalling; with irritated red bumps and track marks doting the landscape of your skin. I would wear long sleeve shirts every single day and pull the sleeves over my hands to hide their red, blotchy and dry state.

If you’ve made it this far and killed off the bugs, I commend you. It takes a lot of work to eradicate them and you have proven yourself in accomplishing that feat. Give yourself a pat on the back if you haven’t already. Seriously.

I have made two guides to help you from here out:

1) What you need to know about healing your skin after scabies.

If you are familiar with the 5 steps to scabies eradication post then you know I value boosting the bodies ability to heal and work synergistically with the immune system’s natural ability to defend itself against mites.?

The post is?specifically?focused on the improving the skins ability to heal and push out the left over scabies debris to attain healthy, glowing skin.?

2) Cured of scabies? Let’s get your life back.

We all undergo some sort of downward spiral when we pick up scabies.?This post offers a short discussion on the importance of taking steps to regain your emotional life after the infestation is over with.?

Feel free to share your experience in comment sections of these posts.




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